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The Art of Approaching women

Seducing and getting a woman into bed using body language (or otherwise) is the sole purpose of this book. It is full of some very good advice. The ideas of eliciting values, neg hits, social proof, and (most especially) not paying for a woman's attention are very powerful and real. They do help you build a connection and gain status, they are also applicable in situations outside of dating if you know how to handle yourself. It is for this reason tha we recommend this book.

This book also has an element that makes it very controversial for some. It was written by a guy who hopes to help other guys get laid, period. The author's goal is to teach you how to get into a woman's pants. That does NOT have to be YOUR goal in order for you to benefit from it. The book is chauvanistic, and those who say it teaches men to pick up on women in all the wrong ways are focusing on some of the more controversial theories presented (such as "GM style" ignore it)..

One does not have to demand sex from women, or be as chauvanistic as this author, in order to benefit from the technology involved. This book is social dynamics 101: how to handle a dating scenario from the man's perspective. Great book, slightly shady perspective, buy it anyway and apply the techniques in the manner that is most congruent with your personality and demeanor.
The pickup artist has come of age. No longer relying on a.

This book has aroused considerable controversy! (Germaine Greer having claimed that such men are rapists - seems like some feminists don't want to abandon notions of 'sexual ownership', 'faithfulness', 'duties'.etc at least not when it comes to men). The book is a thoroughly exhaustive anaylsis of what it takes for a man to get a woman into bed, compiled by men who have certainly 'been there and done it' many, MANY TIMES. They know what works and what doesn't. And for all the complex psychology of 'neg hits', 'NLP patterning' etc, basically they show you the recipe for success. When it comes to seduction, nice guys finish last, something to be avoided when you apparently have an average of 30 seconds to demonstrate to a potential pick-up that you can swing the club harder than any rival Fred Flintstone in sight.

This book complements the excellent Art of Approaching Women in many ways, although it is slightly more basic. I is worth the cash. If you could afford it then the two together would make for a pretty powerful combination.

Feminist critics of the pick-up culture tend to miss this point. Instead of focusing on why such macho men want to have sex with every good looking woman they see (and why shouldn't they?), perhaps they should ask why nearly every good looking woman would rather have sex with men who heed well tested advice such as 'Always be in Control (rule no.1)' and 'Never be Mr Nice Guy (rule no.7)' than men who read Germaine Greer or buy flowers. As women become increasingly financially independent of men, they are correspondingly free to choose sexual partners on solely primitive criteria (whereas before at least a man with lots of money was likely to have reached his position as Alpha male) this is not longer the case.

'Love between the sexes is a war', declared the gloomy Swedish playwright Strindberg. If you want to sharpen your armoury in order to have sex with lots of beautiful woman, this book is essential reading.

The problem with this book is the title - it's crass and long. It conveys the concept of trashy material. I guess that's what sells.

Surprisingly, the book's contents is a fascinating mix of psychology and practical pick-up-artist observations and advice. This is not a rah-rah you-can-do-it self-motivator feel good book.

Right from the start it makes the claim that men tend to notice a woman's looks first. And, that while women also notice men's looks, it's actually how a man makes her feel that matters most. And, given that the attractive woman has been approached again and again by guys that want just one thing, they've consequently heard every line in the book; their internal defense mechanism is on high alert. This book explains how to understand their mind set, engage the conversation in an interesting manner, and treat them like a human being.

It explains why women don't like jerks, but fall for them. It explains why nice guys don't get anywhere. The book doesn't advocate being a jerk, but instead taking the positive traits from the jerks that get the initial contact and to combine it with the nice guy traits that keep her.

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