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Body language secrets and more are provided by several unique resources from Dating Dynamics. The website provides links to the ebook 'The Dating Black Book' as well as more advanced (and expensive) courses on DVD and audio which if you've got a few bucks to spare we strongly recommend.

Review of The Dating Black Book

Compared to the other courses offered on the website, The 'Black Book' is I suppose the entry level product. It is however packed with highly detailed and speciific information that makes you think ' why hasn't anybody told me this before now' at embaressingly frequent intervals. You get A LOT for your money - the book is over 200 pages long. There are large chunks of decent tips and tricks that we haven't seen in any other product. You're led through things in a very natural way, and can feel that it's right.

There are occasional repititions which are not frequent enough to become annoying, and in some ways could be seen as a plus - in terms of cementing key points so they get hard-wired into your brain.

body language secret
We particularly like the quotes that run through the book - an example given on the 'pitch' page of the website reads

"You don't know enough to be pessimistic"

which give continued encouragement and key tips throughout the book which gives you the strength to 'push though' difficulties and persevere.

Some of the chapters that we think will be of special interest (as they are fairly unique)

  • How to deal with competition from other guys
  • The power and use of infrequent and unexpected reinforcement
  • Availability ˆ when and when not to be available, how to schedule dates
  • The control principle
  • What women want (a list worth memorizing)

Once you've read this book, in the words of Jack Kammer "You feel like the luckiest kid in the world. And in a way, since you've found Carlos Xuma, you are..."

The book's main strength (as is all the other product's) is that it treats dating as dynamic process - rather than a 'how to trick-a-girl-into-bed' type of problem.

Overall this is an excellent book with lots of unique material - It leans more towards a system than many other books which only provice 'tips'.

If you're budget concious just buy this book. If you can afford it the more advanced courses deliver TONS of step-by-step gold-plated techniques.

We recommend this book mostly due to it's unique approaches to you WHOLE dating needs.

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