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I have been attending Jackie's workouts on a regular basis for the last 2and a half years and was hooked from the start.  Now, with the implementation of H.O.P.E. , she has brought it to a brand new level leaving me feeling even more fit and healthy.   Jackie has created an exercise program, that is truly unique, combining many different and effective exercise strategies.  Jackie conducts her classes in such a way that it allows you to hit your exercise potential in a safe and fun manner; she has such a phenomenal way of both challenging and encouraging you at the same time, leading to an inclusive setting for anyone, from the very beginners to her veterns.  It is truly a pleasure to attend her classesher enthusiasm and energy is contageous!  I would recommend all of her classes to anyone who is interested in getting healthy, staying healthy, or just having fun!
M.Hyman Medford, MA

I started doing the H.O.P.E. Fitness Bootcamp in September 2011.  I initially was doing bootcamp twice a week.  I knew right away that “this was going to work”.  Jackie worked muscles that I had not used in a long time.  I left each workout feeling tired, but in a good way.  I had done other bootcamps in the past, and I was not able to move for days afterwards.  This was not the case here.  While I definitely knew I had an intense workout, I was not in pain.  Jackie’s knowledge of the body and physical fitness allows her to pick the appropriate weighs and exercises for each person.  Jackie also stresses the fact that exercise alone is not enough, but that a combination of exercise and healthy eating will help me reach and maintain my fitness goals.  As such, I started a weigh management program and added additional aerobic workouts to my weekly routine.  In addition to bootcamp, I now regularly attend, H.O.P.E Core, H.O.P.E Cardio, and H.O.P.E Cardio Internal.  Jackie’s high energy keeps the class motivated to get through these challenging workouts.  In just about 13 weeks at H.O.P.E. Fitness, I have lost 22.8 lbs. and have gone down 1-2 dress sizes.  I have a lot more daily energy, and I sleep better at night.  I will be sticking with Jackie and H.O.P.E. Fitness for a long time. 
L. Christopherson Quincy,MA

"OK, I get it that Zumba is all about making workouts fun and bringing the joys of dance and music to everyone, but I can honestly say, after having tried most of the Zumba classes in the Boston area, that I cannot stand when a class is taught by an instructor who has less dance skills, rythym, and coordination than a bobble head on the dashboard of a pick up truck.This is where Jackie comes in, an accomplished dancer and fitness professional.  The Zumba classes at Bodyfit just get better and better.  Jackie incorporates bollywood, various latin dances, hip hop, swing, and other dance styles to keep things interesting.  I don't get bored (this is a feat in itself for me) and I really like that Jackie cycles high intensity songs interspersed with low intensity to keep that metabolism going.  I have learned so much about dance, it never feels like a workout, and it is super affordable." Christine B. Quincy, MA

"Ditto everything that Christine said. Bodyfit is a real hidden gem in Quincy, and one of the reasons I'm glad to live in this town, to be able to make Bodyfit a part of my workout routine! Jackie is super knowledgeable about health and fitness; she is very well attuned to the fitness level of people in the class and will make adjustments accordingly. Her Zumba classes are very popular, because they are awesome (see Christine's review), but I would recommend trying her other classes as well like Step and Kickboxing; to me they are just as fun (even if my abs ache the next day) but usually less crowded." Emily M. Wollaston, Ma

"I hesitate to write because I don't want to get crowded off the dance floor but Bodyfit and Jackie have filled the hole for me too for a high-energy, don't stop til you drop facility where the instruction in group classes is both personalized and built on community.  The classes are dynamic, ever-different each time, and fast!  What you're doing at the gym now is of no comparison!  At the same time if you need to drum it down a notch or you have specific things you're working on (balance, stamina, control, injuries) this is a welcoming environment.  There's no pretension here and everyone comes as they are.  It really is a diamond in the rough!" Kristen R. Dorchester, MA 

"I love this place! I was looking for a good Zumba class in the area. Like the other reviewers I've been to some pretty bad classes. One that I took at my gym was entertaining in that I've never seen anyone do Latin dance moves with a bored expression on their face.Jackie is not playing around. The moves are fast, she will seek you out if you are totally lost, and she is always enjoying herself.After trying one class for free (go to her website and print out a pass) I decided to pay the monthly fee. Unlike some places she doesn't put rigid restrictions on passes. I'm going to spend the month taking each of her classes and figuring out which ones I want to continue.I find her Zumba class very challenging, but I also really liked her kickboxing class. Maureen H." Quincy, MA

"I first came to Jackie two years ago. I had gained weight due to a thyroid problem that had gone undiagnosed for over a year, and had not exercised in several years due to chronic hip, back, and shoulder injuries. I was afraid of the pain and I didn't know how to start and avoid re-injury or getting discouraged because I was so out of shape. I googled for a women-only place to work out near my office so I would have no excuse not to go, and found Jackie! I emailed her and came in that night to check out her classes, and started the next week. My lungs were burning after a few minutes, but I did what I could. I started going to Kickboxing, Step and Zumba and stayed for Bootcamp. I was amazed at how quickly I felt myself getting stronger -within a couple of weeks, my kicks were higher, my balance was better, I was able to keep the pace through the whole workout with solid form.I truly believe that Jackie herself is the only reason I am in the shape I am in today. She is positive, encouraging, and challenges all of the members in her class from beginner to advanced. You just do what you can, no judgment, and if you stick with it you will be amazed at how quickly you can do more and more and more. Jackie's workouts are fun and motivating and she gives great instructions and cues to keep you focused on proper form to get the most out of every movement. I could feel my injured hip, back, and shoulder getting stronger and I was never in pain (other than normal soreness after a tough workout!). When I moved away for graduate school last year I tried other classes and several Zumba instructors, and no one matches the flair and fun that Jackie brings to her workouts as a dancer herself. Now I drive 30 minutes (past several other workout centers) to go to Jackie because her classes are truly the right mix of fun and challenge. Jackie is a great fitness role model and I feel lucky to have found her! I highly recommend Jackie to people of all ages and all fitness levels - she will make sure you do the best you can and constantly improve."  - Valerie B. Quincy, MA

"I took Jacqueline's H.O.P.E fitness and bootcamp classes while living in Boston. It was obvious from the first class that Jacqueline has vast knowledge of the fitness industry and how exercise effects a woman's body. She also has a beautifully toned, fit body that isn't too overdeveloped like some women trainers. Which let me know she wasn't just into lifting weights and trying to compete with men. Because a woman should look like a woman. After taking her classes, I became stronger, leaner, and much more energetic". - Bethany K. Scanlon  Bestselling Christian Author

"Jackie is energetic, passionated, and a great motivator.  I've attended almost all of her classes, including Pump it, Zumba, Kickboxing.  Each class is filled with great work out, both toning and cardio.  I would recommend it anyone who's serious about getting in shape."  RJ. S. Quincy,