About Jacqueline

Are you always struggling to lose weight even if it's only a few pounds?

Desperate to regain and maintain your physical health?

Concerned about high cholesterol and adult diabetes?

Do you feel like you've lost all HOPE?

I did too...

A model and ballet dancer at a young age, the pressure to be thin was excruciating.  But it started even before that.   Issues with  Body image always plagued me. Born an American Filipino, I was tall and larger framed than most Filipino girls my age.  I was always teased by my Filipino peers.  

As a classical ballet dancer I always felt if I were thinner I could be more graceful and lift my leg higher.  As a model I felt if I was thinner I could get more jobs.  I was always watching my weight. Introduced to fitness while in LA in the  early 80's drew me to teaching aerobics.  I was finally happy with my weight and I focused on my well being.  I moved back to Boston and continued my career as an aerobics instructor and fitness model.  

I even felt confident in competing in a beauty pageant that won me the title Miss Philippines -USA. After settling back in Boston, I lost sight of my fitness and health.  A life of being disciplined with my weight I felt I was missing out on something. I began to make poor choices. I stayed out late nightly eating and drinking.  My weight crept up almost 40 lbs.  As an aerobics instructor, to see myself daily that heavy in the mirror wearing nothing but a thong, tights and sneakers was disturbing!   I never lost the weight and instead gained even more after meeting my husband and soon after I got pregnant.  

Four children later, I longed for my model and dancer size.  I  struggled to take that  extra weight off for 17 years.  As a former beauty queen, model, and celebrity fitness trainer,  depression took hold when I couldn't get back to my ideal weight. After losing all hope, I chose to create my own program that met my needs.  A program that was quick, effective and was gently on my aging body. I soon discovered I was not alone.  There were so many other women struggling with their weight. Some women only needing to lose  few pounds here and there. 

However, enough to have an impact on their confidence and self worth.  A busy mother of four and owning my own business,  I created BodyFit H.O.P. E.,  H.O.P.E stands for Help On Personal Excellence. A fitness program  I designed with women in mind.  Women who aren't 20-something with rock hard bodies, physically fit with no injuries, and all the time in the world. I believe I can help  women who struggle with losing weight whether it's 5 lbs or 105 lbs.  My approach is safe , progressive, time efficient and non-intimidating.  I was fortunate to have a fitness background from UCLA and 30 yrs experience in health and fitness to help me win my weight battle. I fought it alone with my knowledge and experience,  but now you don't have to! 


Jacqueline has been in the fitness industry for over 34 years and in great physical and mental health.  Alumni from the Boston Conservatory of Music and a natural athlete, she has worked hard and creatively over the years to combine dance and fitness for the enjoyment of her students.

      She started a career in dance fitness in 1979 while attending the Boston Conservatory of Music as a Dance Major. While in her second year at school Jackie was encouraged to enter a Miss Philippines-USA pageant by friends and relatives.  The winner of the pageant was to represent the young Filipino women growing up in an America.  Unsurprisingly, Jacqueline won with her talent, intelligence, grace, and beauty.  Since winning her title of Miss Philippines USA in 1982, Jacqueline has been very busy with her career as fitness professional.  She has been featured in several fitness magazines such as Shape, Fitness, and Cycling Fitness.  Jacqueline has also appeared on several talk shows and fitness segments on major TV. networks and danced on various music videos for Kashif, Benjamin Orr, and Semper Fi.

      In 1988 Jacqueline move to L.A. to further her career and education at UCLA.  Almost immediately after moving to LA, Jacqueline was asked to be an instructor and trainer for Jane Fonda's fitness studio where her list of students and clients included celebrities such as Sharon Gless, Shirlee Fonda and even Jane herself.  Jackie also had a following of students from other fitness studios such as Kevin Bacon, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Paula Abdul, Chynna Phillips, Christy Turlington, and the late Juliete Prowse.

     One of her interesting accomplishments as a fitness professional was going to Norway in 1991 to choreograph, produce, and perform in an exercise video that featured Miss World Norway.  Jacqueline’s most memorable experience was going to the Middle East during Desert Storm War, 1991.  In Bahrain, she and 5 other fitness professionals implemented a fitness and recreational program for the U.S. troops.

       With out a doubt, Jacqueline finds her greatest challenge is being a mother of 3 girls and one boy ages 23, 21, 18, and 14. Jacqueline, a full time mom, now owns and operates BodyFit.  Quincy’s most affordable and effective gym since 2003.

   Jacqueline is certified in aerobics, Zumba, Spinning®, Body Pump, Kick Boxing, Mat Pilates, Zumba®, Jukari®  and holds personal training certifications from UCLA and AFAA.  Jacqueline’s passion is dance-fitness.  Her calling is to utilize her dance and fitness expertise to combat health and lifestyle issues that plague this country.

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