by Bodnotbod 

Burroughs Be My Valentine

"Place your colon in the host. I'll contemplate the initial diagnosis and send you more partners," the doctor said. "With any luck you won't be thwarted love's diseased amoeba and thus distinguished from a cyst."

I placed my colon in the host. Then he lead me from the examination room and told me to wait for my results.

I picked up a pamphlet in the waiting room. It said:

Unvalentine's Virus

36% have transmitted the Unvalentines Virus (UV). During infection sodomy is encouraged. You'll be recognized as snoozing about sexually and drink taboo wine. Frequency is your consent. Frequency will reduce and vary you in this natural, sexual, adult-adult society.

The Sexual Form Office

There are laws on issues such as the celebration of the body. Infection is widespread and includes the disease known as "TRUE" which causes euphoria. The Sexual Form Office (SFO) controls 70,000 dedicated polyamorous restaurants. In February there is much interest due to Valentine's Day. Anyone who declines sodomy (or "me time") gets raped.

An Unvalentine will experience forced bonding. Outside of the 24 hours of Valentine's there is the risk of phagoctyoisis of the intestine.

In one case the DNA became dangerously separated and the patient became a molested robot. Treatment consisted of window sex and more restaurants.


I sat and waited for my results. 



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