Bassoonists and Bodacity

This is an informal site that provides an annotated and evaluative listing of music composed for bassoon, and music composed for other instruments that works well with bassoon.  This site is a good starting point in exploring the repertoire, consisting as it does of many core works as well as works not usually covered.  What is *not* covered here is wind quintet repertoire as that alone can overwhelm this site.  I have actually played the music represented here, hence it is currently being light in more contemporary music as well as strong in the curious assortment of chamber music.

Frank Zappa provides the final say for this page:

 "The bassoon is one of my favorite instruments.  It has the medieval aroma -- like the days when everything used to sound like that.  Some people crave baseball -- I find this unfathomable -- but I can easily understand why a person could get excited about playing a bassoon.  It's a great noise -- nothing else makes that noise" -- The Real Frank Zappa Book  p.145

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