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www.theshanties.com  -  The Shanties -  Irish genre Rock Band

www.themusicshoppe.com  -  The Music Shoppe where I teach

www.waltbock.com  -  Walter Bock website featuring fabulous works of art
www.ragusebows.com  -  Douglas Raguse - Maker of Fine Bows for Stringed Instruments

www.violoncello.com  -  David Wiebe - Violin Maker

    I have played in numerous Symphony Orchestras and Summer Festivals.  I have given hundreds of Solo and Chamber music recitals and taught viola and violin to College, High School and Elementary School students.  I was a member of a Principal String Quintet and Quartet with the South Bend Symphony for eleven years performing outreach programs in the Elementary Schools in Indiana and Illinois that are designed to teach and inspire young people to become involved in Classical Music.  I enjoyed writing and planning educational programs and arranging music for these outreach programs.
    Since joining The Shanties Irish rock band  in 2011, I’ve discovered a  love of the Irish genre and have found outlet to allow my natural improvisational ability and virtuosity to shine as a fiddler. 
    I like people and I like teaching!  I have spent most of my career teaching privately in my home and in the university setting while playing in various orchestras and chamber ensembles.   I am extremely adaptable to my students and intuit their needs,  pace  and can appreciate their unique talents.  I measure in fun, patience, encouragement, the joy of the instrument and the music into each lesson.  As a teacher, I like to inspire and motivate and to see each student develop their musical skills!