Hi everyone!
My name is Lang and I come from VietNam.

I'm an information technology
engineer at the University of Hanoi Industrial. I like designing advertising and the 3D world.

I am a programmer so i can use tools such as Flex, Flash, Visual Studio.Net..., some game programming tools such as Unity,
Blender, 3D Game Studio, DXStudio, XNA ...and some other tools: Photoshop, Maya, Affter Effect, Premiere, Xilisoft, Goldwave,Movie Join...

I had 2 years in working about multi-media: Maya, Photoshop, Director MX. And I'm expert in languages: C++, Action Script, Java Script, Lingo. I also can program with C# or Java. Today, I'm working with Flex tool about AIR - Rich Internet Apprications. Flex is easy to create a interface-nice application with two laguages: MXML and Action Script. They are very enjoyable.

Contact Information

Phone: (+84)973 036 310
 choem1001 (Skype)
Chat:  choem1001 (Yahoo)
Address: Lang, vu van
Quang Lich village - Kien Xuong district
Thai Binh province - Viet Nam