Our club t-shirt created by the Bikers



 The picture on the right is the one we used on the club t-shirt:
Ignacio Alberto Romero Alvarez "NACHO". In Ojo de Liebre, he won FIRST PLACE for his category. He has won many times since then.







Jesus Andres Romero Alavarez went with us to his first race ever in Ojo de Liebre and won 3rd place for his category ! He was also invited to participate in the state-wide Olympic races in La Paz in Dec. 2010 and he came in 8th among all his peers. Way to go !





Andres rides this bike in his sleep, I am sure !!  It was donated to the club by some really wonderful folks - Mary and George and Smiley and John from BoLA!!








This is Cristian Eduardo Caballero Castillo, known locally as "CACALO". Birthday = April 5, 1996. He has a dog named China and 4 brothers ! He is looking forward to racing now that he has a bike. He won 3 times in 2010 and we are proud of him ! In 2011 he may have a chance to participate in the Olympics representing Mexico.  


    Memo was born December 10, 1994. He loves boogie boarding, motorcycles, soccer and of course, biking ... Memo plays drums really well and dreams about having his own set of drums one day !!  He is in the surf club as well. All around sports guy!
 Eduardo Arce Ojeda is "Chippy" His birthday is June 5, 1995 and he is in 5th grade. He loves red and loves enchiladas. His dad is an abalone fisherman and his mom sells Mary Kay products. In his free time he rides bikes and in the future he wants to be a PE teacher ! 
This is Cristian Arce Ojeda "Tololoche" , Chippy's brother ... his birthday is December 20, 2001. Guess what he likes to do?  Eat candy, play with cars and ride bikes - matter of fact, he likes bikes so much that in the future he wants to be a professional motorcycle or bicycle rider. He is one of the funniest kids I have ever met - he is a true go-getter. He tells jokes non stop. A very energetic child. !
This is Argenis Murillo Cholet.

  Here we have Pablito who was born on  July 13, 1997.  His parents have gone with us to some of the races and they always help out with everything.  His dad works abalone and Pablito's mom is a local nurse. Pablito might study to be an engineer although he does not like math :)    He says his best friend is Argenis, above !
Israel Rivera Cordero was born in Santa Rosalia on August 8, 1992. Five words that best describe him are:
a really, really, really nice guy !   His dad is a pastor in La Bocana and also has a construction business. His mom is a housewife and Israel describes his mom like this - "she is incredible".  Since he likes sports so much, he would like to race bikes professionally. In the far future, Israel wants to be a general practitioner so as to be able to help lots of folks. Go for it doc  !!
This is Ezekiel Rivera Cordero, born October 28, 1993. He loves enchiladas and describes himself as friendly, funny and charismatic.  His brother is Israel, above. Ezekiel started riding and lost a lot of weight. We are glad to have him on the team. 
Here we have Damian Andre Pinuelas Aguilar who was born on December 11, 1997. He loves his mom's pizza and his favorite subject is Math (his dad is the local Progreso fishing cooperative's accountant). The happiest day he can remember is when his mom let him drive his dad's car for the first time. In the future, he wants to be a chef (his dad also owns a restaurant) and he already knows how to make pizza, sandwiches and tortas. He likes the color red. Damian can only ride when we are in la Bocana since he has had heart trouble and was operated on. But he won when he raced here :)


   Luis JULIAN Murillo Rodriguez was born on March 30, 1994. He considers himself a good cook esp when it comes to making shrimp cocktails - three words that describe him are: goodlooking, chef, studious.  He also likes taking care of his cars ! He likes eating sushi, has no pets, fav color is red. He had a great time at the last high school dance on May 21, 2010. Likes Tv shows like the Simpsons, and Bugs Bunny cartoons. Our heart goes out to him, he lost his mom May of 2010. 




   This is Alfonzo Rezendiz Pinuelas AKA PONCHO, 17, he was born on Nov 23, 1993. He likes motorcycles, shooting, hunting, chemistry and IT.  He would like to join the police force. His friends describe hm as chismoso (a joker) and buena onda (a good guy) !  We are not sure what he was thinking, but he says he stayed on the beach during Hurricane Jimenez !!




   Meet Adrian Murillo Leyva = TUNGUI !!  He was born on Jan 3, 1993. He took some time off high school and is working at the fish coop plant as a fish filleter .... and thinking seriously about finishing his studies (which we will surely encourage).  His friends described him as flojo - lazy, but he is an avid sports player, so we welcome him to our team ...He has a dog named Gordo. At the races in Guerrero Negro in December 2010, he came in first place !!  Way to go !!




 This is Jesus Caballero Velazquez, also known as Kechu - I need to interview him soon !!







Chino has been with the club almost since day 1. He is a winner .... he is so serious about each race that we have to calm him down ... We are sure he will be successful no matter what he chooses to do professionally in the future.... see him walking his new bike - just got it out of the back of our truck and walked it down the driveway.






Here is Isaias Villavicencio Murillo "Pepino". Born on July 6, 1997, at 12, he likes PE and does not like Math in school.  Pastimes are going to the "cancha" or main square, cooking (wants to be a chef one day) and his specialties are quesadillas, quesatacos and sincronizados = a quesadilla with cheese, bologna and hotdog). His other hobby is quading and he got third place in the la Bocana Quad Race - but then his quad broke and it hasn't been fixed since. Has a bike - it is little but it will do for training every day!










Queso is Noel Isaac Villavicencio Murillo who was born Jan 21, 2002. He has 3 siblings and wants to be a chef one day like his older sister who works in Tecate. He has a tiny bike and would like a bigger one.  Spanish is his favorite subject but he doesn't really like school too much, he gets bored sometimes. His dad is Manoel who is a sardine fisherman and his mom Concepcion is a housewife.





 Here we have Mr. Luis Antonio Lopez Murillo age 10 born October 1, 1999. In the future he would like to be a veterinarian, he loves ceviche and his favorite colors: blue and red. His bike needs fixing, the one he is using in this picture belongs to his brother Javier. He has two dogs: Princesa and Maylo. He likes computers esp chatting to friends. His favorite subject is Ciencias Naturales. Loves ceviche but dislikes sushi. If he could travel anywhere in the world, he'd go to Japan because he thinks they have neat cars.






This is Duncan Antonio Monro Aviles on our front porch.  His birthday is Jan 17, 2001 and he says he really likes biking! His nickname is Benito Juarez, he loves fried chicken and spaghetti, his favorite color is yellow.  His mom Renata and grandpa Rene are some of the best cooks in town. If you schedule with them, they come over and cook....Mexican food you have never tasted so good before !!  Duncan must have a lucky star for he got sponsored for a uniform within 24 hours of joining !!  You bring us luck, kiddo :)  It took months before the right bike arrived for Duncam and boy you should have seen his smile !




Duncan's sister Maria RENEE Monro Avilez begged to join the club and we finally convinced mom and dad to let her in !  She doesn't have a bike yet but with the help of BajaNomaders, we shall get one soon, we are sure !!












Luis Fernando Vergara Aguilar









This is "Rochin". He was born in Ciudad Constitucion on June 22, 2000. When he got his first bike and it was really rusty, so he and some friends spent all afternoon cleaning it with steel wool donated by an angel gringo named Mark in San Diego and now it looks brand new. He loves biking, playing soccer, eating pizza and hotdogs. He has a cat named Kiriri and 3 brothers and 1 sister.
Francisco Valentin Marron was born on February 14, 2003. He is in second grade and ready for a bike !  He has three siblings,  likes Math, his favorite color is red.  His dad is a the local garbage collector.  Valentin is not sure what he wants to do when he grows up .... at 7, well, a bit young yet !  Welcome Valentin to the Bocana Beach Bikers !!
Luis Antonio Murrillo Aguilar is in the 5th grade. He was born on November 16, 1998 and in school he excells in Spanish. His favortie color is blue, he would like to be a mechanic when he grows up. His dad is a lobster fisherman.  He also needs a bike still - we are glad it is time  to visit the states and get some more !
Loreto Nohemy Murillo Leyva was born on October 30, 1998. Tungui is her brother and they are 5 kids in all in their family. Her favorite colors are pink or black, she likes Math in school (you go girl) and in the future wants to be a doctor. Wow, this is a first !  I have interviewed a lot of kids, she is the first female to say she wants to be a doctor.  We talked a little about the various types of docs and she thinks she might study to be a pediatrician.
Rodolfo Jesus Murillo Leyva is the 3rd child in this family to join !  He was born on July 1, 2000.  He eats everything, and he says his mom makes good pizza.  His favorite colors are red and blue. His favorite subject in school is Spanish.  He also says he wants to be doctor when he grown up ...
Gerardo Jimenez Osuna was born on September 26, 1996.  His favorite subject in school is PE (makes sense that he bikes) and he loves all sports:  soccer, surfing, biking. His dad is a lobster fisherman and his mom is a housewife.  He would like to study architecture in La Paz.
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