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District 4 Thespian Festival

December  4-6, 2014  (note: do NOT sign up for the SAT on the 6th if you plan to bring an IE to Districts)
Location: Thursday & Friday: SPC Clearwater    Saturday: Gibbs HS
Price: $25 covers registration & T-shirt. Need to bring food money all 3 days
IE Auditions: Auditions for Individual Events  held Oct 14th in the main auditorium.
   -we are alloted the following: 5 slots each for monologue & duet scenes
                                 3 slots each for ensemble scenes, solo musical, duet musical, pantomime, playwriting
                                 2 slots each for small group musical, large group musical, dance
                                 unlimited tech events (including student directed scenes)
Deadlines: registration fee (cash or check) & permission slip are due by Oct. 24 (end of day)!
    I will collect money from 10/20 (Mon) until 10/24 (fri).  If money not in by 10/24, you cannot go.
Drivers: High school drivers must be 17 years old, & have valid registration & insurance. If you are able to drive (must have parents permission), please see Ms. Dunlop for the paperwork.
IE Rules: rules for IE's  & the one-act are the sa me as for the State Thespian Festival, so visit the FL State Thespians website (link to the left).