Highway B acreage for Sale
Below is further information on the approx. 120 acre parcel on Highway B

This parcel is composed of 3 separate parcels located just east of Highway B on the south side of the Flambeau River just west of Park Falls and above the Pixley dam with easy access to Smith Lake.  These parcels have approximately 2300 feet of frontage on the Flambeau River with gently sloping frontage and easy access by boat to Smith Lake and consist of approximately 95.89 acres.

The western 80 acres is in Forest Crop Land registration and a fee would need to be paid to remove from this status if developed before 2012.  The eastern 40 acres is not subject to Forest Crop Land registration.  There is a road which traverses the property from east to west making access to development of the frontage easy.

This acreage may be purchased as one parcel for $800,000 or in 10 acre parcels of $200,000 each.

Click on images below to enlarge.  Plat map shows parcels bordered in black and next map shows larger image of land.