Optimus V (VM670, Virgin Mobile) with Jellybean

Jellybean(Android 4.1.2)

Builder: BobZhome

Current Version: CM10.0 RC0-VM670-BobZhome (11-3-2012)

Description: Well, let's be honest. Unless you're living under a rock, you probably know what Android 4.1.2 (Jellybean) is. Furthermore, you should know what the CyanogenMod project is. However, if a rock is really your home and you'd like to learn more, please visit their site: http://www.cyanogenmod.com

==== '''People worked with/owe thanks to:''' ====

  • CyanogenMOD - Do I need to state why we owe thanks to this guys?
  • IHO Team - Starting the IHO project
  • LGICS Team - For the great support they give to a bunch of LG devices

==== '''What is not working?''' ====

  • Data randomly disconnects
  • Time Lag
  • Camcorder
  • USB Tethering
  • Wi-Fi Tethering

==== '''What is partially working?''' ====

==== '''Known issues:''' ====

  • HQ video (eg. youtube) is choppy

==== '''Changelog''' ====


  1. Sync'd with CM10: Now at Android 4.1.2
  2. Fixed: Notification Blur
  3. Fixed: USB mass storage
  4. Tweaked: Button Lights(they behave nicely now)
  5. NOTE: Also new custom Gapps below


  1. Sync'd with CM10
  2. Fixed: Brightness
  3. Fixed: proximity sensor
  4. Fixed: Baseband Info
  5. Added: Asserts to make it easier for the LS-670 friends to flash
  6. Changed: Script - Now using A2SD++ thanks to Croniccorey over on XDA(see Q & A below for more info)


  1. Sync'd with CM10
  2. Changed: Boot Animation(using official new smaller version)
  3. Fixed: RIL(data no longer disconnects)
  4. Tweaked: Smaller Keyboard with only English and Spanish 
  5. Moved: Dalvik-Cache back to the Data partition(see Q & A below for more info)
  6. Kernel 4.2: Tweaked to help with the distorted view when using Camera
  7. Added: New Custom Gapps below(also see Q & A for more info)


  1. Sync'd with CM10
  2. Fixed: Boot to recovery(was just rebooting)
  3. Fixed: Boot Animation(proper CID for CM10) CID info here
  4. Fixed: Home Key(works correctly now)
  5. Fixed: Camera participle fixed(starts and takes Pic's, but screen gets distorted) Thanks to thekraven(for pointing out the fix was available) & hephappy(for the sharing the fix)
  6. Fixed: Camera Panorama View participle fixed(starts and takes Pic's, but screen gets distorted) Thanks to thekraven(for pointing out the fix was available) & hephappy(for the sharing the fix)


  1. Initial Release
  2. Sync'd with CM10
  3. Removed: VideoEditor, foreign dictionaries, foreign keyboards, foreign fonts, large ringtones, Live Wallpaper, CM wallpaper, and CM ringtones
  4. Kernel v4.1: Better deep sleep 

==== '''Download Links''' ====

NOTE: First Boot takes about eight minutes on my phone, be patient!

NOTE 2: If you end up having issues, always go back and try wiping. Start fresh and see if things don't improve.

NOTE 3: It'll take awhile for everything to settle down. Especially after installing gapps and syncing accounts. Give it a few minutes to settle and reboot a couple times. The system will speed up after that.

Build 11/3: cm-10.0.0-RC0.VM670.BobZhome.11032012.zip MD5checksum= e14bd8b497c3c7eb90c26a3e714ba99e

Here is a QR code for a direct download to your phone: QRCode

Custom Gapps(smaller): gapps-jb-20121011-BobZ.zip  MD5checksum= ab5c22c9ac04a8663f232355715a29a0

NOTE: The ROM and the Latest Gapps(below) are so big that the Gapps will not install correctly because the phone runs out of room.

Latest Gapps: gapps-jb-20120726-signed.zip  MD5checksum= f62cfe4a827202899919fd932d5246d7

ClockworkMod Recovery: VM670NH_recovery.img MD5checksum= 4196aac89f95ee7b468c53b5ffacf9db

==== '''Helpful Tips''' ====

Overclocking is available in Settings --> Performance --> Processor. Tweak it as you like, but know this: not all OV's were created equally.

==== '''Q & A''' ====

Q: What Baseband will this work on?
A: It works with all current Baseband, you do NOT need to update your Baseband, I'm still on ZV4 

Q: Do I need the VM670NH recovery to install this ROM?
A: No, it's the one I use and recommend

Q: Can I use an A2SD script with this ROM?
A: No need...the rom will move your apps and dalvik to the EXT partition on your SDcard, if you have an EXT partition!

Q: Do I need an SDcard with EXT partition to install this ROM?
A: No, but it is very recommend to have one.

Q: Why was so much removed from your ROM?
A: This OS is so big it leaves very little room on your phone for your stuff.

Q: What do you mean by "foreign"?
A: Anything other than English and Spanish.

Q: Why was Dalvik-Cache moved back to the Data partition?
A: Gapps did not like it being on the SD-EXT partition and you would get the "Optimizing app x of xx" with every boot up. NOTE: Dalvik does get really big in JB, you may run out of room in Data if you have a lot of apps.

Q: What is with the new custom Gapps?
A: The ROM and Gapps are way to big for this phone, both needed to be slimmed down in order for them to install correctly with them as functional as possibly. Gmail was removed from the Gapps, but it is downloadable from the Play Store. Google Now is partially functional and Voice Search is totally broken. 

Q: Why did you change scripts?
A: The A2SD++ script is written better, which allowed me to put Dalvik-Cache back on your SD-EXT partition without any issue. I did edit out parts of the A2SD++ because there is no easy way to erase the Apps-Private and Apps-Data info from the SD-EXT, so I wanted to keep the info on the phones DATA partition. Keeping the old info when flashing a new ROM creates issues, just like when you do a dirty flash. Also I found the ZipAlign did not work as well as the one I was using, so I removed that part of the code from the new script.

==== '''Resources''' ====


==== '''How Can You Help?''' ====

Donations to me are also welcomed.

Thank You!