Optimus V (VM670, Virgin Mobile) with ICS

ICS = Ice Cream Sandwich(Android 4.0.4)

Builder: BobZhome

Current Version: CM9.0.0-VM670-BobZhome (9-30-2012)

Description: Well, let's be honest. Unless you're living under a rock, you probably know what Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is. Furthermore, you should know what the CyanogenMod project is. However, if a rock is really your home and you'd like to learn more, please visit their site: http://www.cyanogenmod.com

==== '''People worked with/owe thanks to:''' ====

  • CyanogenMOD - Do I need to state why we owe thanks to this guys?
  • IHO Team - Starting the IHO project
  • TDM & TheKraven - For all the work they have put into ICS

==== '''What is not working?''' ====

  • USB Tethering

==== '''What is partially working?''' ====

==== '''Known issues:''' ====

  • HQ video (eg. youtube) is choppy

==== '''Changelog''' ====


  1. Sync'd with CM9
  2. Trimmed Trebuchet: Removed all hdpi & xhdpi content
  3. Trimmed LatinIME: Removed all dictionaries except English & Spanish
  4. Changed Script: Now using A2SD++ thanks to Croniccorey over on XDA(see Q & A below for more info)
  5. Fixed Camera Panorama View: Thanks to TheKraven


  1. Sync'd with CM9: We are now at 9.1.0
  2. Moved: Dalvik-Cache back to the Data partition(see Q & A below for more info)
  3. Fixed: Boot up..."Android is updating" is gone


  1. Sync'd with CM9: We are now at 9.0.0 Stable, more info here
  2. Kernel v4.1: Better deep sleep


  1. Sync'd with CM9
  2. Fixed: USB storage...now working for windows also
  3. Fixed: Brightness...Thanks to danmogger for helping me find the problem!
  4. Fixed: Bluetooth...disconnecting no longer cause reboots


  1. Sync'd with CM9: We are now at RC2(Release Candidate)
  2. Fixed: USB storage not working
  3. Added: Spainish language back in Again
  4. Kernel v4: Upgraded from to


  1. Sync'd with CM9
  2. Fixed: Bluetooth Headset calling
  3. Fixed: Wired Headset Microphone
  4. Kernel v3 = Tweaked: 1) Hitachi screen drivers 2) Overclock GPU(but didn't see any difference) 3) Adjusted Proximity Sensor


  1. Sync'd with CM9: We are now at RC1(Release Candidate)
  2. Fixed: Speaker Phone's low volume
  3. Added: More Asserts - Hopefully the other recoveries will play nice
  4. Kernel v2.9 = Fixed: PPTP - VPN thanks to Blackhive


  1. Sync'd with CM9: Fixed MMS on stock messaging app
  2. Fixed: Camcorder(you need to use Videocam Illusion from the market(play store) - Thanks to thekaven!
  3. Added: Spain language back in
  4. Added: Trebuchet back in
  5. Removed: Launcher Pro


  1. Initial Release
  2. Added: Launcher Pro
  3. Removed: VideoEditor, foreign dictionaries, foreign keyboards, foreign fonts, large ringtones, Live Wallpaper, CM wallpaper, and CM ringtones
  4. BobZics Kernel v2.8

==== '''Download Links''' ====

NOTE: First Boot takes about eight minutes on my phone, be patient!

NOTE 2: If you end up having issues, always go back and try wiping. Start fresh and see if things don't improve.

NOTE 3: It'll take awhile for everything to settle down. Especially after installing gapps and syncing accounts. Give it a few minutes to settle and reboot a couple times. The system will speed up after that.

Build 9/30: cm-9.1.0.VM670.BobZhome.09302012.zip MD5checksum= 346c23bcb3a5776696b0c89449a250b8

Here is a QR code for a direct download to your phone: QRCode

Custom Gapps(smaller): gapps-ics-20120429-BobZ.zip  MD5checksum= 971373a429db999b0b2fdf0ec1363956

Latest Gapps: gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip  MD5checksum= 7c524e1e078164f681e0aa6753180b2c

ClockworkMod Recovery: VM670NH_recovery.img MD5checksum= 4196aac89f95ee7b468c53b5ffacf9db

==== '''Helpful Tips''' ====

Overclocking is available in Settings --> Performance --> Processor. Tweak it as you like, but know this: not all OV's were created equally.

==== '''Q & A''' ====

Q: What Baseband will this work on?
A: It works with all current Baseband, you do NOT need to update your Baseband, I'm still on ZV4 

Q: Do I need the VM670NH recovery to install this ROM?
A: No, it's the one I use and recommend

Q: Can I use an A2SD script with this ROM?
A: No need...the rom will move your apps and dalvik to the EXT partition on your SDcard, if you have an EXT partition!

Q: Do I need an SDcard with EXT partition to install this ROM?
A: No, but it is very recommend to have one.

Q: Why was so much removed from your ROM?
A: This OS is so big it leaves very little room on your phone for your stuff.

Q: What do you mean by "foreign"?
A: Anything other than English and Spainish.

Q: Why was Dalvik-Cache moved back to the Data partition?
A: Gapps did not like it being on the SD-EXT partition and you would get the "Optimizing app x of xx" with every boot up. NOTE: Dalvik does get really big, you may run out of room in Data if you have a lot of apps. NOTE 2: Apps are still in the SD-EXT partition, only Dalvik was moved.

Q: Why did you change scripts?
A: The A2SD++ script is written better, which allowed me to put Dalvik-Cache back on your SD-EXT partition without any issue. I did edit out parts of the A2SD++ because there is no easy way to erase the Apps-Private and Apps-Data info from the SD-EXT, so I wanted to keep the info on the phones DATA partition. Keeping the old info when flashing a new ROM creates issues, just like when you do a dirty flash. Also I found the ZipAlign did not work as well as the one I was using, so I removed that part of the code from the new script.

==== '''Resources''' ====


==== '''How Can You Help?''' ====

Donations to me are also welcomed.

Thank You!