Sliderule Software

On this page are links to a number of software simulations of slide rules, mechanical calculators and other interesting devices.


Griffenfly Sliderule Emulator

The link below will take you to Tim Vandenburg's Griffenfly Universal Sliderule.
Tim has provided a free downloadable software emulation of the sliderule.

It is a free, java-based, incredibly precise and configurable scientific slide rule that you can run on your desktop.

Its usage is identical to that of a real slide rule, but Tim has introduced two major enhancements: you can select from a large scale and feature list to build your own slide rule.

I have used this software to build demonstration sliderules for papers that I have prepared for the International meetings and can highly recommend it.

This website also contains the instruction manual, covering installation, usage, and a  detailed explanation and examples concerning the scientific scales found on real and virtual slide rules alike.

Derek's Virtual Slide Rules

The link below will take you to Derek's virtual slide rule site. Here Derek has put together a number of working slide rules that can be used for calculations and demonstrations on the computer. I particularly like the simulation of the Pickett N 525-ES, a statistical slide rule and one that is  uncommon. 

The site also has links to another site that includes a simulation of a slide rule with digital readouts!!!

Curta Simulation

The Curta is a small, hand-cranked mechanical calculator. It has an extremely compact design, a small cylinder that fits in the palm of the hand. It can be used to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and other operations.

The Curta was invented by Curt Herzstark in 1938 after the end of WWII he completed and perfected the design. They were made in Liechtenstein by Contina AG Mauren.

The following link takes you to Jan Meyer's Curta Simulation one of the best on the web.

Read more about this fabulous machine at 

HP 35 Calculator Simulator

I couldn't help myself, I had to include a simulation of the villain in the slide rule saga....The HP35. With the introduction of this device every engineer sold their souls to the electronic calculator world and discarded their faithful companion of many years.

The link below will take those of you that prefer the dark side of the force to Neil Fraser's JavaScript simulation of this device.

The link resides at the Museum of HP Calculators which is well worth investigating.