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Bob's Bio and Contact Details


Contact Details

Email: Bob Adams

Born in Blyth, South Australia.

Currently resides in Enfield, South Australia with partner Dianne.

Graduated with a Electro-Technology Diploma from the SA Institute of Technology in 1970, using a slide rule (Thornton P221) and with a Engineering Degree in 1979 using a electronic calculator (HP25).

Joined the Electricity Trust of South Australia in 1968 and worked in a variety of distribution, transmission and generation fields. Managed the Test and Investigation Department of the Electricity Trust of South Australia and currently works as the Principal Strategist in Network Strategies for ElectraNet SA.

Started collecting slide rules approximately 10 years ago and has currently 400+ rules in the collection. A main focus of the collection is “Electro” slide rules and rules that have hyperbolic functions.