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Aircraft 01: Cobra, Gunship, AH-1, Sea Knight CH-46, Sea Hawk, SH-60, LAMPS MK III
Aircraft 02: Apache, AH-64, Gunship, Hind, MI-24
Aircraft 03: Helicopter, Sea Sprite, SH-2, Hormone, KA-25
Aircraft 04: Helicopter, Sea Stallion, CH-53, Comanche, RAH-66, Osprey, V-22, Tilt rotor
Aircraft 05: Helicopter, Airliner, USCG, Stingray, MH-68, Dolphin, HH-65


Armor 01: Tank, AAV, M-1 Abramhs, Landing Craft
Armor 02: Tank, T-55, HMMWV (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle), Challenger 2
Armor 03: Tank, APC, M113A3, BTR-60, MB-3 Tamoyo, 155mm
Armor 04: Army, Hummer, Humvee, Truck, Vulcan, 20mm, tanker, M-167, Vehicle
Armor 05: Armor Insignia, Albion CX22S Heavy Artillery Truck, 220mm Uragan Rocket Launcher, M109 155mm Self-Propelled Medium Howitzer
Armor 06: Bushmaster, Stryker M1128 MGS (Mobile Gun System), MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Proteceted vehicle)
Armor 07: Russian, Patches, Red Star, T-90, Tank, BTR-80, BRDM-2, Armor
Armor 08: AAV (Amphibious Assault Vehicle), EFV (Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle), LV(A)5 Mod


Military Vessels: Sub, Submarine, Boomer, Patrol Boat, FFG, Frigate
US Navy Logos: Naval Medical Center San Diego, RSO (Regional Support Organization), US Navy, Training Command U.S. Pacific Fleet (COMTRAPAC), USS Duluth (LPD-6)
US Military Ribbons: Service Ribbons, Awards, US Navy Order of Precedence
Signal Flags & Pennants: Signal flags & pennants
Signal Flag & Pennant Practice: Self paced practice
Semaphore Practice: Self paced semaphore practice
AN/SPA-25: AN/SPA-25, Radar, Repeater, PPI
SOCAL OPAREAs plus: SOCAL, OPAREA, Seal Beach approach, San Francisco Bay Approach, Strait of Hormuz
Navy Insignia: Navy, Insignia, Petty Officer, Crow, Chief, Warrant, Commander, LT Commander
Lookout Training: Lookout Training Handbook NAVEDTRA 12968-A self-paced presentation


USCG Ships: National Security Cutter, WHEC, Hamilton Class
USCG Ribbons: Ribbons, Medals, Awards
USCG Emblems & Logos: USCG, Coast Guard, Search and Rescue, SAR, Emblem, Insignia, Operations Specialist


Various Military Patches: Airborne, 101st, Calvary, US Army, US Air Force, 11th (Eleventh) 10th (Tenth)
Convoy Hand Signals (night): Animated
Military Radios: Radio, ICOM, RT-1523, AN/ARC-210, RT-1793
Buoyage System: IALA Maritime Buoyage System from U.S. Chart No.1 (11 slide prestentation)
Navigation Lights: Navigation Rule 21: Light Definitions (animated
Combat Hand & Arm Signals: Animated depictatios of Hand & Arm Signals


Weapons 01: Automatic, 9mm, .45, Missile, Derringer, Sub Machine Gun, CIWS, Knife, Mine, Paintball Gun, Revolver, Bomb
Weapons 02: Cannon, Musket, Pistol, Sword, Catapult, Arrow
Weapons 03: RPG-7, Grenade Launcher, Kalashnikov AK-47, Afghanistan Map
Weapons 04: M-16, Benelli M4S90, Heckler & Koch MP5, Barett .50 cal, Colt M-4
Weapons 05: CIWS, Mine, Bomb, Rocket, Howtizer
Weapons 06: Gun, Revolver, Automatic, Derringer, M19-3, Desert Eagle, MP5-A5, FDA Insurgent, M2HB .50 cal
Weapons 07: Dagger, Stilletto, Sword, Knife, Halbred, Broadsword, Blade
Weapons 08: Missile, Rocket, Weapon, M73A2, Law, BGM-71, Tow, AGM-114, Hellfire, MK-46, Torpedo, Hand Grenade, Bomb, Target
Weapons 09: Sniper Rifle, Derringer, Ruger MKII, Taurus Model 480, Taurus Titanium Model 415
Weapons 10: Manpad, SA-18, Grouse, SAN-7, Grail, FIM-92, Stinger, Mortar, 81MM, Vympel, R-33, RPG-29
Weapons 11: Missile, warhead, weapon, rocket, AIM-120 AMRAAM Slammer, Bloodhound BL-64, Nike, Shaheen, Matra R550, Excalibur 155mm, 120mm APFSDS
Weapons 12: .50 cal, Sniper Rifle, OM 50 Nemesis, Uzi, MAC10 , Knife, Pocketknife, Penknife
Weapons 13: MP40, M3, Thompson, Machine Pistol, Grease Gun, Tommy Gun, Submachine gun, Lugar P08 Parabellum
Weapons 14: Rifle, Kel-tec RFB, M-96, Recoilless, M1 Garand
Ammunition: Ammo, Ammunition, Bullet, Round, Shell, Mag
Weapons 15: M249 SAW, M19-3 40mm Grenade Machine Gun, M4 Carbine, M16 Rifle, M9 Pistol, M-7 Bayonet
Weapons 16: PKM –T80, RPG-7, Pindad, SS1 – V3, SS2-K, SS2 V1, Spesifikasi P2
Weapons 17: TOW (BGM 71A, Towed Howitzer (105 mm) M102, Grenade, JDAM
Weapons 18: Benelli M4 Shotgun, MK12 Rifle, Grenade, M67, M84 Stun, M18 Smoke, Iraq Map
Weapons 19: M-16, M-4, Shotgun, 12guage
Weapons 20: Glock 17, M9, Colt 1911
Weapons 21: AR-7, Colt Dimondback, M14
Weapons 22 Animation of M-16 Direct Impingment
M9 Beretta: M9 Beretta
Weapons 23 Sight Alignment Animation
Weapons 24: Target, Laser Danger, Eye Relief, Man Size

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