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Welcome to my Galloway family history web site.
I have tried to make this site as simple as possible and by that I mean uncluttered and easy to navigate.This is partly due to my limited computer skills.Where appropriate, images or additional background files are included as attachments at the bottom of each page.
If you have come to this site because you have a Galloway in your family tree (and I hope that you have) or if you are just browsing then I sincerely hope that you find something of interest.Please let me know if you do.
Some people take great interest in the ancient origins of their surname.Personally I have never been altogether concerned about this.The name Galloway probably has gaelic/french origins and for some reason predominates in the area of the south west of Scotland and where it has been in some use for the best part of 1000 years or more.There is no doubt that some people with the surname Galloway came to Scotland from Ireland and indeed vice versa but this is difficult to define meaningfully.
In the U.K. in 2010 there were a reported 7236 individuals with the surname Galloway.This represents only 0.016% of the population or 158 persons per million.These percentages have changed very little since the 1881 census.I would estimate that perhaps there are currently about 4000 individuals with the Galloway surname living in Scotland (approx.0.8%).In the U.S.there are 33773 persons with the name Galloway.

The surname has many derivations,Gallaway,Gallway,Callaway,Galway, etc.Our particular branch of the Galloway "clan" has been traced back to the mid 1600's in the general area of Kirkcudbrightshire, Dumfriesshire,Ayrshire and South Lanarkshire in Scotland.There are many "branches" of the Galloway family in this area and one would assume that a relatively rare surname would make tracing ancestors easier.It does in a way,but the dominance of certain christian names and the lack of death records and/or monument inscriptions makes searches problematical, especially for the 17th and early18th century.

The following family history has been researched and verified mainly through the Scottish family history centre in Edinburgh and with a great deal of assistance from many web sites,on-line forums and generous on line contributors.At times I have been staggered at the amount of help and generosity given by the on-line family history community.In many cases I have copies of birth ,death and marriage certificates/records or Old Parish Records but for copyright reasons I cannot publish these here.Any errors are mine as an elderly amateur geneologist !

This is very much a work in progress,I will be updating and correcting the site on a regular basis-so please come back again !.
Note :For security reasons the personal details of current family members have been withheld.
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