Ken Nordtvedt's Warped Founders Tree

Comments about Haplogroup I Tree and Conjectured Spread Map

Download a copy of the map and warped founders tree from Ken's link above.

The Haplogroup I Tree is constructed from SNP information plus variance age estimates for the nodes present in that tree.  I do not try to show the increasing tree bushinessdetail in more recent times; the Tree brings one just to key clade founders.

I have suggested in my tree an updated naming of subhaplogroups; other sources have not yet updated their versions of the tree.  Use SNP names as best navigating tool.

The map of conjectured movement of Haplogroup I clades should not be over-interpreted.

This is often done on the various internet forums.  This map leaves out many small clades in order to keep the clutter under control.  It is close to impossible to get information about route details for branch lines prior to the MRCAs of modern populations.

The dotted lines of spread usually indicate movements where a substantial portion of the indicated haplogroup population was also left behind.

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