]===Development at the tip of the Sword>>>>>>

A one year posting in Afghanistan to "experience" what it's like to live and work in a war zone.

This web page will track my thoughts, activities and perspectives on what I am doing as well as what is going on in this strange central Asian Country. So check out my journal/blog and photo section for updates.

Top Story of the week
My last field mission in Afghanistan.

With just 2 weeks to go I am all smiles and happiness. I am very much looking forward to getting out of here and home. I am not going to list all the reasons why I am so eager to leave, you can ask me when you see me and I will be eager to explain.

Met lots of good people and had an interesting experience, one that I soon won't forget.

Below are pics of my last field mission in country. I admit I was nervous going out on this one as I was getting so close to ending my tour. We even did a foot patrol which are always a bit dangerous as any crack pot with an AK-47 can take you out. But alas we made it out without incident and back to the base safe.

I am not getting too complacent as I still am in this country for two more weeks, so will keep my head down and eyes open, but no more missions for me.

Here is a captioned slide show of the mission. SEE YOU SOON!!!

Last Mission in Nangarhar Province

Anita & Bob in Rome
Third and final R&R takes our intrepid traveler to Rome, Italy
See "journal/blog" entries and slide shows in "photo Gallery"

Click on Day links below to view slide show

Day one Robert tours the city on his own and wanders the streets coming upon amazing sights.

Day two Robert hits a famous Roman museum and catches snow falling

DAY THREE Anita arrives and takes a short tour of the neighborhood

DAY FOUR We hit some roman ruins, and take in a Van Gogh art exhibit

DAY FIVE Our day at the Vatican and then a quick walk near the Colosseum

PAESTUM Originally a Greek City on the South of Salerno. Then a Roman City for 100 years

CAVA DE TIRRENI An Mid-Evil Castle Village where we stayed near the Amalfi Coast, Salerno.

POMPEII Day one of our exploration at the preserved ancient Roman City of Pompeii

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