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Swim Lesson Information

2017 documents - posted

I have been awaiting clarity on the construction that will take place near the pool -- 
At this point, the schedule posted is the best I can do and I know we need to get registration going.  I feel that this schedule is a safe one.  

We've completely cut out morning lessons bec of the potential conflict with construction.

Swim lessons for ages 3.3 to adult

Regular Group

Swim Team (Dolphins)

3 yr 3 mo to approx 12 yrs; levels 0-8

7+ yrs and up;  level 9
 Maclay Northside Dolphins 
competitive swimmers or committed adults

All classes at Maclay School in 2017

Swimming Lessons

  • Class size is 4-5 with an individual teacher; 6-7 with a teacher plus 1 assistant, or  8 with a teacher plus 2 assistants
  • Sessions run 2 weeks, 4 days/week,  40 min/day (specific days/exceptions noted on the schedule). 
  • Levels/Times offered in each session depend on the requests we receive, so get your registration in early!   (That means we may have 3 level 0-2 classes in a session and no level 6-7 or vice versa—just depending on the registrations received.)

new 2017 documents - HERE

Start Here- 2017   Be sure to read;  (you need to know everything in this short doc)

Maclay Schedule- 2017   This is the final schedule with adjustments to July 31.

The time to register is now! 
  Since class sizes limited and a lot of attention is paid to level and age, getting your registration in early is the best way to get the class that your child needs. 
Evening classes fill first! 


Registration Notes:

Please do not wait or call to ask if there is room in any specific class-- that changes daily and I don't hold space until I have the written registration with deposit in hand (see frequently asked questions ), so it only hurts your chances to wait and not send it right away.

Emailed registrations accepted only Saturday or Sunday before a session starts.

**don't ask which ones, it's constantly in flux (see
and varies by level and time;
Just send in your registration as soon as possible and we'll do our best**

(If your registration looks to be problematic, I will contact you within a few days of its arrival-- 
so long as you are 2 weeks or more before a session starts... with 2 exceptions.

First if  your time frame is less than the 2 hours requested, I may expand it unkless there is an explanation.  Second if you try to register a child before they are 3 years and 3 months.)