frequently asked questions
Our Brochure has the answer to many of the questions you may have.  In fact, some of these questions are exactly answered in our brochure.  When that's the case, we refer you to it.

Q- Where do I find the program's philosophy, schedule, level information.

A- Respectively, on our home page and our brochure 
                           on our schedule 
                           on our level chart or on our schedules


Q- Why can't I just write one check for the registration fee and the deposit?

A- Because we only cash the registration fee.  We keep the deposit adn only cash it if you don't follow through on your dates (see Start Here Maclay).  You may write one check for all the registration fees for all your children, but a separate deposit chech for each child please.


Q- Is such-and-such a date still available?

A- It may be for some levels while not for other levels.  That may change for a variety of reasons btw now and when the mail would deliver your registration. 
So It's best to send in your registration asap, just note an alternative date.
To get a general idea of session availability, see class status  To better understand our class placement procedure, see our brochure.


Q- What is the right age to start taking lessons?

A- see our brochure


Q- Why can't you tell me immediately if my child is in lessons for our selected date and when? 

A- See our brochure (scheduling)


Q- Why can't I just schedule on the phone?

A- Experience has taught me that people who try to schedule on the phone have about a 50% rate of needing to change things once they really think about their schedule.  Plus we really don't have time to listen to you think out loud about what all you have to do.  I work about 14 hours/day in the summer. every other weekend I'm at a swim meet that lasts all day in the hot sun. 
So please take your time, consult your calendar, and give us your best dates and an alternative date in case we don't have classes to meet your needs on the first date.


Q- Why can't my child be with his/her friend? Or better, with my friend's child?

A- Level is the most important criteria for class placement.  Often children will play together and the more skilled child will "swim down" to the other's level so they can play.  That doesn't happen in our lessons;  we swim "up."


Q- How many children will be in my child's class?

A- See our brochure


Q- Do you have spots in the xxx class on such and such date?

A- That's in many ways an inappropriate question.  First, I don't take registration on the phone (see below) and bec I don't, the mail may bring me a few more registrations that will fill the class.  Second, people tend to alter the info I need to properly place a child in the best class for them-- in order to get into a specific class, parents may fudge on their child's ability and not be completely honest.  Third I may have repeating clients in the present session whose level I can't yet predict for the subsequent session.
       If you just want to know if there are general spots in a certain session, then check Class Status 2010


Q- How do I know what I owe?

A- Look at the schedule and you'll find the price for your session/teacher. 


Q-Does my child need goggles?

A- No.  In fact, if they are just learning to swim, we won't let them wear them, bec the last thing you want is a confident kid who loses his/her goggles and then loses his/her confidence with them.
Older chidlren who already know how to swim some may wear goggles if they chose, as long as they don't spend all their time adjusting them and then aren't ready to take their turn when it's time.


Q- Can my other children swim while one of mine is taking a lesson?

A- No,there is not enough room nor is there a lifeguard to watch them at Maclay.


Q- Can I go shopping while my child takes a lesson?

A- NOOOO!  You may go run at the track or play with your other children on the grassy field outside the gates, but pls be there when class is over.  We have another class coming in right after yours and we cannot be responsible for your child and teach the next class at the same time.


Q- Why can't I talk to Bob right now? 

A- Because he is coaching swim team or teaching lessons or setting up classes or going to a swim meet or sleeping.   I wish I had more time, but I don't, I work almost every waking hour in the summer.  So please use the website to get as much as you can before calling.


Q- Bob is always so busy.  When can I talk to him?

A- If you have something important to let him know about your child, tell him at the beginning of your child's lesson.  Pls be concise;  you don't want to take time away from the other children.


Q- Why does it take until the last minute sometimes to get an exact time for our lesson?

A- I try to arrange siblings back to back and accommodate a people's time frame.  At the same time, I also have questions about how many will register in each level and therefore who needs to teach which classes.  I take into account personalities of students and teachers.  But the biggest reason is that we tend to fill up the classes with last minute registrations.  This year I am not going to wait as long to try to accommodate every single person.