class rosters

Please DO NOT write a DESCRIPTIVE EMAIL as a substitute for a REGISTRATION.
It will not be accepted and will only delay your registration process.
I need a completed registration along with your deposit check and registration fee.

If you wait until last minute, you may find yourself closed out of the appropriate classes,
so don't wait, but if you do, be sure to list choice #2 with alternate dates/times. 
<<Emailed registrations only accepted the weekend before lessons>>

N.B.- Evenings always fill first (especially 6:00-8:00) and Bob's classes fill faster the associates'


Remember, if I've seen a problem with your registration, 
I'll email you when I see it. 
Otherwise, you'll be in within or very close to your time frame.

I usually do not post rosters until the Friday before lessons begin.  
That's the only way I can avoid confusion if I have to shift people's classes as I fill the final spots. 
Therefore, even if you've found your child and time previously,
please double-check rosters Saturday or Sunday before lessons,
as times may change
bec of changing swimmers levels, incoming registrations needs, etc