Bob Ruth Aquatics

Ability Chart


Ability Chart
EVERY level pre-supposes proficiency at all lesser levels.
Please note if that is not the case.

0- absolute beginner, scared of water       

1- absolute beginner, sort of comfortable in water, not crazy about

putting head in

2- beginner, puts whole head in water easily

3- goes under easily without fear, can swim/float to wall from 2-3' away                

4- can swim 5-8' and get started on own;  somewhat tentative away from the wall

5- can swim 15' or more, comfortable in water, breathing is difficult

6- can swim 30' or more (across aerobic pool at Premier), can take a breath, stroke is still rough, “long” swim is a struggle            

7- swims 75' or more (across Premier length), can breathe relatively easily, but not yet to side, strokes relatively smoothly

8- swims 75'+, can already breathe to side, but not particularly comfortably

9- breathes to side well, needs to improve other strokes

10- potential Olympian