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We are honored at the prospect of becoming part of your child's education.  Welcome!

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        At Bob Ruth Aquatics, we believe that teaching swimming effectively is a delicate art.  We employ many different approaches to make the most of our time with your child, so that when you leave, swimming lessons have truly been a positive learning experience.  Hopefully this website will give you some insight into our teaching approach, as well as details about policies and procedures.

        It is easy to be too harsh or too lax as a teacher, and yet there is a time to be firm and to be gentle.  We try to ride the fine line between the two.  It is a balancing act which we believe yields the best results.

        So we listen to your child very carefully – by what s/he says, does, and seems to feel – to determine just how far and how fast to proceed and in what way to proceed.  While trying to be sure each child is comfortable, we will guide, cajole, and push him/her along to skill improvement just as quickly as seems appropriate – in your child’s individual case.





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