The History of Microsoft

~ scan to check for and remove viruses and to find vulnerabilities in your Internet connection
 ~ scan to find and get rid of unwanted stuff on your computer that might be slowing it down
~ scan to see if you should defragment your hard disk
to help improve performance

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Windows Vista

 Windows Live TM Ideas 

Windows Live Search beta beta blog

Windows Live Toolbar beta

Windows Live Expo beta

Windows Live Expo

Windows Live Messenger beta

Inside Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Mail beta

Windows Live Mail Blog

Windows OneCare Live beta

Windows Live OneCare Team Blog

Live OneCare Forum

Windows Live Local beta

Windows Live Local / Virtual Earth

Community ~ Virtual Earth

Windows Live Safety Center beta

Windows Live Safety Center

Windows Live Safty Center Blog

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Live Favorites

Windows Live Search beta – mobile

Windows Live Custom Domains

Microsoft Office Live beta

More Live stuff

Xbox Live

Live Jobs

Jobs Blog ~ Always Thinking

Microsolt Live Labs

Technology Gallery: Products designed to take you further than ever before, today and tomorrow.

Microsoft Research: Six visionary researchers offer a personal glimpse into the future.


Just Say No to Microsoft
How to Ditch Microsoft
and Why It's Not as Hard as You Think
by Tony Bove





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