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to follow standard netiquette when linking to Forums. While we all have the right to speak our minds freely ~ there are certain rules that we should all adhered to. Free-speech does not amount to the ability to post anything, and everything, that one would like to say, but rather, allows for a fair and interactive conversation to take place between all vistors and members without fear of reprisal.

The posting of both postive and negative comments is often encouraged; however, these posts should remain constructive.

It is also important to remember to be as clear in your intent as possible while communicating on the internet.

Textual communications (sometimes) do not afford clear representations, ie. ~ sarcasm.  So, please use common sense when posting to avoid any confusions, ie. ~ j/k or emoticons.

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Link & Park & Ride does not tolerate any form of bigotry.
 These include but are not limited to;
  1. Racist Slurs
  2. Derogatory remarks about philosophies and\or religions.
  3. Offensive remarks based on gender or sexual preference. Broadband Community

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