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Google Sites is a free tool that lets you create web pages right in your browser 


 Educate Yourself

Always follow these

when installing software


I recommend that you educate yourself about Internet safety by visiting sites such as


Always remember to log out of your Website sessions when using a public computer


Be aware of viruses
and vulnerabilities
on the Internet

Internet viruses and worms exploit flaws and\or weaknesses in Internet browsing software everyday in everyway. They spread quickly and can be extremely destructive. Once activated, they generally use the Internet or your LAN (local network) to self-propagate. We recommend that you take steps to be sure you have the latest anti-virus updates and security patches in place on your computer at all times.


Beware of Spyware 

Some spywares masquerade as anti-spyware scanning tools that deposit spyware onto your computer. Before downloading such a tool, check sites like

 Spyware Warrior

 which lists known rogue sites and programs that mimic helpful anti-spyware tools.


Beware of scams

Link & Park & Ride will never email you asking for personal information like your address, social security number or credit card information. So don't be fooled if someone contacts you claiming to be us and asking for such information. Always beware of anyone asking you for this information in an email.

Also Read Firewalls

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It is also important to remember to be as clear in your intent as possible while communicating on the internet.

Textual communications (sometimes) do not afford clear representations, ie. ~ sarcasm.  So, please use common sense when posting to avoid any confusions, ie. ~ j/k.


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