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Seismic Programs for use with a DATAQ A/D

WinQuake and SAC Utility Programs

Inverse Filtering    Look at how it can enhance short period seimic records

How to use WQFilter  Recommendations on how to set up the filters.

Try out WQFilter.exe  Download the application and sample PSN files to work with.

A vertical seismometer design tool

TravelTime, a program that plots and curve fits data read in from the Jeffreys and Bullen Seismological Tables. 

Calculators, one for S-P distance, one for damping estimation

Program for Computing Earthquake Magnitude

SeisSim, a program to illustrate the response of a damped pendulum seismometer to various driving functions and output filtering

BinPatch, a versatile program for  reading and patching binary files

FFT Demo Program

Schematic and photo of a once-per-minute time marker generator

The history of my sensor designs

My horizontal sensors

My vertical sensor

Calibration of sensor response

Period-extending filter algorithm and analysis

Visual Basic Programming and Source Code

NOTE: This site contains applications written Visual Basic 6.0. Not all systems have the runtime files necessary to run VB6 programs. If you should experience run-time error messages, please download "", extract the contents, and execute the setup program. After successful installation, you will be able to run any of my applications as they are, without installation.