I have been working on JOGRE since I graduated in 2003.  The idea of JOGRE originated from a little 2 player game of Chess I programmed called "Bob Chess".  I decided to create checkers as well so I refactored all the common code out of "Bob Chess" such as player chat, table creation, user lists etc into an API.  To prove the API worked OK I created another game called Propinquity using the API and packaged everything under the name JOGRE.  With 3 games, an API and a simple tutorial on how to make a game I got a sourceforge site accepted -

JOGRE now contains over 20 games, an advanced games server, a Java based web application, vastly improved graphics and still gets work done by other developers and myself when I have time.  File downloads and full installation details are available at the following URLs.

JOGRE home page

Sourceforge project page


1) UML diagram of creating a game using the JOGRE API

2) Game of chess

3) Web application hosting various JOGRE games

4) JOGRE games server admin GUI.