Working Experience

Working Experience
Technology will never replace teachers, but teachers who use technology will soon replace those who don't

I am a workaholic, I guess. I am one of those people who do love their work. Lucky? Or careful with choosing a job? I think, both. But teaching is definitely my vocation.

Working Experience

September, 2010 - presently;

September 1, 2008 - October, 14, 2009 - ESL teacher, private school Venda (Moscow)

My major responsibilities were:

- teaching English in 1, 2 and 4 grades (our school uses Welcome book by Virginia Evans, Express Publishing). Here you can see some materials I use:

- teaching English in 11 grade preparing my students for taking State Exam (EGE) in English

August 2010 - presently;

2008-2009 academic year - teacher trainer, British Council, Moscow.

I taught a number of hands-on workshops on using Web 2.0 technology and IWB in ESL classroom

11.2007 - 03.2008 Biysk Teacher Training State University
Web 2.0 course coach

designing and teaching a course for ELS teachers "Web 2.0 tools in ELS classroom"
moderating a website for Biysk ESL teachers, facilitating the creation of an on-line comunity of Biysk ELS teachers
09.2007 - Biysk Gymnasia #2 (Gymnasia of foreign languages)  

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ESL teacher

teaching Engligh at high school
designing and teaching a course "Introduction to World Culture" - - I was the first at school to introduce Web 2.0 tools into teaching
teaching a language/web-design club - coaching a team for participating in contest. Our website was approved to be published in the ThinkQuest Library -
Conducting research on 'Web 2.0 technology as a motivation tool'

07.2007 - Alfa-Marketing Group


translating website                    
translating monthly magazine Auto Business Review

08.2006 - 05.2007 Grinnell College
Fulbright Russian Language Assistant

Teaching Russian Conversation Course (some materials can be found here)
Teaching practice sessions to the students of elementary level
Organization of the out-of-class activities helping to provide more information on Russian culture: weekly Russian Cooking Club, Russian Hour, Maslenica celebration, etc.
Helping with organizing all the department events: Symposium “Russian Popular Culture and Politics”, Slavic Coffee House, Department picnics, etc.
Consulting students individually

09.2005 - 07.2006 Biysk Gymnasia #2 (Gymnasia of foreign languages)
ESL Teacher

teaching Engligh at high school
Conducting research on teaching vocabulary at high school
Supervising student research "Gender and Language" - the diploma for the best report at University conference

10.2004 - 05.2006 Biysk Teacher Training State University
ESL Teacher at the Language Courses for the Faculty

Teaching English to the faculty of the University
Researching and informing the faculty on the possibility of traveling abroad with scientific purposes

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