Non-Academic Interests


Find a job you like and never work again - this is about me. I love my job and like spending my free time on studying more about it. But I try to find time for other interests of mine 

I collect Cosmopolitan magazines from different countries. I already have them from 11 places:

1) Russia (of course)

2) the USA (the first foreign one)

3) Germany (the second one. After I got it, I first thought about starting     a  collection)

4) Italy (my friend brought it to me from her European trip)

5) Brazil (my pen-pal kindly sent it to me) 

6) UK (I got it as my birthday present)

7) Australia (my Women's Day present)

8) Spain (another birthday present)

9) France (a gift from my French colleague)

10) Ukraine (I brought it back from my trip to Kiev) 

11) Finland (my university professor who actually gave me the first Cosmo from the US brought this one to me) 


I am also fond of cooking ethnic food. 

When working as a Russian language assistant, I organized a Russian Cooking Club to share my cuisine.