Additional Training

Additional Training
I am always looking for more that is why this list will be extended...

I will do my best for this list to become longer and longer, but here it is for now. I will list only the most important ones without mentioning short seminars or workshops, otherwise, the list will be too long:


June, 2007  - Moscow State University and Fulbright Summer School "Universities among Media"



 August 12-25, 2007 - Hornby Summer School Russia "Bringing Technology into the EL Classroom" (held by British Council)

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The school covered such topics as blogging, web quests, on-line autoring tools, using cell phones for teaching purposes, wikis, podcasting and many other useful Web 2.0 tools.

It was the place where I learnt about Second Life. It was the place where my thinking got another dimention - a virtual one. And it was the place where I met wonderful people who I am still in touch with, sharing the experience and collaborating.



January 15 - February 25, 2007 - on-line TESOL courses

1) Becoming a Webhead - exporing Web 2.0 tools and sharing the best ways of using them in teaching practices

An amazing, invigorating, inspiring course! A whole new world opened ahead of me in two months - and I stepped in to taste satisfaction of my growth as a teacher and a great feeling that there is a lot more to explore.

2) EVO07 - Beginning Internet Activities

3) Teaching with Power Point - covering the basics and beyond basics



January 16 - February 26, 2006 - on-line TESOL course

Oral Skills and Technology - exploring and discussing technologies used to teach Speach, Pronunciation and Listening


May-June, 2005 - Intel Center, Biysk Shukshin Teacher Training State University, Biysk, Altaysky Kray, Russia

Computer Course for teachers "Intel. Education for the Future"

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