Bob Del Vecchio, Ph. D.

Biotechnology Program Coordinator
Department of Engineering and Technology
City College of San Francisco

Office: Science 254, Ocean Campus, Mailbox S35
tel: (415) 239-3096


Office hours (Ocean Campus, Science Hall 254) - Spring 2014
Monday, 3:00 - 4:00 pm
Wednesday, 3:00 - 4:00 pm

Schedule - Spring 2014
 Course  Room        DatesDayTime
 BTEC 102 - Bioreactor Technology S56    SP2014  T, Th  1:10-5 pm
 BTEC 120 - Molecular and Cell BiotechnologyS307    SP2014M, W5:30-9:45
 BTEC 21C - Stem Cell Technology  S003 3/13-5/13  T, Th
 6:40-9:30 pm    12:30-3:30 pm

Courses taught
BTEC 102 - Bioreactor Technology
BTEC 24 - Introduction to PCR
BTEC 120 - Molecular and Cell Biotechnology
BTEC 21A - Mammalian Cell Culture
BTEC 21B - Fluorescent Cell Technology
BTEC 21C - Stem Cell Technology

Biotechnology Teaching
• Education
B. A., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,  University of California at Santa Barbara
Ph. D., Biochemistry, Boston University School of Medicine - Control of insulin signaling by phosphorylation

• Post-doctoral research
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - Structure-function of receptor protein tyrosine phosphatases    
University of Virginia - Activation of MAP kinase

• Industry experience
Ortho-Diagnostics - Product Development Technician
Life Technologies - Summer intern
Roche, Palo Alto - Informatics Research Scientist

 • Biotechnology Instructor, City College of San Francisco, (since 2007)

 • Biology Instructor, San Jose City College (Fall 2007)

 • Curriculum development, Bio-Link National Center