BOBCATSSS is an annual conference on topics of library and information science. Traditionally, it is collaboratively organised by students from universities of different European countries. To learn more, see the "BOBCATSSS History".

This wiki is a publication of guidelines for organising a BOBCATSSS conference. It will be helpful through the various stages of the organising process - at first for getting an idea of the different tasks in the very beginning, then for building a structure of the team and finally as a guiding resource throughout the whole organising process.

As the wiki is not based on literature but on actual practical experience, our own possibilities to fill the wiki with content and meaning are limited. That’s the reason why we need the help of other BOBCATSSS organisers. The more people sharing their experiences, the better this resource is going to work! We hope that this wiki will be well received by both former and future organisers. If we all work together, this wiki can be a central resource that might prevent unnecessary mistakes (that may or may not have happened before) and thereby improve the quality of BOBCATSSS conferences in a whole new way.

To add your own ideas, please write an email to bobcatssswiki@gmail.com; this address is meant to be managed by the respective BOBCATSSS organisers in charge.
Before getting started, maybe you want to have a look at our editing tutorial, first.