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This live wallpaper displays a vibrant fireworks show on your home screen. Fireworks can be set to launch automatically, and the wallpaper is also touch reactive — tap anywhere on the screen to launch a new firework toward your finger. There are numerous customization options so you can personalize the wallpaper and really make it your own.

Note: requires Android OS version 2.1 or higher. Some 2.1 devices have removed support for live wallpapers, and therefore this app will not function on those devices. These devices include the HTC Hero / Droid Eris, Samsung Moment, HTC Legend, and myTouch 3G Slide.


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This app is available completely free of charge and contains no advertisements. My main goal in making it has been to just have fun and create something that myself and others can enjoy, not to make money. However, if you really like it and feel so inclined, I will gladly accept donations of any amount. I have no intention to release a Donation version of the app, because I personally feel that those tend to just clutter up the Market, plus they are set to a fixed price that may not be what all donors feel like giving. So, if you want to, just click the following button to make your donation:



Explore the various customization options of this live wallpaper. A brief description is given here, but the best way to explore is to try out different settings for yourself!

Firework Amounts
  • Minimum Fireworks - The fewest number of fireworks that will be on the screen at a given time. Turn this setting up to always have a very busy fireworks show, or turn it all the way down if you want to control launching all of the fireworks yourself.
  • Maximum Fireworks - The highest number of fireworks that will be on the screen at a given time (no matter how much you keep tapping!). Turn this setting up for a huge number of explosions, or turn it down to tweak the performance if things seem to be running a bit slow.
  • Launch Rate - Controls how often new fireworks are randomly fired off (beyond the minimum number of fireworks, which always come out). With this setting all the way down and the minimum number of fireworks set to zero, no fireworks will ever launch randomly. The show will be entirely in your hands!

Firework Size
  • Base Size - The average size of the fireworks. This affects both how far out the explosion travels and how many particles are in the explosion. Tweak this setting to your personal taste as well as for performance — fewer particles means fewer calculations and thus faster performance.
  • Size Variation - Make the fireworks all be the same size by turning this setting all the way down, or allow them to be of a wide range of sizes by turning it all the way up.
  • Particle Size - Larger particles tend to look more bold, whereas smaller particles tend to look more crisp. On lower resolution screens, you will probably want to stick to Small or Medium, while on higher resolution screens Medium or Large will probably look best.

Firework Types
  • Sparkling fireworks - If enabled, fireworks of all types will occasionally and randomly sparkle rather than have solid particles.
  • Single-color fireworks - A firework with all the particles of the same color. The most basic type of firework.
  • Two-color fireworks - A firework with two different colors of particles. One color makes up the majority of the explosion, while the other forms a ring around the outside.
  • Three-color fireworks - A firework with three different colors of particles, arranged in a bullseye pattern.
  • Star fireworks - A firework made up of a star pattern in one color, a ring around the outside of the star in a second color, and the space in between filled in with a third color.
  • Sunburst fireworks - A firework with a central color in the middle and a sunburst effect of two different colors shooting out from the center.
  • Heart fireworks - A firework of just a single color of particles, but arranged in a heart shape rather than the typical circle. Added especially for Valentine's Day.

Color Settings
  • Color Brightness - Determines the minimum brightness for the colors chosen for the fireworks. Turned all the way up, colors will always be as bright as possible. Turned all the way down, bright colors will still be used sometimes, but dark colors (even black) will also be used.
  • Fixed Colors - If enabled, the only colors that will be chosen will be fixed based on the colors that are enabled, i.e. strictly red, or strictly blue, etc. No in-between colors, such as orange or turquoise, will appear.
  • Use (Red | Yellow | Green | Cyan | Blue | Magenta | White) - Enable or disable the given color, as well as colors of similar hues if Fixed Colors is not enabled. Try limiting the fireworks to your national colors for a patriotic fireworks display!

Background Settings
  • Show Background - Toggles whether or not to draw a background image. Having this option enabled may cause slightly slower performance, but should not have too big of an impact. Still, if performance is a concern, you might try disabling the background image.
  • Background Image - Choose your background image to be drawn. Current options include:
    • Stars - a starry sky
    • Beach - a view of a beach at night
    • Cloudy city - a city skyline with clouds in the sky
    • Starry city - a city skyline with stars in the sky
    • Memorial - the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial
    • Grassy Field - a field with tall grass and stars up above
  • Image In Front - If enabled, the background image is actually drawn over the fireworks, to give a nice sense of depth to the image. Images must be specially crafted to work well like this, so if a custom background image is chosen (Note: feature is currently not supported), this option will most likely need to be disabled.

Miscellaneous Settings
  • Enable Streaking - If enabled, a slowly fading trail of light will show behind each firework particle.
  • Use Frame Skipping - Speed up the drawing by skipping over the drawing of a certain number of frames. This makes the animations far less smooth, and should generally only be used when performance is otherwise very slow.
  • Frames To Skip - Choose the number of frames that will be calculated but not drawn in between each drawn frame. This option is only active is Frame Skipping is enabled.
  • Average Height - Determines the height on the screen at which randomly launched fireworks will explode, on average. This value is a percentage of the overall screen height, where 0 would be the bottom of the screen and 100 would be the top of the screen.
  • Height Variation - Make all randomly launched fireworks explode at the exact same height by turning this setting all the way down, or give a wide spread to the explosion height by turning it all the way up.

Version History

  • v1.6.1 (8/14/10):
    • Various code adjustments to improve performance and stability
    • Added an update speed option for a bit more performance tweaking
    • Move to SD card support for Android 2.2
  • v1.6 (2/27/10):
    • Several new backgrounds to choose from
    • Adjustable firework explosion height
  • v1.5.1 (2/11/10):
    • Small bug fix
    • Added a fixed colors option
    • New Heart firework type for V-Day :)
  • v1.5 (2/06/10):
    • Added white as a color option
    • Added an even smaller particle size
    • New firework types (star, sunburst, and sparkling)
  • v1.4 (2/03/10):
    • Background image drawing is much smoother and faster now
    • Made the firework particles smaller for a more crisp look (can be turned off)
  • v1.3 (2/02/10):
    • (Somewhat) configurable color palette
    • Added a BG image (just one for now). It's kinda a performance drain right now, thus...
    • Added optional frame skipping
  • v1.2 (1/31/10):
    • More vibrant colors (with a configurable minimum brightness)!
    • Different types of fireworks
    • Firework streaking
  • v1.1 (1/30/10):
    • Undetonated fireworks now influenced by gravity.
    • Fireworks last longer on the screen.
    • Dynamic firework sizes.
    • More options to tweak performance.
  • v1.0 (Initial release - 1/29/10):
    • Configurable minimum / maximum number of fireworks for performance tweaking.

Possible Future Changes

I will keep trying to make this live wallpaper better so long as I can find time to work on it and I have ideas of changes to make. I always appreciate any input about new features that you would like to see in the app. I won't always be able to get to every suggestion everyone makes, but you can be sure that I track them all so that I might come back to them at some point. Here are some of the features you may see in a future release:
  • The ability to choose custom background images saved on the SD card. This is a high priority, and I hope to include it in the next major upgrade.
  • More background image choices. Supposing I can get background images loading off of the SD card reliably, I may end up releasing new custom-worked images on this site for download so as to keep the application size down.
  • Have the background image scroll when changing between home screens. This is another high priority that I hope to get to in the next major upgrade.
  • More firework types. I don't have a lot in mind right now, but I'd like to get some more exotic, non-circle options in there.
  • Animated backgrounds in conjunction with the fireworks, such as moving grass. This one is not likely to happen any time soon, but it's a thought.
  • Some new behavior on double tapping the screen. I haven't come up with anything that I think would be good for this at this point, but perhaps eventually I will.
  • A couple of people have suggested having fireworks launch to the beat of currently playing music. This idea is intriguing, and I may look into it at some point in the future, but not right away.

Notes and Known Issues

First of all, if you have any problems with this live wallpaper, I ask that you PLEASE email me. I want as many people as possible to be able to use and enjoy this, so when anyone has issues with it I'm more than happy to try to address those. However, when a person simply leaves a negative comment and rating in the Market without getting in touch with me, I have no way to contact that person and try to help them out. Along those lines, if you do email me, it doesn't do either of us any good for you to just say "it doesn't work, fix it". I need information to be able to help you and to track down any problems there may be. Some basics that I'd like to know are what device you're using, what OS build you're running (stock or a custom ROM), what behavior you're seeing, and when you see that behavior (as soon as you try to launch the live wallpaper, or after it has been running for a while, or when you do something specific, etc.).

I am aware of an issue on the Motorola Droid where the live wallpaper will randomly disappear at times and the phone will revert back to its default wallpaper. I have an idea what might be happening in these cases, but it's hard to know for sure since I don't have a Droid to test on. However, I have received feedback that reducing the number of widgets being used on the home screen (and essentially just reducing the amount of background processing going on in general) helps to alleviate this issue, so until I get time to make an update that will hopefully fix it, that is at least a workaround you can try.

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