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LOST UPDATE 5/17/2006
You'll have to bear with me on this update. I'm doing the entire update on my phone as I am away from my computer. Disregard any format errors and I'll fix later.

So, the list of names that Ms. Klugh have Michael. Why did they want Hurley, jack, Kate, and Sawyer? Henry said he was coming for Locke, so why wasn't he on the list? Are these 4 bad people? Most likely, Henry was lying about Locke. These 4 have all seen things on the island that did not belong their.
Hurley/imaginary friend
Jack/his dad
Does this mean they have the undeveloped gift of telepathy and the Others want to test them also?

They had all the names from the manifest most likely. The question still remains, and the preview for this next episode brings it up again, did the Others know that they were going to crash? Did they have the flight list ahead of time and were expecting these people? Some people thought that Locke is a mole since Ms. Klugh's list had Sawyer's actual name. Don't buy it.

The sailboat at the end. My oh my. Is this the boat that Michael is asking for? Is this just another "acquisition" from the island and there will be a new cast member to lost? No one appears to be steering the ship. So, is there SOMEONE we already know on the ship unconscious or incapacitated for some reason? My speculation is that we will find someone on board that we haven't seen since the first episode this year.

The new hatch. The symbol appears to be a rectangle with "Dharma" written on it. Guarding it with guns, must be important. Is that where all the kids are? Was Walt typing to Michael from a computer down in this hatch? I still don't believe that it was Walt typing. Walt told Michael how and where to go to find him. Walt was kidnapped from the ocean and never visited the swan how would he know where he was geographically at? Sure, Walt has special powers...but I don't think it was him on the computer.

When walt started to leak stuff about the others Ms. Klugh(the black other lady) said "do you want to go back in The Room again". Clearly this isn't a good place to go. So, did they out Walt there to break him, or did he do something he shouldn't have, like use a computer to type to Michael?

Walt said that they're pretending. We saw in other episodes that Mr. Friendly is a clean cut scientist. Kate found his fake beard and clothes. Now, Walt is telling us again that they are faking.

The medicine! Don't forget, the reason why Claire was happy to get the "random" medicine is because it was not random. Her whole reason for going to the medical hatch was to try to find this medicine for her baby, Aaron. But, from the the map Locke saw there was written "the cure is worse than the disease". When Desmond ran off he took a bunch of the vials with him also.

And a smaller thing, Ms. Klugh said the same things to michael that the divorce attorney said to him in his flashback.

The finale is gonna be good. Who's on the boat? What do we find out about the other camp? Does Sayid get enough info out of Michael to save the losties? What's up with Locke now?
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LOST UPDATE 5/11/2006

There was more in this episode than I could touch on, so here are the main points.

Lot's of confirmations this week.

Prior: Could the Others see the Losties when they were in the hatch? Like, when Michael was at the computer and suddenly Walt started typing on it to him. Now we have confirmation that they could see that Michael was the one on the computer.

Prior: Why would they save the herion? Would they use it for medicine? Yep

Prior: Did Libby survive and would she implicate Michael. Yes and No.

The Orientation Video: The doctor in the film introduced himself as "Dr. Mark Wickman". The same guy was in the orientation film for the Swan hatch. In that video he introduced himself as "Dr. Marvin Candle". Also, in the Swan video...the Dr. only had one arm that worked. In this video he had two working arms. Hmmmm? He also mentioned barracks and being transported by "Pala Ferry".
This could be absolutely huge:
If this link doesn't work, go to wikipedia and Search for "Island" by Aldous Huxley to get more information if you want it.
Similarity #1: "Island", written by Aldous Huxley. Lost is based on an island.
Similarity #2: "Pala" is the name of the ferry on the Orientation film and the name of the island in Huxley's book.
Similarity #3: The man in "Island" get's to "Pala" after he is shipwrecked. So does everyone on the island.
Similarity #4: On Huxleys "Pala" they developed a group living for children (Mutual Adoption Clubs) so that children would not have unalloyed exposure to their parents' neuroses. Likewise, the Others continue to kidnap kids and are perhaps creating a society for them.
Similarity #5: Inhabitants of "Pala" enter trance states for super learning, likewise the Dharma Initiative is researching this.
Similarity #6: Inhabitants of "Pala" do drug use for enlightenment, and self-knowledge. This one's a stretch since the heroin was not placed there by Dharma...but they are injecting themselves with vials of something.
Similarity #7: "Pala" was to be a utopian society, perhaps like Dharma's initiative!

There are more similarities or supposed similarities, but take a look for yourself.

There are 9 screens in the Pearl hatch. What else could they be monitoring if there are not 9 hatches? Why did they just disregard the camera watching them? Well, the Orientation film said they would monitor others at another station...not stations. So, perhaps there are just 9 camera's in the Swan station and not in numerous places around the island.

When they printed off the report in the swan hatch, the printer printed out all those numbers. If the numbers are analyzed in hour:minute format, then the report is verifying whether something is accepted every 108 minutes...which would imply the button in the hatch However, if you trace this time backwards, it implies the button is being pushed for 4749 years, which seems implausible. iIf we remove the "41" that appears at the beginning, then we get it to 68 years. Still too many years. If we remove the 416, we get 88 days. This is more reasonable...but, doesn't match up with Desmond, who said that between him and Kelvin, they were in the hatch for a few years...hmmm. Still, we didn't see the final numbers printed on the report, so I just wasted your time explaining it since we have no answers.

How about Locke feeling used and he was by his father after he watched the orientation video. Locke was the only one that had "faith" in the island. It's awesome to have Mr. Eko bring him back. Also, how about the Pearl hatch having only two chairs. One for Locke and one for Eko. They are like equals yet opposites all at once.

Michael. Is he being brainwashed? Is he being put up to this by the Others in order to get Walt back? Has he just gone mad from being in the jungle so long? Again, he probably did not track the the Others are always watching and seem to be able to be anywhere anytime. You couldn't sneak up on them. He also left with a rifle and didn't come back with one. In the preview we see him being injected with something by Others. Speculation is that Michael was sent there to free Henry. Was he sent there to do this and then get back Walt? One of the studies the Dharma Initiative was studying was mind control...perhaps Michael is under mind control. He has reacted oddly to some of the things he's done.

It appears that Sayid is going to start questioning Michael about what happened in the hatch. Look forward to some good interrogation from Sayid and some tough answers for Michael. Also, Michael said he was shot coming out of the bedroom when he actually shot himself close to the cell. His stray bullet may come back to haunt him.

Libby is dead. But, we have not cleared up her past yet. Libby will most likely still play an important role in next season's episodes. Much like how Eko's dead brother played a role tonight. Eko's brother came to Eko, Locke, and the miracle girl in a dream tonight. Important as well?

Last week Henry said he was coming for Locke. In the previous season Ethan (an Other) revealed that when they came to steal the kids and some losties, they were coming for the "good ones".  Eko's brother tells him in the dream, "The work being done in this place is important Eko, it is more important than anything and it is in danger". He then turns and presses the "?" button. So, is the pressing of the button actually as important as it is made to be here? Is it something that is actually saving humanity? Are the ones that believe in the button the "good ones"???

Something to keep in mind. During the past number of episodes people have been wondering if perhaps Kate is an other or a mole for the others. Chances are slim that she is...but, now she knows where the guns are after she went with Sawyer to get Heroin.

Notice? The girl that died and came back to life in Eko's flashback...her dad was Claire's psychic. Did the psychic realy make up everything he predicted? He went kinda nuts after he did a reading for Claire. 


LOST UPDATE 5/04/2006

Oh dear! What an ending. First off, THANK YOU for killing off Ana Lucia. She went down as the most disliked character in the show.

Now, as for Michael, what a twist. Has he been "otherized"? Theory...Michael will do anything to get Walt back. Is he making up the whole "we can take them" routine to try to rally all the Losties to take on the Others? Then, did he kill Ana Lucia, accidentally shoot Libby from her bad timing, and then shoot himself in the arm so that he can make up a story like "I woke up and Henry had a gun and shot both Libby and Ana. I went at him and he shot me in the arm...and then I wrestled the gun away and shot him"??? Or did he then just let Henry run away? And, he did all this just to bolster everyone to REALLY want to go get the Others? But, did one of them survive? In the previews someone kate said, "One of them is dead". Also, in the preview it appears that Michael is now locked in the hatch. So, did Libby survive and tell everyone that it was Michael who shot her? Ana Lucia's past was cleared up tonight...Libby's past was still not cleared up. Will Hurley find out where he knew her from?

As for the title of tonights episode, "Two for the road", nice. Both Libby and Ana were the two that got arrested in Hawaii for drunk driving. So, was this a little jab while getting rid of them?

Why did they make it a point to show the water dripping from above after Libby got shot? Why did they make it a point that Libby got shot right in what she was holding? Was she holding something that ricotched the bullet and made a crack in the ceiling so water comes down??? Kinda far-fetched. Also, Libby is slated to star in a new CBS pilot...which typically spells doom for her character on Lost. The only thing that spells more doom on the island is premarital sex. True love waits people! Shannon and Sayid. Sawyer and Ana. Libby is just a pre-emptive strike as it looked like her and Hurley were going to do the deed. Not serious.

Another small reason to not believe Michael is that he left with a rifle. He came back with no rifle. If he JUST saw the Others and observed them...he'd still have his rifle. It seems pretty clear that Michael made up his entire story about tracking the others and them only having two guns. He lost his rifle...and from what we know, he could never track them.

Can the others do mind control? It was so easy for Ana to kill the guy that tried to kill her in her flashback. Then, when she was going to kill Henry, who almost killed her, she just couldn't. Then, when Michael has the gun, say's he can't, then say's he's sorry, turns and shoots Ana.

Jack's dad, Christian, showed up at that house and the mom looked a lot like Claire. Did she look like Claire for a reason? Is Claire Jacks's half sister?

Quite a few people find it very odd that Christian(Jack's Dad) said that Ana "should" be Sarah. Sarah is the name of Jack's wife. Did Christian have a thing for Jack's wife? Did Ana remind Christian of Jack's wife? Christian's name was Tom, the name of Kate's ex-love. 

Henry hasn't eaten for days and is stuck in the cell, but he had all the strength in the world when he attacked Ana. More and more people are starting to think that Henry is the Big dog on the island. He has manipulated everyone he has interacted with. He is hardly ever surprised. Even when Michael opened the cell, Henry just had a look of expectation and wasn't scared.

Did you see the fake "hanso foundation commercial? Jacks dad slammed the car door on Sawyer, Sayid's girl pal walked behind Ana Lucia in the airport. the website that ABC set up to give away clues on the show has been majorly overhauled today. There is much too much information on the website to go into depth about. Secret articles pop up, hidden pictures come out, etc etc etc. Go here to read about it if you care:

 LOST UPDATE 4/12/2006

Ok, so we speculated that the island had something special about it when Locke could walk...but now we know there is something bigger about it if Locke is healed, Jin is now fertile, and Rose is healed too. Nice to see Locke with his faith renewed.

"Henry" knows about Walt. Definitely an Other if you didn't think so yet.Henry is EVIL! Man that guy is devious. The smile he had on his face when Locke was asking him about whether he put in the numbers or not. OOo, Michael is back and they wouldn't give up Walt. Walt really is special to this island, why? Earlier they said that they only take the "good people". Walt also clearly has psychic powers.
-The bird into the door
-The Backgammon rolls of 3,4 and then 6,6
-The Polar Bear from his comic book
-When Michael said he would look for the dog as soon as it stopped raining and then the rain suddenly stopped.
At the same time, the others have taken all the kids, except for Aaron (whom they tried to take). They aren't giving up the kids and none of the others are known for anything psychic.

We have seen what Michael will do for Walt. IF, the others really are so small in numbers, like Michael was saying in the previews, then would they EVER give Michael back to the losties? No way! I suspect a trap and that the Others said something like, "You go back there and tell them that there aren't that many of us or else we'll kill walt". So, maybe Michael is just a mole right now and is setting them up.

Eko building a church?

Isaac, the healer, will probably pop up again. His reaction when he realized that he couldn't help Rose was kind of weird. Seemed like he saw something that wasn't good.

People are speculating that perhaps Kate is a mole. She's buddying up with the two leaders, jack and sawyer...sawyer with the guns. She made a few comments about how the others were "more sophisticated" and she found the other hatch pretty easily. At the same time, she did see the medical hatch and the fake beard and all.


LOST UPDATE:  4/4/2006

 Ok kids, so this update is shorter than last weeks. But, the producers said about last weeks episode that they would be giving the biggest clue of the series away to date. That would be the map on the door. In case you haven't looked lately, some people have pretty much deciphered the whole thing. STILL, the buddhism wheel of life thing seems to be most dead on. Here is the link to the wall deciphered.

Notice Charlie's blatant reference to the blast doors coming down so that no one would see them make the food drop? Real nice.

So, is Hurley REALLY in a coma and just imagining all this. Nope, the producers have already said that this isn't plausible either.......i just hope they meant it.

Well, we finally have confirmation that Libby was in the mental hospital as a patient and not as a clinical psychologist. Now, why is she in the hospital? That is the big question. Did she go crazy and kill some people? Was she actually a psychologist at one time and just went nutso? Is she a stalker and she is stalking Hurley? Well she did somewhat kill someone. Remember on the beach when they crashed and she said she was a doctor...and then she set that guys broken leg. The guy that later died from infection in that set. So, maybe she is a doctor....or maybe she isn't. Compulsive liar? Or maybe she was just faking sick to see how the clinic is treating people. Hey, people have done that.

Did Henry really not push the button? Is Henry really like a Kaiser Soze? Is he really the leader of the Others and he's putting on a charade? So, is he just trying to manipulate Locke, who just so happens to be the strongest believer in the numbers, to not push the button. Locke, who "believes" that he was sent to the island for a reason and that he was drawn to the hatch even more. Henry said that the hatch is a joke...that it's nothing. Henry is also very scared to say anything, as if he knows that they can hear him. This would add up with some other theories. Or is it just because the Others can remote view and all that. Para-psychology is one of the skills being studied on the island, and remote viewing is part of para-psychology. So, let's narrow this down: "Henry" is either an Other, the leader of the Others, the person that was in the hatch with Desmond (Kalvin), or just someone that happened to get stuck on the island and has had interaction with the others. My thought is...

"God doesn't know about this island" What!?!?!!! That line was also a tad too blatant. God doesn't know about this island because he didn't create it? God doesn't know about this island cause it is so evil? Just a comment to throw us off?

Locke's Mom was in the mental hospital as well.

Once again, we find out that there is someone higher up than the bearded guy, a.k.a. "Mr. Friendly" or Zeke. Henry said, "The bearded guy? Oh, he's no one compared to....". In the hospital hatch Mr. Friendly said to Ethan, "What would he say if he found out...". Both of the Others (Mr. Friendly and Henry) have talked about someone else that is greater than anyone else on the island.

What is Eko building? Church? Shelters? 

LOST UPDATE: 3/27/2006

 Ok, this could be a long one. So, give yourself some time
to read. I'm going to bed. Hil, please forward to Greg.

 Holy crap! Supply Drop, "Henry Gale" not running away,
Sayid digging up Henry Gale's grave, blast doors coming
down, blast doors having some map on them, the timer
hitting zero, not knowing if "Henry Gale" actually put in
the numbers...

 Ok, so obviously "Henry Gale" is not Henry Gale. His
fabricated story gives that away, but then why not run
off? He also said, "They'll kill me" when referring to the he has some sort of tie with them. For these
reasons, some people are thinking that perhaps he is
Kelvin, the guy that trained Desmond. We don't know if
Desmond saw Kelvin die, so this could be him. Or, is he
just an other that was purposely captured so he could
infiltrate the Losties camp? This theory would also kind
of implicate Danielle (the French Woman) as being an Other
who is just pretending to not be one...although she did
fire a crossbow into "Henry Gale". That'd be some severe
pretending. OR, is he the "him" that is supposed to
replace Desmond?

 Link to the map:
I will not go in depth on what each note made might mean
cause that could take all day.

The map on the blast door. Did Henry Gale know about this
and want Locke to see it(I don't think so)? It looks to be
a map of all the different hatches. Notice, there was
the "arrow" hatch up top...which is where the Tail Losties
were. There was also the Swan, the symbol of the Dharma
hatch they are in and apparently the Staff symbol that was
in the hospital hatch. Below are a few links of
screenshots of them. Very interesting. Did the black
lights come on as backup lighting or did these lights come
on because the counter passed zero? So, the clock passes
zero...and suddenly supplies are dropped? Coincidence?
Most likely, it is a coincidence. Note: On the map it says
that supplies are dropped every 6-8. Someone's theory: The
voice over the speaker was warning whoever was in the
hatch that blast doors were coming down. The blast doors
come down to block out the electromagnetic energy so that
it is safe to fly overhead and drop supplies. Eh? Or, some
people think that the blast doors come down when the
supplies are going to be dropped so that whoever is in the
hatch can't come out and see who is dropping them. OR,
still other people are saying that we are assuming that
the supplies were parachuted down when, in fact, they
could have the blast doors come down so that no one comes
out because they actually drop the supplies off by car or
baloons or what not. Too many theories.

VERY INTERESTING...if you have time to study. Here's a
link to the Buddhism "Wheel of Life"

This wheel has A) the Dharma Wheel consists of six worlds,
corresponding very neatly to the placement of the six
B) Around the wheel are the "Twelve interdependent causes
and their effects". There are two next to the area which
corresponds to the placement of the medical hatch
(the "World of Titans", on the wheel). Here is what the
website says about these two causes/effects:
-"The tenth picture symbolizes the procreation of a new
-" The eleventh picture shows the consequence: procreation
is followed by birth, a woman giving birth to a child"
And where did they take Claire to give birth? The medical
hatch, as we all know. Interesting placement for the
C) The area in the drawing where the swan hatch is placed
corresponds to the "World of Hells" on the Wheel of Life.
This is what the site says about that world
" They are places of torment for all those who have
committed evil deeds out of hatred or anger. But this
infernal life, however long, is not eternal; after atoning
for sins, rebirth into a better world is always possible."
All information is from

Is Locke's Dad the same guy that Sawyer shaped his life
after? Locke's dad was a con-man of big sorts. Sawyer is a
con-man. Is Locke's "dad" really Sawyer? Remember,
Sawyer's real name is not "Sawyer". Locke called him on it
long ago. Sawyer is a pet name for the guy that taught him
everything? Or, did they not even know each other? No, they knew each other.

The lady at the house that Locke worked on was Nadia, the
woman Sayid was in love with.
Small things:
-Apparently there is a trap door in the floor of the
armory, where Henry Gale is. This was bolted shut by
Locke, but appears to be open now.
-GREAT Link to a picture of the map. This link will not be
good for long:
-Link to a black/white pic of the map with some of the
words spelled out