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Christian/Jacks Dad: Unknown


Ethan: Deceased OTHER

Goodwin: Deceased OTHER

Tom/Mr. Friendly/Zeke: OTHER

Juliet: OTHER

Karl: Unknown

Sarah: Jack's ex-wife

Sawyer: LOSTIE

Desmond: LOSTIE?

 Alex:Other, Rousseau's daughter?

Colleen & Danny: Others

 Rousseau: French woman, Alex's mom?

Sun: Lostie

Sayid: Lostie

Jae: Deceased no-one

Claire & Aaron: Lostie

Jin: Lostie

 Kelvin: ???????????

 Boone: Deceased Lostie

 Eddie: Locke Flashback

 Charlie: Lostie

Hurley: Lostie

Mike: Locke Flashback

Locke: Lostie





Season 5: Ep 7
Widmore or Ben? Ben or Widmore? Who’s the bad guy? Who’s the good guy? Go back to previous discussions we’ve had…will there be an overtly bad person or do they all have the same interest at heart…the island? Both are manipulative so it makes it very difficult to watch them and trust what they’re saying.

I’m going to throw out a lot of names, so this could be tough to follow. Some things worth remembering, and there are too many to mention, but some are…Ben tried to kill Locke twice, and succeeded in killing him this episode. Widmore sent the mercenaries to the island with all the C4. Locke told Ben what Jacob had told him, but then Ben did what Jacob said instead of Locke. Ben and Christian both said that Locke had to die. Abaddon and Widmore disputed that. Ben did kill the entire Dharma Initiative so he could lead, with the help of Richard Alpert. Widmore wanted to cut off Juliet's arm, broke his fellow "Other's" neck like it was nothing, and wanted to shoot Locke against Richard's orders (though he did all these actions under the thought that he was protecting the island). Christian seems to be speaking for Jacob but spoke down against Ben to Locke. Jacob told Locke, “Help me”…Ben didn’t hear that but got real upset that Locke did.

However, remember the previous time when Ben killed Locke and left him in the pit of other dead Dharma Initiative people. The island wouldn’t let Locke die…Ben knew this. Did Ben know that even if he killed Locke, Locke would be alive on the island? If Ben hated Locke so much and just wanted him dead, why would he go through such an effort to bring Locke’s body with him? Also, call me crazy, but I think Ben was killing Locke on purpose cause committing suicide would somehow nullify Ben being a “sacrifice” for the island. Perhaps BEN didn’t know this…but Ben was fulfilling prophecy in making Locke a sacrifice.

Wait, I already changed my mind as I just recalled that Locke said, “I’ll miss you John(Locke)”…implying he didn’t think he’d see Locke again. Seemed like Ben killed Locke when he got the information about Eloise Hawking and realized Locke was going to lie to Sun about Jin. This all leads to the thought that Ben killed Locke as he saw Locke could be his replacement on the island…just like he got rid of Widmore when Widmore was emerging as the leader. BUT WAIT, Ben previously said Locke’s dead body had to get back to the island cause Locke had more work to do!!! Also, if Ben didn’t want Locke to lead the island…then why would he turn the wheel initially and leave the island to Locke? But perhaps Ben kills Locke, and only went to the trouble of carrying Locke’s dead body around after Ms. Hawking told Ben he needed to bring everyone, Locke included.

Heh, if you’re not fully confused after that run down and you could read that at full speed while grasping it all, I’m impressed.

An interesting thought is this…Widmore said that Locke had to get back to the island before the war so the good side would win. We saw that the Losties returned to the island at a time when the Dharma Initiative was still in its early phases, as Jin approached them two episodes ago in his Dharma outfit. Widmore was part of the Dharma Initiative until Ben & Richard “stole” it from him. I don’t believe the “war” will be at the time when Ben committed genocide on the D.I., but this war could be between D.I. and the Natives/Richard…leaving Locke with the decision to choose between Ben or Widmore. Ben/Widmore/Hawking are all seen connected in the previous episode so this throws even more confusion on top of this.

I think Jack/Kate/Jin/etc are in the 70’s while Ben and Locke are around 2007. When they arrived on the island, Jin showed up in a clean looking VW from the Dharma Initiative, which was in the 70’s. Locke and Ben were in the Hydra station, which was fully built and they are at the run down camp where the boats are.

It was awesome seeing Walt tonight. Walt and Locke had a great relationship that was short lived. Walt talked about his dreams with Locke on the beach, dressed in a suit, surrounded by people that wanted to hurt him. Well, he’s currently around Caesar, Ilana, and the other people that crashed. Will Ben get them to turn against Locke? Is Caesar really a spy from Widmore? I don’t think he’s a spy as he didn’t seem to be expecting a crash. Or, when Walt said he saw Locke in a “suit” he meant a Dharma suit. Walt does seem to have the ability to see the future and I wonder if the Others used him to predict certain events.

Abaddon took Locke to Helen’s grave and said she died from a brain aneurysm…hmmm, let me just say that I don’t think she’s dead. I do think we’ll see her again. The brain aneurysm thing makes me think that maybe she’s jumping through time too…maybe? Seems like a typical manipulation to say she’s dead so Locke would give up looking for her.

So the pilot, Lupides, took off in a boat with a woman. I think we can assume that woman was Sun, as we haven’t seen her yet. That is just an assumption though.

Locke and Ben both turned the wheel and Locke and Ben both didn’t leave the plan when the light flashed.
Season 5: Ep 6
What did Kate do with Aaron? Well, the fortune teller way back in the day told Claire that she must be an influence in the babie’s life and his happiness. He says that she must not let another raise her baby. Malkin , the fortune teller, also gave Claire the tickets for flight 815. But then there is this?

Remember, also, that Claire came to Kate in a dream and told her to never take Aaron back to the island? Hmmmmm…did Claire come to Kate again? Did Kate give Aaron to Claire’s mom? Whatever happened, it bothered Kate.

What the hell happened to Ben? The first thought was creepy. He clearly had someone else’s blood on him and he had been in an altercation. Skip to 3:30 if you really want to know what I think Ben did.

Do you think so? He was by a boat yard and there is this clip…was Ben successful in keeping his promise or did Desmond get to him first? I assume Ben did keep his end of the bargain, but I’m just too shocked to say it.

Or, perhaps Ben was bloody cause had something to do with Sayid’s arrest. I could see something happening where Ben provoked Sayid into doing something so Sayid would get caught and be put on the plane. However, that doesn’t explain the blood on Ben that seemed to be from someone else as Sayid was clean and didn’t look like he had been in an altercation.

I’d lean more towards the thought of Sayid busted Hurley out of jail by turning himself in or something. You did notice that Hurley wasn’t acting like he was “on the run”. If you’d just busted out of jail, you wouldn’t act as calm as Hurley was acting. I think Sayid had something to do with Hurley. This also leaves the sad thought open that Ben did actually come after Penny…

Ms. Hawking told Desmond, “The island isn’t done with you”. So let’s assume that Desmond will be going back to the island. What better reason for Desmond to go back to the island than for revenge on Ben.

I love love love that Desmond remembered Ms. Hawking and was angry at her. In case you don’t remember, here’s another clip. Even if you know what this clip is, I think you should watch it. If you ask me, this clip answers something we just talked about very clearly. Pay careful attention to something Hawking says.

The Lamp post is very interesting, but how does Widmore not know about this place? He does know about it as he sent Desmond right to it…I just don’t get it. Widmore is trying to find the island, but the Lamp post finds the island? The island that moves through space and time…the island that Christian told Locke to twist the wheel so that the island would move again, or that it would start moving continuously again. Moving the wheel off its axis is what seemed to cause the island to start moving through time sporadically.

But here's what we know.

At the end of the last season, we visually saw the island physically move when the wheel was turned.

Prior to the wheel being turned, the island stayed in the same spot, as the people from the freighter were able to access the island.

After the wheel was turned...the island jumps through space and time. Time, as we see in the flashes and space as we saw from the island disappearing.

I don’t care how they explain the flight/light thing…but the plane not appearing to crash was lame. So the light sucked the Oceanic 6 & maybe Lupides/Ben/etc. onto the island? Eh. The plane still may have crashed, and we did see Arija airlines water bottles on the island in previous episodes. This doesn’t mean it did crash, but it helps.

Can you imagine this? There was a manifest of the Oceanic 6 getting on this flight. The flight either lands in Guam with those 6 missing…or the flight crashes and those 6 are on it. Either way, nutty.

Jack’s grandfather seemed pointless, other than the shoes, but I don’t think it was completely pointless. His name was “Jay”….”Jay-cob”?! Kidding, calm down.

Something sooooooo small…Ben is such a dang liar. We’ve seen this dude lie so many times, he even lied tonight about his mom teaching him to read. His mom died giving birth to him.

Now, I’ll save the most in depth topic to the very end. The Oceanic 6 had to recreate the events from the first plane crash as closely as possible. In the first crash, Christian was dead. In this crash, Locke was dead…but stop there for a second. Why did Locke have to die? If they just needed a dead guy to recreate this, why didn’t they just get any old dead dude? This leads to many possible thoughts. First, Locke is not Christian, but how closely do they relate really? Does this mean that Christian was also a sacrifice to get flight 816 back to the island? Does this also open the thought that Christian was on the island previously as well? I think so. How does this tie together Jack/Locke/Christian…cause
I think it does.

Things that were similar on both flights:

Hurley brought a guitar case, like Charlie.
Jack was wearing a similar suit.
Sayid was in handcuffs, like Kate was.
Kate possibly pregnant…like Claire
Dead man on plane
ben "handicapped" on the plane…stretch, but kind of like Locke.
oceanic pilot on plane (Lupides)
Ben barely made it to the flight just like Hurley
Jacks letter from Locke was like Sawyers letter
Jack stopping at the bar
Jack escorting a dead body again
Sun had Jin's ring on the plane....Rose had Benard's
Sheesh, I almsot forgot something big. We saw Jin at the end of the episode alive and working for Dharma. This leads us to believe that when Locke turned the wheel, he stopped the island from jumping during the 70's when the Dharma Initiative was still being developed. This also helps us understand why we saw Faraday working on the Orchid station with the Dharma Initiative earlier this season and also will play a role in Faraday talking to a young Charlotte.

Having the Oceanic 6 stop on the island at this time would also mean than Ben would be on the island at the same time as a young Ben. However, Ben also said that you could never return to the island if you turned the is Ben back on the island? Yep.

Season 5: Ep 5
So, we knew that Charlotte had been on the island before. We figured there was also a connection previously between her and Faraday as well…but I don’t feel like we got the full story tonight still. It was interesting to hear her tell Faraday that he had told her to never come back to the island when she was a little girl, but this isn’t a big shock because we saw that Faraday had been jumping through time and was involved with the Dharma Initiative. I would assume that this hasn’t actually happened yet, as Faraday was unaware of this happening so I believe we will see them on the island during the Dharma Initiative and Faraday will then tell Charlotte. Hence, perhaps the island stopped in time during the beginning of the Dharma Initiative and the next few episodes we will see this interaction.

Rousseau…the sickness. What? Let me explain one thing real quick. If you were on an island and some Asian dude washes up, a smoke monster comes, then he disappears only to reappear later when you’re about to shoot someone…don’t you think you’d remember this Asian dude forever…like, say, if they came back to the island a number of years later? Yep…so why doesn’t Rousseau remember Jin when he crashes on the island on the Oceanic flight? Because you can’t change the past. Remember how Desmond didn’t “remember” to go find Faraday’s mom until Faraday told him on the island as he was hoping through time…then it hit Faraday like a ton of bricks? Well, this is why the Rousseau with the Losties doesn’t recognize Jin…she wouldn’t recognize him till right NOW and she’s dead now.

The smoke monster was cool to see again but it created a new issue. So, the smoke monster is a security system, but we kind of knew that when Ben used it last season. It sounds very mechanical…so I have to think that beneath the smoke there is a machine type contraption. However, the smoke monster may have the ability of inhabiting people or controlling people. The French dudes were not acting the same. Rousseau was still normal. Rousseau was the only one that didn’t go down the hole. Perhaps the smoke monster can control people after it gets ahold of them and this is what it is doing to the French team…which is what Rousseau refers to as the “sickness”. Huge implications there.

This happens to be a very big item. The smoke monster is supposed to be protecting the island. Apparently, the smoke monster can control people somehow. I won’t say entirely what I’m thinking…but will say that there is a chance we have seen Smokey outside the island. Stew on that for a little bit.
The hieroglyphics on the Temple walls were also the same symbols that appeared on the hatch’s clock when the numbers weren’t typed into it. Hmmm.

The van Ben is driving around says Canton Rainer…this could be an anagram for Reincarnation. If you put this with what Christian said tonight, I think we can safely assume that Locke is dead. Locke does visit the Oceanic 6 prior to dying and I’d like to see what those interactions were like. How does Locke die? An interesting thought is that he commits suicide because when he gets back to the real world his legs don’t work and he doubts the whole island experience and the like. I don’t think that’s the case though…it’s a sacrifice. Just as Christian lives on the island…I think Locke will live on the same way. The only other option is that they return to the island at a time when Locke is still alive.

Wouldn’t it be kind of cool if Christian already did everything that Locke is doing now and this is why he knows what to tell Locke? What if Christian also had to die to return to the island? Christian is still a very important character. Jacob/Christian/Jack/Clair
e/Aaron? Christian isn’t Jacob, but he spoke on Jacob’s behalf in the cabin. The weird thing is, Ben follows Jacob’s leadership, Christian represented Jacob, and Christian said tonight…since when did listening to Ben get you anywhere worth a damn? He was referring to when he told Locke, “You came to see me in the cabin and I told you YOU had to move it”.

Two issues here. Why does Jacob ever need someone to represent him? And, Locke didn’t go to the cabin to see Christian…he went to see Jacob? Christian say’s “you came to see me” Me=Jacob? NO! I can’t buy that Jacob is Christian but I can handle that they’re acting together. We’ve seen Christian appear off the island to Jack at the hospital. He appeared to Michael on the freighter before it exploded. We saw him appear to Claire, Locke, and on. Given this, I think it’s safe to definitely assume Christian is not “alive” in the flesh. He may be alive in some sort of spirit form, but not in the flesh. Or………………..

It was nice to see Ben’s outburst in the van too. One of the big things we’re learning about Lost is that you have to second guess who you think the bad guys are. Are there really any bad guys? Is there anyone out there not interested in somehow protecting the island in some way? Widmore? Maybe?

Ben did seem to make a big connection tonight though. Ben’s reaction shows that he wasn’t aware that Hawking is Faraday’s mom. When Desmond says this…Ben must have gone, “Faraday, he came on Widmore’s ship and Faraday is also Hawking’s son???”. Ben now can connect Hawking with Widmore, not a connection he would want to make. Although, we’ve seen that Hawking can get Ben back to the island and Widmore wants to get back to the island. So, after saying all that, I think we’ve gone full circle to say, again, that Widmore and Hawking are not working together.

Interesting video...why not watch it?
 Final final final crazy thought... In the Bible, Jacob has a twin brother, Esau. Esau was the hunter and Jacob hung out at home...or in a cabin? They mention it a few times that Locke is a hunter. Also, in the Bible, Rachel, Jacobs wife, died giving birth to her second son, Benjamin. We found out previously that this is also what happens to Ben's mother. In the Bible Ben is the son of Jacob. Too odd? I'd use this more for connections than actually relations.
 I understand that some of this may seem far-fetched...but read on.

I thought about this more and did a little more research. Apparently Abrams & Lindeloff made mention once that there would be strong parallels from the Bible.

Moses=Jacob's Great-great grandson.
Moses was not allowed to enter the promised land because of his sin of striking the rock when God told him to speak to it. Moses would have been allowed to enter the promised land, but had to die outside because his disobedience.
Aaron=First High Priest/Moses' older brother/Also not allowed to enter promised land/was Moses spokesman/one of 7 "invisible" holy guests Jews welcome to the tabernacle.

Moses & Aaron were a solid team.

There are a ton of parallels with "belief" on the island. We see one man, Locke, be chosen be the island for his belief. We saw another man, Mr. Eko, get killed because of his disbelief.

I'm not saying to connect the names literally, but the name Aaron does hint at a lineage that would share some similarities between the lineage of Aaron in the Bible. Locke had to be a sacrifice to get people back to the island. Moses would die before they would enter the promised land. Christian speaking on behalf of Jacob. Aaron speaking on behalf of Moses. The temple on the island looking destroyed & Eko quoting the Bible about rebuilding the temple to Locke, Israel's temple constructed in the Holy Land destroyed then rebuilt by Joshua, Holy Land & The Island...

Aaron on Lost is Christian's grandson. _____,Christian, Jack, Aaron...keep thinking.
Season 5: Ep 4

Let’s start with the tiny little things. Jin is alive and we assumed this. It’s cool to see him back. Rousseau popping up with Jin was kind of cool as well and she is pregnant with Alex. We also saw that it was Ben that was coming after Aaron and that he was most likely using this as a way to convince Kate to go back to the island. Ok, it was also a cool scene with Sawyer watching Kate and Claire…

The title of tonight’s episode is very interesting. The title was “The Little Prince”. This could be a connection to Aaron…but the story “The Little Prince” is a story about a prince who has to die to find his way home. “Besixdouze” was on one the debris from the Rousseau’s French crew. Besixdouze is also mentioned in “The Little Prince” and is the name of the asteroid on which the little Prince lived. It stands for “B six twelve” or “B612”. The narrator of the book feels like life has no purpose until he crashes in the desert and meets the Little Prince. The Little Prince ends up having to die to escape his earthly body and return to his home, B612. I’ll let you go ahead and assume who this might be referring to.

Remember how Miles starting having a nosebleed too? Afterwards, Faraday asked him if he’s sure he’s never been on the island before. Could this be a reference to Miles possibly being Dr. Marvin Candle’s son? Perhaps…but more interesting is how this relates to the nosebleeds. Charlotte was on the island, but she can’t remember when(probably as a child) and she’s now having nosebleeds. Miles is now having nosebleeds and when he questions Faraday why this is happening, Faraday asks him if he’s sure he’s never been on the island before. Now Juliet is getting the nosebleeds too….interesting. Faraday quickly tries to explain this talking about the brain’s internal clock. Either way, we’ve already discussed the possibility of existing in two times and not having a constant and this could still be the case.

Another interesting thing about Miles is this. Remember when Miles was captured last season and he wanted Ben to give him $3.2 million. It was an odd request, but this is an interesting thought. If Miles is Candle’s son, that means Ben killed Miles family when he killed the Dharma Initiative. A side thought from a pal connects Ben possibly paying off Oceanic 816 people, like Claire’s mom. Ben’s lawyer, Dan Norton, is paying off Claire’s mom. Some quick research says that the average settlement in a plane crash like this is $1.5M, so $3.2 for Miles mom & dad isn’t so crazy…or is that just too much reading into things? Either way, I do think Miles is Candle’s son and knows what Ben did.

The debris on the beach and outriggers had Ajira Airlines water bottles around it. Here’s a link to the ABC created Ajira Airlines website. Funny how the name of everything is “MacCutcheon”, the brand name of the Whiskey that Widmore drinks…and a speculative captain of the Black Rock.

This makes me think something big…something I almost don’t want to write as I don’t want to write any spoilers, so I will black it out. If you feel the need to read it, scroll over it...SORRY, deleted was too spoiler'ish.

So, Sun wants to kill Ben. No big deal there, but why? What did Widmore tell her to make her want to kill Ben? Widmore is the one that had the freighter that Jin blew up on.  Will she be successful? Nah, I don’t think so. Does Ben know that Jin is still alive? Perhaps he does and he tells Sun and this is how he gets her to come back to the island. That’d make things really easy.

The one questionable part about Jin is his proximity to the island vs. the helicopter when the island disappeared. They were both fairly close to each other but I guess we just have to assume that Jin was close enough while the helicopter wasn’t. Eh. Also, Rousseau is meeting Jin here when she is young. Why does she not remember him then when she’s older after he crashes on flight 816?

One of the big mysteries still left in Lost is the whispering. Now, I’m not saying this is worth considering too much just yet…but what if the whispers were from the people skipping through time. I don’t think this is the case, but it was an interesting quick thought.


Here is an interesting ad that was posted on ABC’s Lost page a while back. The advertisement says “Return to the island”. We saw Ajira Airlines water bottles on the island. The camp was still standing and this was clearly post-Oceanic’s crash. Could  the “Oceanic 6” return to the island on board an Ajira flight? I think this is highly plausible. It would make such little things start connecting together in a crazy fashion. Like, remember when Kate and Sawyer were ordered to remove rocks from an area when they were captured by Ben? Is this cause Ben had foreknowledge from Jacob to clear a path for a runway? An added part that would make this funny is if it is actually the Losties in the other Outrigger chasing themselves.
Season 5: Ep 3
Lot's here...try to follow.

Let’s start off with the theories that were correct or mentioned. It looks like Faraday’s mom is Ms. Hawking and she is in LA. The next one we only hinted at, but young widmore being one of the arrow people was mentioned and this is correct. We also hinted at these people being pre-dharma people which might just be correct. We clearly start to learn about the factions that do end up developing between the natives and other island inhabitants.

All theories here…remember a few seasons ago when Sayid entered the hatch he said he hadn’t seen that much concrete since Chernobyl (Chernobyl was a nuclear reactor accident from a release of radioactivity). Tonight, Faraday recommends that they bury the bomb. In the hatch, they press the button every 108 minutes. Could this have been to possibly release a small amount of radioactivity? I tried to find information connecting electromagnetism with radioactivity, and the information was way over my head. Anyway, when they didn’t do push the button, the bomb, which was buried and had released about 50 years worth of radioactivity, exploded. Could this also be part of the reason for the inability of women to carry babies to term, as radioactivity can inhibit this? Just theory! I just want to find a location for the bomb!

What did happen to this bomb? How did US military find the island? Sorry to do this, but here’s an additional part to the theory. Skip to 1:28. “Inert” is the key word. Faraday was trying to render the hydrogen bomb “inert” tonight as well. The Tempest station was supposed to be the station that supplied the power to the island. Remember that Faraday was on Widmore’s ship.Widmore knew about the hydrogen bomb, as he was there as a teen to see it. Could the Tempest station also be connected to the buried bomb? I don’t think the gas relates too closely to a hydrogen bomb, but this bomb will come up again.

Ok, another theory to follow. When Faraday is being led to the bomb by “Ellie” she gets annoyed by the way Faraday is looking at her. He responds, saying, “you look just like her” after Ellie questioned. We learned last week that Ms. Hawkings(whom we safely suppose is Faraday’s mom) name is “Eloise Hawking”. Eloise=Ellie? So, this was Faraday’s mom in her younger days? If so, that puts her and Charles Widmore on the island at the same exact time. Follow where I’m going? Ellie and Widmore hook up and Faraday is their son???

This opens up a whole new door. Remember at the end of the last season, Faraday runs to his notebook to see that Desmond is his constant. IF Faraday is Widmore’s son, that makes Penny his sister. Penny’s married to Desmond and this just strengthens the idea of him being a constant to Faraday.

Widmore did fund Faraday as well but I don’t think that Faraday is completely aware of his relation to Widmore. Why was Widmore also footing the bills for the girl in the coma? Possibly just because he was responsible for her as he funded Faraday…but maybe there’s more. Her name is Theresa Spencer, sister to Abigail Spencer…the nurse that answered the door. The girl in the coma seems to be someone who was a love interest to Faraday. When Faraday, Miles, and Charlotte are in the tent, Faraday says of Charlotte that he “loves her very much”. Abigail and Charlotte seem to have a similarity. I believe Faraday was “in love” with Abigail and “loves” Charlotte. Ugh, does this open the door to Charlotte being related to or possibly being Faraday’s daughter? The island IS familiar to Charlotte and she doesn't know where she was born. Was she born on the island?

One thing we may have been wrong on, but I’m still not sure, is Richard and his aging. Juliet said that Ricahrd is “old” and she said it with a smirk. Ok, how could Richard be existing from 1954-2007 without aging a bit? He could if he’s time traveling. BUT, he is not aging and he is staying in his position on the island as a leader, this leads me to go back to thinking that he just doesn’t age. It’s that or he’s a master time-jumper. Juliet said he’s always been on the island. I also believe that Richard was being honest tonight and he didn’t know Locke. Locke gave him information on his birth and we have seen that Richard was, in fact, at Locke’s birth and then visits him later as a child.

This then leads us into another item…why was Richard upset when Locke didn’t pick the compass! (Correction, for Austin, didn’t correctly pick the compass and other items) Richard said that they had a process for picking leaders and it started at a young age. Imagine you’re Richard for a moment and this old dude shows up at your camp telling you very secret stuff, proclaims to be the leader, and then he disappears. Of course you’re going to go to his birth and test him as a child to see if he is a leader. However, it was Locke’s destiny to crash on the island. Locke failed the test as a child and Locke skipped the “Science Camp” that Richard set up when he was in high school. Wouldn’t you be upset if you were Richard and you had so much hope in this guy after he oddly appeared and then disappeared? Follow this all the way back around to……………………………….Walt. Walt clearly displayed some abilities. Walt was probably tested to see if he could be a leader and was let go. There could be a point in his future that he is tested again to lead the island.

Another small item about Locke takes us way back. Locke gave away a lot of information about himself tonight. Much of this information was said within the distance of Charles Widmore. Widmore definitely wants to get back to the island real bad. When Locke was doing his rehab before he crashed on flight 815, the rehab nurse was working for Widmore. This nurse is the one that recommended to Locke to go on the Walkabout in Australia. Widmore, knowing that Locke would someday get back to the island, could have been having someone follow Locke for a long time trying to get a way back to the island. For fun, watch this clip again…great stuff in it.

Penny and Desmond’s son, Charlie, is NOT Charlie from the island. They probably just named him Charlie in honor of Charlie Pace, who saved Desmond’s life.
Season 5: Ep 1 & 2
I'll discuss a few more items later, but here's the initial breakdown.

Who were the arrow people? The uniforms don’t appear to have any Dharma logo’s on them. Was it Dharma? Was it possibly Rousseau’s team of scientists? Is it Widmore’s people from when he had access to the island? There are two things I’m thinking. First, the timing is important. The last time shift was when Faraday was talking to Desmond outside the hatch…but then we have no indication of what time it is. Secondly, were the people in the jumpsuits really the same people shooting the arrows? The people in the jumpsuits had guns, so why would they use arrows? I’m not sure why they had them holding guns because in the previews we also see these people in jumpsuits again using arrows. So, either they are two different groups that both wear jumpsuits or they’re the same group. I’m going with the thought that they’re the same people. Still, who are they? The one that talked had a British accent. They came right after Miles came back with a dead boar. That scene was slightly odd, but remember that Miles can talk to dead things. Can he also speak to animals? Ugh. Perhaps…that is how he found the boar. Either way, we still don’t have much to help us figure out who these people are. If this was a flash into the past, I wouldn’t be shocked if it were Widmore’s people or Rousseau’s people.

Remember when Richard gave Locke the compass and told him to give it to him in the future because he wouldn’t remember him next time they saw each other. Well, the compass was the same compass Richard used when he was testing Locke as a young boy. He asked Locke as a boy, “Which object belongs to you”. Young Locke chose the knife and Richard left cause he said Locke wasn’t ready yet. Perhaps this is Richard’s way of telling where they are in time. Possibly, Richard could now visit Locke as a child to see if he guesses differently. Possibly…this could also lead us to throw out the thought that Richard never ages. Perhaps he does age, but he just time travels so when we see him in the past he looks as he does now.

It’s awesome to see Ms. Hawking again. She is the old lady we saw at the end and she was in the episode with Desmond when he was going to ask Penny to marry him. She worked at the pawn shop and she told Desmond his future and that he was destined to be on the island and that he couldn’t ask Penny to marry him. Is it possible she is also Faraday’s mom? Faraday told Hatch Desmond to go back to Oxford and tell his mom…Ms. Hawking could be able to time travel as well, especially if she knows what Desmond is going to do. This means she could also be Faraday’s mom as Faraday is an expert in time travel. Also…Hawking/Faraday…genius’s that have an interest in time travel. Another interesting twist is when Desmond worked in the monastery. Remember? Well, right before he loaded some wine into Penny’s car, there was a scene in Brother Campbell’s room at the monastery that had Campbell and Hawking in it. Faraday also told Desmond that he is “uniquely and miraculously special”. I’ll talk about this more tomorrow.

Anyway, when Ben goes to Ms. Hawking at the end of the episode, she tells him they have 70 hours. She also must be in Los Angeles, as this is where Ben is. The most interesting part about this moment is when she was working on the computer and the pendulum was making marks on the floor. I thought it was very interesting to see Ms. Hawking with the old computer as she was charting something. The computer screen read "Event Window Determined" and flashed a few points on a map of the earth. The location of these points is very interesting. There were 10 locations in all. Some of the important points to note are:
1: The point off the east coast of Africa (Eko's brothers plane)
2: 2 points close to Antarctica and one point off the coast of Russia, south of Alaska(polar bears...a stretch)
3: The current point is just northeast of Australia and East of Indonesia (where the island currently is?)
I think the "Event Window" is letting her know that this is when they will have an opportunity to get back on the island…a 70 hour window.

It was cool to see Faraday as a member of the Dharma Initiative in the opening with Dr. Marvin Candle/Waxman/etc. Faraday appeared to be hiding himself from Marvin and is working undercover. It’s not like Faraday just snuck into the Orchid station to learn about the wheel behind the rock, he must have infiltrated the Dharma Initiative somehow.

Charlotte has a nose bleed and is forgetting things…not a good sign. Remember how Desmond started having the same symptoms when he was jumping through time? Also, remember that Rousseau talked about “The sickness”. I don’t think it’s the sickness…but is it possible she is living on the island as a child at the same time as she currently is? There are still some people that think she might be Annie, the girl Ben liked as a child. Last season she said she didn’t remember where she was born but that she felt she’d been to the island before. So, even if she isn’t Annie, she may have lived on the island previously and is now stuck like Desmond was. Even crazier, what if the sickness is what happens to people who are time travelling but don’t have a constant. If Desmond didn’t make contact with his constant, he’d have died. So, perhaps the sickness is time traveling without a constant and this is what Charlotte is going through. That’s pretty crazy, but I’ve given up on trying to make sense of some things.

Some people had a problem with the raft staying while they jumped through time but the camp didn’t. I can’t say it makes a whole lot of sense to me either, but there seems to be a proximity relation. The raft, Faraday’s bag, the compass…all things from the past that traveled with them. Everyone is experiencing the time traveling together, no matter where they are on the island. Their physical state stays the same, and we see this how Locke’s leg remains shot between time jumps. However, will past characters cross into a time jump when they were also existing on the island…I hope not.

Who were the two guys that showed up to Kate’s house to get a blood test? My first thought is that it was possibly Gabriel & Jeffrey that Ben made mention of. Perhaps they were faking this to get Kate in a place that she is willing to go back to the island.

Why did Locke jump through time but the Others, who were all standing around him, didn’t? Something I still can't quite grasp...

Who is Jill, the butcher lady? She seems to be affiliated with the island as well and might want to go back. We’ll check up on her later. Also, we would expect that Ben is dropping off Locke at the butcher shop so Jill can store his dead body in the freezer…hence, Ben is dead. I’d hate to see the time jumping thing make Ben alive again…but if it does, then as we were also told tonight, you can’t change things. So, even if Ben, Jack, Kate, Locke, etc. all jump back in time to the island at a time when Locke is alive, I figure he’d still die at the day he died in the future when he was in the coffin. Make sense? Either way, there is still a slight possibility that he’s not dead. Slight.

Neil, the guy Sawyer calls Fro-gurt was just another character on the island that didn’t receive much screen time. He owned a frozen yogurt place, which we learned in a dvd-extra episode. Nothing major.
Season 4 Finale

A ton happened in this finale to analyze in preparation for the next season so let’s get cracking.

We knew that Ben was able to get on and off the island…but we weren’t sure how. Some people confused the giant wheel as the tool that helped Ben travel, but remember that prior to turning the wheel, Ben put a bunch of metal items in the time traveling machine to destroy it. Ben’s ultimate priority is in protecting the island.

One of the things that didn’t make complete sense at first was how Ben turned the wheel and time traveled at the same time. Remember in a previous episode when it starts with Ben waking up in the desert in his full coat and a wound. This is exactly how Ben was at the end of this season’s finale, so we can safely assume that when Ben turned the wheel, he also transported to the Tunisian desert a few years in the past. It also leads into a potential explanation behind the polar bears and how in that same episode when Ben transported to Tunisia, there was a dead polar bear there too. Perhaps the polar bears were used to handle the cold environment and they were trained to turn the wheel but this is a big assumption. Either way, Ben had not used the wheel recently. Recall that Ben had to put the metal items into the time traveling machine to make it explode and reveal the hole leading to the wheel. The time traveling machine may have been used, as we have seen some of the Others off the island and have seen Ben’s numerous passports, but I suspect they used other sources to get off the island and it was not by using the wheel or the time machine. So time and space go hand in hand here?

I do think they caused the island to move sometime in the not so recent past…which would explain how the Black Rock and Mr. Ecko’s brother both landed on the island. The Black Rock was referenced to in the episode with the auction as having sailed out of the Indian Ocean, and Mr. Ecko’s brother flew out of Africa…thus leading me to believe the island was moved at that time.  There is still a thought that perhaps the island just traveled in time, and not in space. In the video that Ben was watching, the Dr. said that the rabbit would seem to disappear for a moment. Did the same thing happen with the island when Ben turned the wheel? Did the entire island just travel in time or did it also travel to a different area? According to the video, it would seem that the entire island traveled forward in time a great deal more than a few milliseconds. Also, apparently in the extra’s, the rabbit traveled in time and also ended up in a different spot inside the hatch…so…seems that the island would end up in a different time and place.

As for Michael and Jin…did they die? Let’s make this quick. Michael is dead…unless for some very dumb reason Christian transported him somewhere. That’d really bother me. Jin is possibly still alive as he was on the back end of the boat and that part wasn’t in the explosion. So, there is a possibility that he is still alive, which would really cause problems with what Jack, Sun, & Hurley have been telling the media about how everyone else died on impact.

Ok, Locke becomes the new Ben after Ben turns the wheel. However, at the end of the episode, Jack visits Locke’s funeral and Locke is using a different name than Jack would know him by. How did Locke get off the island, this was a few years in the future, and why was he using an alias? He was off the island for a little while as he appeared to the Oceanic 6 to try to convince them to go back to the island. Some are saying this is a clone of Locke……ugh, please. Locke is important to the island and he learns all the island’s secrets when he replaces Ben. Whatever he learns is what causes Locke to go after the Oceanic 6 to try to convince them to return. I would not assume that Locke will come back to life when he returns to the island…but perhaps he will have a place on the island in the same way Christian and Jacob reside on the island. HOWEVER, do remember the spiders that previously bit people and caused them to appear as though they were dead. Locke needs to take drastic measures to get the Oceanic 6 to return to the island…would faking his own death do it? Even though I don’t love this theory a ton, I’m willing to accept it as a possibility.

Finally…an almost pointless question, where did the island go? We have already discussed the assumption about the island moving in time, and possibly in space as well. But, perhaps it only moved in space or perhaps it only moved in time? Very tough to decipher this one. There is a decent amount of information to lead us to believe it moved in time, as Ben arrived in Tunisia at a different time than he had expected and the hatch studied time travel. There is also some clues that lead to a possible travel in geographic location with the Black Rock and Ecko’s brother’s plane. People seem very confused about this whole time travel aspect. If the island goes back in time or forward in time, nothing happens to the people on the island. If I travel 10 years forward or 10 years backwards, I arrive 10 years later as I currently am. I just arrive at that moment in time. As for location, if the island is to move geographically, it would have to move to another spot in the ocean for all the stations to work out. So, I don’t know if the island travelled to the same location in a different time period…but I’d say it definitely does stay somewhere in the ocean.

A tiny item that bothered me was the transmitter going off that led to the freighter being blown up. Why didn’t Locke just put the transmitter on his arm? It’s a small thing…but plenty of explanations such as even a second without a beat triggers the transmitter or removing it causes it to trigger.

All that said, I was a little bothered by the turning of a wheel resulting in a disappearing island. The show was initially supposed to make realistic sense and now we’re having to greatly suspend what reality is to continue buying into the shows plot. Either way, I still love the show and hope things continue to stay interesting.

Season 4 Episode 8
"You're not supposed to raise him, Jack". Remember last season when Claire was getting her palms read? The lady said that grave danger would come to Aaron if he was raised by anyone other than her. We can now safely assume that Claire is not dead and that Aaron leaves the island without her because she disappeared with her father/Jack's father. Oddly though, in next weeks episode preview, we see Claire on the beach with Aaron. The island tends to keep people alive while they still have a job to do. Charlie appears to be a messenger from the island. In this instance, he seems to be relaying a message from Claire...the same message that the psychic told her.

We also see at the end that it appears Jack seems to now know he's related to Claire. He says, "You're not even related to him", when talking about Aaron, implying that she isnt' related but he is. This is also where we see the downward spiral of Jack start to happen. Remember how the end of last season, he was in real bad shape...long beard and telling Kate he wanted to go back. This shows us that Jack/Kate split up somewhere down the line, but I think we saw that happen tonight.

Here's a crude timeline(thanks DB):
- Kate's aquittal / Talking to Jack in the garage about seeing "him" (Aaron)
- Hurley's car chase / being comitted / Jack visting 1st time when he plays basketball and see's Charlie
- Jack / Kate together; This episodes visit w/Hurley; Beginning of Jacks spiral downward
- Jack w/beard on bridge; Meeting Kate at airport

Where was Christian taking Claire? I would assume that it's to Jacob's shack. We saw Christian in Jacob's shack back when Hurley looked in the shack window. We're still left with a huge "HUH" because Christian was supposed to be dead. Claire also doesn't know that Christian is supposed to be dead.

People keep saying that Christian/Charlie are just in their imaginations. However, when Hurley first saw Charlie, the other patient saw Charlie too. When Claire saw Christian, so did Miles. Only thing weird about that is that Miles has the ability to talk/see? dead people. Speaking of Miles, why does he want to hold Aaron so bad? This is giving rise to the dumb theory that Aaron is really dead and he wants to talk to him. Ugh, while it's interesting and there's a reason why, Aaron is clearly not dead.

The conversation Jack had with Hurley was very interesting. I hope it doesn't start the whole purgatory stuff over again, but it was interesting. Some are suggesting that maybe some of the characters really are dead and can only "live" on the island...come on now. The ONLY thing that could point one to believe that this isn't real is so tiny. Jack had the surgery performed on him prior to leaving the island. At the beginning of the episode, we see him in the future and he has no scar on his abdomen. That's about it. I disagree still. I see a scar!

What was Kate doing for Sawyer? First, Kate wasn't talking to Sawyer on the phone. She said she'd come over, or they could come over...and we know Sawyer is on the island. Remember Sawyer's daughter, Cassidy. We know that Kate already knows Cassidy, so this is a lead in if you ask me. Well, perhaps it has something to do with her. However, I can't picture that conversation at the moment. 
Season 4 Episode 5

Tonight’s episode was decent and tied up lots of things that were already assumed. Since early in season 2, we’ve been expecting Charles Widmore to have something big to do with the island. Tonight it was went even deeper into explaining this connection. I’m not digging Ben’s reason for Widmore finding the island is just to exploit it, but we’ll see.


Also, remember a few episodes ago when Sayid was in the flash-forwards and was working for Ben. Ben had him looking for “an economist”. We can assume that the economist is Widmore. We can definitely assume that Widmore and Ben are enemies.

An interesting thought…but could be a wrong one is about Desmond and Kelvin. Kelvin was the guy that was in the Swan hatch pressing the button every 108 minutes. He appeared to be an original Dharma guy and could have been working for Widmore.  He believed it was unsafe to leave the hatch without a gas suit. Kelvin found Desmond and took him to the hatch. Now, it’s a long shot…but Widmore knew about Desmond going on the boat race. If he knew about Kelvin and the island, he could have arranged for Desmond’s crash on the island and then used Kelvin to keep him in the hatch and away from Penny. Yes, a long shot with some potential holes in it, but it’s worth noting.

“You look just like her”. Ben is acting awful creepy about Juliet. I don’t think we should read anything into that other than what we’re seeing, and that Ben has girl issues. The therapist is saying that Juliet looks like Annie. Annie was the girl Ben met on the island when he was growing up. We don’t know what ever really happened to her. Did she get pregnant and died? Did she leave the island?

Harper, Juliet’s psychiatrist, is an odd issue. Was she really there on the island or was she conjured up by the island? We’ve seen the island create people/things out of nothing and this ALWAYS happens right after the island starts whispering like it did. We saw this previously with Christian Shephard, The Horse, Walt, Eko’s brother, etc. Sometimes other’s see the apparition, sometimes only one person see’s it. Either way, the people that see the apparitions are able to see it because the island wants them to see it. Some think that it’s the smoke monster taking on human form…come on already. Harper said she was sent by Ben. NOPE, not buying it and here’s why it could be the island and not Ben. Eko’s brother and Boone both appeared like this to Locke and they were both dead. They appeared because of the island. HOWEVER(Yes, I always have to cast some doubt into the strongest theories), at the end of season two when the others started shooting at the Losties in the jungle, they also did that whisper trick and then appeared and they were quite real and not island apparitions.

My final thought on the whispers subject…the whispers usually precede someone popping up out of nowhere when they shouldn’t be there and then disappearing again. Hence, when you hear the whispers, someone is transporting around the island by some sort of cognitive ability. This still has some holes in it(like how did Eko’s brother do this), but it answers most of the occasions in which this happens.

Who’s Ben’s guy on the boat? I don’t usually speculate here because I don’t want to spoil anything. So, only read on if you dare. It was all but confirmed this episode that it’s Michael or Walt. Most likely, it’s Walt. Walt has mental abilities…one’s that could open doors that are closed from afar…such as the boats door that opened for Sayid and Desmond. It could also be Michael, but I’ll go on record as saying it’s Walt. Some may speculate that it could be Sayid as well, as we see Sayid working for Ben in the future, but I don’t think so. This would also explain why Ben told Locke that he “might want to sit down for this”. Walt…that’s my vote. If you want to go crazy, it's Charlie. If you want to go the most simple and easy route, it's Michael...but Lost doesn't like to go simple and easy.


Everyone has their purpose for being sent to the island. Faraday clearly had some knowledge about whatever he was doing on the computer to render the gas useless. Still, do you really think he was doing this to save everyone on the island? I sure don’t think so. Yes, he was saving them at that moment, but it definitely wasn’t their mission. Most likely they’re under Widmore’s orders to stop the gas so that Ben can’t use it later. Yes, it’s helping the losties right now…but it’s also helping the boaties who are not good for the losties.

Mid Episode Thought:

So, we know that the island, for whatever reason, can not be seen by people in the present day. Why? Perhaps because the island doesn’t exist in the “now”. It exists in the future. If I believe this, I’m throwing away all logic that Lost initially started with that everything will make sense and could be real.


It partially explains why one minute Locke’s dad is driving a car…next, he’s on the island. One minute a black rock pirate ship is sailing the high seas, next, it’s in the middle of an island. One minute Eko’s brother is flying a plane in Africa, the next…he’s on the island. On and on…the electromagnetic power is what makes this island hop through time and perhaps that’s why the code had to be entered every 108 minutes, so that the power could be absorbed. Keep in mind, I’m saying again…this only loosely explains these phenomenon but it definitely helps explain a huge part.


This could help explain a HUGE problem I’ve had with all this. If the island is existing in the present, and in the present Dharma has been killed off and any remaining Dharma people off the island are looking for the island but can’t find it, then how does the island receive supply drops from the dharma airplanes? If these supply drops occurred prior to 1987(when Hanso cut funds to Dharma) and the island is existing in a different time, then this starts to make sense but needs to be cleared up still.


So, is the outside world existing in a completely different time? It has to be…but how? Wait...does it have to be existing in a different time? Ugh. Does time on the island move much slower than time off the island? Possibly, but that would throw a few curves into Lost that wouldn’t make sense(Juliets sister, etc). Is there a wormhole to the island? (Africa: Eko’s brother, Polar bears in the desert, Locke’s dad, Black Rock slave ship in Madagascar)


Now I’ll throw something nutty out there and just let it sit without explaining much at all. What if everyone on the island was someone else on the islands constant? It would sure make for an intriguing and interesting wrap up. We’ve seen that most the losties have crossed paths with each other in the past somehow…if they all had a constant on the island and just needed to somehow consciously remember and then they’d be free of the island, that’d be very interesting…but that ain’t it! I just like the thought of it.

Season 4 Episode 4

Wow, what a great episode that was. Desmond has always been one of my favorite characters, so this was a great episode. However, if you didn’t watch close…there was a TON of stuff to have missed.

Before jumping right in, something small you may have missed. Mr. Widmore was bidding on a book. The book was the journal found in the Black Rock shipwreck. The auctioneer said it was found my Tovard Hanso. The Black Rock is the pirate ship that’s on the island where they got the dynamite in season one. Hanso, the hanso foundation? Does this mean that Mr. Widmore has even more to do with the history of the island than thought? I already think he has a HUGE hand in everything…especially since the hot air balloon crash was a Widmore balloon and Widmore is even financing some of the Hanso Foundation. Thoughts are that Widmore was bidding so much on the book because it contained the location of the island. Perhaps…

The Auctioneer said, "The Black Rock set sail from Portsmouth, England, March 2, 1845 on a trading mission for the king of Siam when she was tragically lost at sea. The only known artifact of this journey is the journal of the ship's first mate which was discovered among the artifacts of pirates on Eva Saint Marie, Madagascar seven years later. The contents of this journal have never been made public nor are known to anyone outside the family of the seller, Tovard Hanso. We open the bidding on lot 2342 at 150,000 pounds."

Now, Widmore…as for Widmore, why would he be so happy to give Desmond Penny’s address? If he’s as dirty as he seems, he could know about the whole time issue with the island. He’d know that the only way to keep Desmond away from his daughter starting at that moment, that he’d have to let Penny become his constant so he’d be stuck in that time period on the island and wouldn’t be able to get back to Penny. Follow? I think that’s interesting because it’d definitely keep Desmond away for at least 8 more years…but at the same time, if he knew how the time/consciousness travel worked, wouldn’t he just not give him her number and then he’d die soon? NO, not exactly because if he didn’t give her the number then Desmond would have lived on in that present time and may have continued to pursue Penny. Desmond ends up on the island when he enters the boat race to impress Penny…perhaps he would not have done the boat race if he was allowed to see her…but he told her he’d leave her alone for 8 years. SO confusing, sorry.

Let me explain the “constant” thing real quick in case it’s still kind of confusing. Desmond’s conscience is existing in 1996. Desmond’s body is in 2004. When he comes to in 2004, he doesn’t know anyone around him because he didn’t’ know them in 1996. As soon as he makes contact with his constant from 1996, Penny, his conscience catches up with his 2004 body…thus ending his travel. However, he definitely does interact with the past physically, though his body stays in the present, he is actually also in the past and able to influence things.

Faraday’s constant is Desmond huh. Now it might make sense why Faraday was having trouble remembering things. It also could explain why he was crying when he saw flight 815 on the news and didn’t know why. He could have been crying because Desmond is his constant and his future subconscious knows that 815 is connected to Desmond…Errrrr Also, Faraday was carrying the picture of Desmond and Penny with himself on the helicopter. He probably brought this to prove to Desmond that he knew him in the past. Desmond does tell Faraday that he will meet him again in the future on the island, so Faraday probably wrote this down as his constant. Why then didn’t Faraday remember that Desmond was his constant when he met him on the island? REMEMBER, Faraday can’t remember 3 cards after they’re turned over. Faraday has also been working around radiation and is on the island by electromagnetic fields. He has been acting very forgetful and he too could possibly be traveling back and forth, though we haven’t seen this exactly yet.

OR, another theory is that Faraday is trapped between the two. He tells Desmond to go back in the past to find him. He tells him to do this so then he can have Desmond as his constant so that he can escape. Hmmmm. And, if Faraday has a constant, this means that he HAS time traveled. Interesting.

Penny said she knew Desmond was alive because of Charlie. Charlie talked to her a few days prior after he removed the jamming equipment. Des told her he’d call her in 8 years, so this is why she answered the phone when Charlie called so excited like she did…she was expecting that call. Yes, she was expecting the call and she does remember the spastic Desmond from years prior. She was waiting by the phone, wasn’t she?

Who opened the sick bay door? The pilot did say he was there to help sayid…so that leads me to think it was him. Is he also Ben’s spy on the boat? If not, either the spy or the pilot opened the door. Or maybe it was Walt…or maybe it was the smoke monster. I’m tired.

Why did Ben tell Michael to head on the bearing 325 and Faraday told the pilot to head on the bearing 305? Do the different bearings send you back or forward in time? Did Ben send Michael into the past or future? I can’t believe I’m talking like this. I’ve almost given up on the principle that this is supposed to all make sense. Wait, if I travel at 325 on the south end of the beach and someone on the north end flies at 305, we could end up in the same place. Disregard.

On the same page, Daniel's boat, Desmond's boat, and the helicopter all go through a thunderstorm to get onto the island.

Why was it daylight when they left and dusk when they arrived? Is the difference just 31 minutes? What happened to time between the island and the outside world? I may talk about this a little bit more but I really need a nap.

Season 4 Episode 3
I wasn't going to blog, but I just couldn't stop.

So, Kate wasn't pregnant. Don't try to read into it that she was lying, she wasn't. The writers also made it a point to tell us that she didn't have sex with Sawyer that night and then didn't the next morning either. So, why does she have Claire's baby? Did she steal Aaron? I don't think so…but they said there were 8 "survivors" to the plane crash. They could have told the media that Claire or whoever the other 2 are, that they died. Perhaps Claire get's separated or does die and passes Aaron off to Kate. HOWEVER, another twist…the lawyer said he wanted to put her son on the stand. Um, was the lawyer really going to put a 4 year old child on the stand? I don't think so. Is there another son somewhere? I think so.

Since Aaron is actually Claire's son and not Kate and Sawyer's…a fact that Jack would know, why doesn't Jack want to see Aaron? Most likely, the circumstances that lead to Aaron being one of the Oceanic 6 and Claire not being there must be too difficult for Jack. Seeing Aaron would just make that reality too hard to bear.

Do remember, Christian(Jack's Dad) is also Claire's dad. The connection………….

Why couldn't Daniel remember the 3 cards? Well, probably because he wasn't trying to remember. He was trying to predict what the cards were. If it is memory loss, that would explain why a few episodes ago he was crying when he saw the flight 815 on tv but couldn't explain why. Another reason it's a memory issue...she say's "time, ok, what do you remember"...not "what do you think". The onnnnnly other arc would be that she's asking him what does he remember from the alternative 31 minute time zone universe. Come on now guys, not even going to waste another sentence on that theory.

3.2 million? Who is Ben and what can he do? Why does he need 3.2 million? Some thoughts are that it was just code talk so Kate wouldn't know what they were talking about. 3.2…then the conversation went to 7 days. Possibly? 3.2 million. First 2 days, than 7. That's a difference of 5.

3.2 5. This could be a code for the fact that somebody has left the island, following this bearing. Or at least, trying to follow it. 325 was the bearing that Michael had to follow at the end of season 2. In the promo for next week, we see a bearing that is close to 325. Ben didn't know yet that Sayid and Dessie left, right? I'm not sure though. Maybe this was Miles way of letting Ben know someone left.

Kate's decision to take 10 years probation will probably play an important role in the end. She will be faced with the option of staying in civilization or to go back to the island...whereby she could never return to civilization because this time she'd definitely be facing jail time.

Is Miles actually Marvin Candles son? They have a similar look. Who's Marvin Candle, you ask. Remember the Dharma video's with the Asian scientist in the lab coat? That's him(if I was posting on the website I'd attach a pic). Miles asks him, "Do you know who I am", and Ben says yes. This makes the case even stronger(if it wasn't strong enough already) that these people are Dharma. Still, just cause they're both Asian doesn't make them related…but this is Lost…so we can speculate all we like.

We also now know that the year in the flash-forwards is 2008. We learned that it's been 4 years since they were gone…and they were gone in 2004.

Season 4 Episode 2

Ben & Sayid: We can see that there was a power shift here. On the island, Sayid is typically sarcastic and not fearful of Ben. Now, Ben holds the power. It appears that Ben is having Sayid "protect" his friends on the island by having him get rid of the people that are interested in finding the island. Does Ben possibly have information on Nadia, the girl Sayid loves…and this is making him work for Ben even more? I think it's just that Sayid is doing Ben's bidding because Ben has clued him in to who these people are and how bad they are for the island and his friends on the island. Sayid is motivated by this to kill them before they can get back to the island.

NO, Ben is not one of the Oceanic 6. Ben wouldn't have been on the manifest so he is not someone the public would recognize as an Oceanic survivor.

Why do the people on the ship want Ben so badly? Well, this is not an area that I like yet…but most people seem to think that there are two alternative time universes. In sticking with the theme that everything is supposed to remain realistic, I can't accept this. HOWEVER, tonight we saw that there is some sort of time discrepancy as the missle that the ship launched ended up arriving 31 minutes later than it was supposed to. SO, some believe that in this alternative time, Ben is in the real world killing those people that want to get to the island…which is why they want to get him. To me, this has huge holes in it…as in, killing Ben in one universe doesn't make him dead in the other universe. Not to mention, it's just not realistic.

Naomi and Elsa wearing the same bracelet makes sense. Naomi was sent to get Ben. Elsa was killed by Sayid because Ben ordered him to do it. It just strengthens the thought that these people that want to get Ben are most likely Dharma/Widmore types who Ben needs to get rid of so they don't get back to the island.

One of the more interesting things to me was Ben's secret room that had all those passports in it. Between those passports and the ending with Sayid off the island and with Ben, we can safely assume that Ben leaves the island very frequently. However, since the purple sky after Desmond turned the key, it seems that Ben can't leave the island. Hence, why he had to have Jack perform his surgery. Or, was that just a test?

Why was Jacob's shack gone? Jacob isn't a guy you go see, he's a guy who summons you. Also, they made it obvious last year to show Locke crossing the gray line of powder before he saw the cabin. They made it a point last night to show that he stopped in front of the gray powder line. Eh? Magic cabin powder? Come on now. The shack must be able to move at Jacob's will though. Last week it moved for Hurley and then disappeared when he didn't want to see it anymore.

Daniels payload time difference…on the surface, it looks like a simple 31 minute time difference. However, if I say I'm sending you something today at 12:30pm and it arrives two years from now at 1pm, without looking at the dates, it'd look like it just arrived 30 minutes late when it was really 2 years and 30 minutes late. If you followed me there, then perhaps the previous theories of the island existing in a separate time greater than 30 minutes might make sense…whereby people like Sayid and Ben could exist separately in both places.

However, in a more realistic(but still far from real) universe…it's just 31 minutes and here's an explanation.
-Cell phone conversation is taking place in the present (both presents) 2pm Island & 2:31pm boat
-(boat perspective) rocket is launched 2:32pm lands at beacon 2:33pm
-(island perspective) rocket is launched at 2:01pm should have arrived at 2:02pm
-Rocket doesn't arrive (on island), because island is in the past.
-Island time moves on normally now it hits island time 31min after boat launches rocket. 2:32pm (island time) Now here comes the rocket because you are at the time when it was launched in the future….EVEN SO, I'm still bothered because 12pm now is still 12pm 50 years from now and doesn't explain the 31 minute difference.

If you haven't read enough about the time issues, read on…otherwise, ignore. Richard stayed on the island all the time since he got there that's why he looks now almost the same as he went there in the '70-ies. Ben sometimes goes off the island and during those period ages quicker. 100 days on the island are about 4 years in the real world. So, Richard has less than 1000 days on the island (he got older by that much) since he got there in the 70-ies...And Ben will go off the island with the Oceanic 6 again and take care Dharma and others not to get to the island where the rest of the losties remained.

Season 3 Finale:

The big mystery is three-fold. What was going on in the flash-forward of Jack and can we take it as literal? Who was in the coffin? If it was a flash forward, how was Jack's dad alive?

Many think it is probably Ben that is in the coffin because Jack say's it's neither a friend or relative. There was also no one that showed up and Ben didn't really have any family. Ben is also Jack's best chance at getting back to the island and Jack is very distraught over not being able to get back. Or, maybe it's Locke for the same reasons that he had no family and Jack was upset that Locke was right.

Jack pulls up to the bridge, reads the paper clipping once again, steps onto the ledge and say's "forgive me". He most likely wasn't saying this to God but to Locke or Ben who tried to stop him from getting off the island. Can we take the flash-forward as literal? Probably not.

People are saying that the coffin was child sized...which would mean it was either Walt/Aaron/or Sun & Jin's baby...but I can't reason why no one would be there for any of them if this is true.

Here's a good thought. MAYBE this is how it plays out. The man in the coffin is actually Michael. The funeral is in a black neighborhood and Michael's ex-wife is long gone no one would be there for Michael. Kate said, "Why would I go there" because she feels like Michael betrayed them so she wouldn't have gone. Walt wouldn't be there because he stayed back on the island. Ben was right about Naomi coming to kill everyone because Naomi is part of the Dharma Initiative and Ben jammed the signal of the island so the Dharma Initiative could never make it back. Locke and Walt stay back on the island to lead the next group of the Hostiles while the new Dharma initiative people roll back in...but why is Jack crying over the clipping? Ugh. And the funeral director asked if Jack was "family"...kinda off to assume that Jack and Michael could be family. I'm back to thinking it's Ben.

The obituary clipping say's "man found downtown" and is followed by a name starting with Ja, Jo, or Je. Ja-cob? John Locke? Ja-mes Ford(Sawyer)? Maybe it is Sawyer in the coffin. Sawyer clearly had no friends or family. In this episode we also see him hurt Kate so that maybe even she doesn't like him. When Kate says "I have to get back to him, he'll be wondering where I am"...maybe she's referring to her child?

The big problem with ALL of this is that Jack's dad is not dead. So, is this actually a glimpse at the future or did Jack and Kate actually go to the island before and this is Jack's 2nd time being there? I don't think it's Jack's 2nd time on the island for a few reasons, but that still doesn't explain his dad being alive. Maybe Jack is just too drugged out to even remember that his dad is dead and that statement is thrown in there to throw us off. final opinion is that there are still a few seasons left of Lost so maybe it's someone we haven't even seen...or else it's Locke or Ben. I really don't think Locke will leave the island. Ugh.

Here is what has been deciphered from the newspaper clip.


Man found d(ead in) downtown LA

The body of J___ ____antham of New York was ___ (sh)ortly after 4 a.m. in the _____ of Grand Avenue.

_______the Tower _____ and loud noises
_______loft______(sa)fety (he)
______(unc)overed the _______
___a beam in the

So Locke isn't dead...big shocker there. And what's the deal with Patchie NEVER dying. Chop his head off next time.

For anyone wondering why did Charlie let himself die and not just go out the's because he didn't want to change the future. Charlie thought that if he did save himself, then maybe Claire and Aaron wouldn't be saved like Desmond had said so. He felt he needed to die so that the future would happen as he saw it. And, "no more flashes", of course. Desmond isn't having any more flashes because Charlie does, in fact, die.

Season 3 Episode 20:

So, Locke has been one of my favorite characters since the beginning of the show. He hit a little bit of a confused spot for almost a full season, and has really started redeeming himself over the past few episodes. Tonight he hit full stride, and then he got dropped by Ben. First things first, is Ben dead? Well, wasn't Patchie dead a few episodes ago? Sure, Patchie wasn't shot by a bullet, but his brain was melted. Locke is far too important of a character to have him killed off and I believe his character will be highly involved in the finale of the show. So, this leaves us in a funny spot. 1: The show is "supposed" to be realistic. 2: There are people on the show being, there's a bit of a disconnect. I believe that Locke will not be dead only because he is important to the show. Will the island heal him? We may not see Locke again this season, but he's probably not gone. Look for him in the season finale or early next season. Typically people get killed off on the island when there back story comes complete, and this happened for Locke in the previous episode with his Dad being killed....but I just don't want him to be gone.

However, in typical Lost question was answered and some more questions arose. So, the Dharma Initiative workers were entirely wiped out...yet the Dharma Initiative still drops food for their workers??? Jacob becomes an actual "character" but is not an actual "person"??? The Dharma Initiative is wiped out but Ben still has them there working on what? Is Ben still holding on to this patience idea in the hopes that his mother will somehow reappear on the island?

So, Jacob? The man behind everything...the one that made "Jacob's List" of whom the Others were supposed to kidnap. Is he a man or what is he? Why would he need Locke's help? How could he say something to Locke alone and not have Ben hear it? Does he have anything to do with the smoke monster and why does he hate technology or lights? One theory that people really want to be true is that Christian(Jack's Dad) is Jacob. However, the producers have already discounted this theory...but I still like it. Others are speculating that Jacob is Locke...just another Locke from a different time. Come on now people. As cool as that would be, we have to go back to the "fact" that everything in the show can be explained in a realistic world...although I'm starting to doubt that with people resurrecting, psychic abilities, ghosts, and smoke monsters. In the Bible, Jacob has a twin. In Lost there have been references to the Bible and Jacob. SO, is Jacob's twin Locke or someone else on the island? One of Jacob's son's in the Bible also has the name Benjamin. I think this is the most interesting theory and would hope that Jacob is someone we have seen before but that is sort of wishful thinking as the producers have said he will be a new character.


If you're as big a loser as I am...the website connected to the Dharma Initiative has a profile picture for Alvar Hanso. The picture looks like Alvar Hanso could be Jacob.

According to the clothes he appears to be wearing, his ghostly like existence, his setting, and the like...some are also thinking that Jacob could be a person from the past that time traveled here unknowingly or an inhabitant of Black-Rock. Some measure time as the measure of light between distances and that accelarating to the speed of light can somehow manipulate time. Hence, why he may not like the flashlight. Still seems far-fetched, but then why does only Ben get to talk to Jacob? Why did Ben get so upset when someone else could hear Jacob? If Jacob doesn't actually exist, the fact that Locke heard him, might have completely freaked Ben out big time. A lot of people are thinking that Ben could probably see and talk to Jacob at one time, but can't anymore and he was just faking it when he was in the room. However, he was supposedly given Jacob's List a mere 40 days I think Ben can still see him and talk to him.

Does Jacob appear to many people in different ways? Did Jacob appear to Jack as his father in the first episodes? Did he appear to young Ben as his mother? Or, is that the smoke monster? There is still much to be figured out here.

What was the white sand going around Jacob's house? Is this some sort of powder that keeps him confined? That would be really stupid...but then again, maybe that's why he needs Locke's help. Maybe he needed Locke to remove it so he could be free. I realize that sounds dumb, but why is it there and why did Ben get slightly annoyed when Locke reached for it. To me, it looked slightly like ashes. Ashes from what? I could make some speculations, but I'd rather not guess on this one.

Hmmm, the Hostiles lived on the island prior to the Dharma Initiative people? Richard, the Hostile that first met Ben in the jungle and the same guy that recruited Juliet for the Dharma Initiative is very interesting to me. He doesn't appear to have aged much at all. He was quite older than Ben when they met in the jungle and now he appears younger than him. Can the Hostiles slow down aging? In the begining of this episode, Ben says to Richard, "You do remember birthdays, don't you, Richard?". This line could be quite telling, as birthdays would become meaningless to someone that can live forever. Also, remember the x-ray that Jack thought looked like an X-Ray of a 20 year old when it was in fact a 40 year old? So, what is really going on here? Why would the Dharma Initiative continue if all the original workers were killed off? How did Richard get to become one of the Dharma recruiters? This also shows that they could leave and return to the island safely at one time.

What happened to Annie, Ben's childhood friend? Did she leave? Did Ben kill her with the gas? Did she die during childbirth before the gas? Will we find the other doll in some grave? They didn't wrap this one up or give any hints, so no need to throw a huge speculation in here.

Little note, why didn't anyone stop Locke from beating up Patchie? The Others seem to be slightly obsessed with Locke to the point that they let him get away with a lot. They all stood back and were just kind of enamored with him. The Others definitely think Locke is someone special.

Not a big deal at all, but the VW Bus that Hurley found had that dead body in it that was actually Ben's dad's skeleton.

Season 3 Episode 18:

Man, come on now! This show is great, but how are they going to make this all real. I am having a hard time believing that the whole thing is going to make sense.

1: Patchie was bleeding out of his ears and his brain was oozing out, but suddenly he's fine?

2: Patchie even said that the girl would be fine within a day cause the island heals people.

3: They found the plane but there were no survivors? PLEASE, oh please don't let this give rise to the purgatory theories again.

4: Alternate parallel universe' where Patchie survived the fence and one where flight 815 was found? NO NO NO.

By these thoughts then, if you're not exploded into peices or something, then you could come back to life??? SO, if we dig up Ethan, Anna Lucia, etc...then they could come back to life? Please say this isn't so! Wait, then why would Ben even care if he had cancer??? It's not like he'd die. Does Jacob have foresight like Desmond and he could see everything that was going to happen so he set up a fake flight 815 to be recovered? Agh. Or maybe...just maybe, this is what happened. We do know that Dharma Initiative has a ton of cash and can make things maybe the Lostie's flight 815 was really the fake flight 815 and the real flight 815 was found wrecked? NAHHhhhh. Still not buying it.

Let's think about this some more. Naomi...the parchaute girl. Is she lying? Well, Hurley shot her flare off and Patchie came running to it unarmed. Why would he come in so hastily unarmed unless he was coming to a comrade's side? Also, she said in Portugese, "I am not alone"...but Patchie said she said Thank you. It would be much easier for Naomi to say a lie than it would for the Other's to stage a fake plane or plane crash. Otherwise, we're talking big government coverups and more.

If Patchie/Mikhail isn't dead, then Locke still hasn't killed anyone. I'm holding out hope that Locke's still a good dude...even though attempting to kill someone is still pretty much the same.

They're trying to set it up to have the possibility of Kate being pregnant. The Others put Kate and Sawyer in that situation so they'd do the deed and hopefully get pregnant. Well, if the guy's are shootin 5 times their normal firepower...then maybe kate's got some babies in her. Bah. I hope not but can see this being plausible. Juliet did leave that message to Ben saying that she'd have Kate's blood sample back soon. FOOLS! Say no to pre-marital sex!

So, has Sun's deathmarch started? According to the island and what has happened there, she is certain to die. She's sure nice to look at, so I hope she doesn't die. Either way, since the show doesn't account for too many days on the island, it'd still be two seasons before she would die from the pregnancy. Let's just assume that she ain't gonna die.

Season 3 Episode 17:

WOW, that was the most amazing Lost ever! How did they know that Sanjaya would be booted off American Idol tonight? They brilliantly threw Sanjaya into the role of the parachutist on the same night as he was booted.

Other than that, Lost has really been on a decent track as of late. There actually wasn't a ton of information revealed this week, but what was revealed was quite interesting.

Did you see the picture on the Monk's desk? It was a picture of the Monk with the old lady that told Desmond how he wasn't supposed to buy the ring and wasn't supposed to marry Penny. So, how long have these people been influencing the outcome of Desmond. The monk did have a similar way of talking to Desmond that resembled the way the old lady spoke to him.

What was that sound during the night that they thought was a helicopter? Sure, it was probably the pilot's plane/helicopter falling, but fire, no explosion? Makes me wonder. Those Others sure can be tricky. I don't want to speculate that this was an elaborate plan by the Others though. BTW, yes, you can parachute from a helicopter.

Yes there was a small flash on the screen when Hurley said "Flash"...but it was nothing more than sunlight.

The satellite phone was pretty awesome. Trusty Sayid will just have to build a battery charger and make it work. Something tells me that it's going to take a few episodes to get it to even almost work if it does at all. But, since the flash, the Others have lost contact with the outside world so maybe the phone won't even work at all.

"Catch-22"(The name of the book Desmond found) is referring to Desmond's dilemma. A Catch-22 is a lose-lose situation. As he stated, Desmond believes that when he see's the future, he changes it and therefore changes his outcome. He is starting to think that everytime he changes it, he get's farther away from Penny. It seems the Catch-22 is: Save Charlie; the parachutist is not Penny. Sacrifice Charlie; Penny would have been the Parachutist (maybe). So, is the only way for Charlie to break the cycle of the Catch-22 phenomenon to let Charlie die? The right answer is, no.

Also, the "Catch-22" book that Desmond found was written in Portugese. The scientist's in the snow that were working for Penelope at the end of season 2 were speaking Portugese. Desmond said tonight that anyone can be found with enough money. Penny has lots of money. The picture in the book of Desmond and Penny..... Ehhh?

The biggest thing to me still is Kate. Seriously, she's so lame...but I don't need to go into detail about how she's acting. (Oh, i'm so cute and I'm going to lick this spoon cause it's flirty.........wait, you're going to talk to Juliet.......FINE, I was just on my way to bone Sawyer!) I have been saying this for quite some time, but I just don't trust her! We still don't have a clue what Ben talked to her about on the beach and she's just acting more and more odd. Give it up Kate, I'm on to you!

Season 3 Episode 14: Filler episode, but decent.

For filler episodes, this one was pretty decent. We didn't learn a whole lot, but it was a heck of a lot better than watching them fix a car. This update will be VERY minimal as it wasn't a revealing episode at all. Cut me some slack, jack.

For instance, we see Ben and Juliet watching Jack. Ben also tells us how he finds an emotional connection and exploits it to get what he wants. Is this why he kidnapped Kate and Sawyer and kind of used them getting together against Jack. He exploited Jack's fondness of Kate to manipulate him.

Also, it was kind of intriguing to hear the Monster noise. Before Nikki was bit by the spiders we heard the monster noises. Did the monster transform into the spiders? Well, we know that the spiders come running when they smell the female and Nikki threw a female onto Paolo

Locke was watching "Expose"...Nikki's show, in his flashback. Hurley liked the show. Any signifigance? In "Expose" Hurley says they don't find out who the bad guy is until season 4. Next season?

Season 3 Episode 13: Great Episode

Locke and his oddness are back in a good way. I'm starting to like Locke again. Sure, he blew up the submarine and that was just kind of stupid...but by the end of the episode it is made apparent that Locke is more important than he figures. If Jack didn't like Locke before, he sure doesn't like him now.

Back in an episode about Hurley, Hurley was meeting with his accountant about the box company that Locke works for. In the episode someone flew by the window...was that Locke falling from the building. Crazy. Well, it doesn't have to be Locke. Locke fell 4 years ago. But Hurley only won the lottery like a year before the crash. Two people falling from a building? Maybe. Hurley sure was having some bad luck.

Did Locke's dad have super power, like Ethan? He pushed Locke pretty dang hard to have him fly out that window. Some think that Locke's dad is one of the Others. I don't think so...but VERY crazy that he is now on the island. Gives more credence to the thought that juuuuuuuust maybe Jack's dad is still there. Nahhhhh.

A lot of people are subscribing to the thought that "The Box" is the smoke monster and that it can shift shapes to be anything. Remember in previous episodes when Eko looked into it, it saw his deepest thoughts. I don't want to give this theory credibility just yet because having a smoke monster at all is just hard to make logical. It's Locke's actual father. Locke's dad is a con man, but the other's are better. They probably conned him and now they have him. The box isn't a magical transporter that sends things to the island...or is it? Nope! Is Locke's dad the "Man from Tallahassee"? How the heck did they get him? We did witness that Walt had special abilities and was able to make things he wanted appear on the island. SO, while I hate to even give this thought credence, was Locke somehow able to make what he wanted appear? I still don't think so because 1: it's still too far-fetched and 2:I don't think even Locke was expecting to see his father.

Quick Note: In Hurley's previous episode when he used the numbers and won the lottery...his fake friend said "Oh no, you've opened the box!". Weird....

Locke doesn't like to feel manipulated. He kinda knew that Ben wanted him to blow up the sub. When we see Locke on the dock as Jack approaches, he is all wet. We don't actually see the sub, but the explosion. Is there any way possible that Locke had the sub submerge and then just had the explosion go off to give the appearance of the sub being blown up? I dunno, this would create a lot of issues with explaining things if he didn't blow it up but is worth thinking about. Perhaps he just took it out to sea a little ways and left it there. He did seem to know what he was doing when he entered the sub. This could be quite interesting. In the explosion, you don't clearly see the sub.

What about Michael and Walt? I'm led to believe that for some strange reason, the only way off the island is on the submarine. So, did Michael and Walt actually make it off the island? Remember, Desmond sailed around for all of season 2 and couldn't get out. Maybe the bearings Ben gave them actually got them out...but I have serious doubts.

Alex and Rousseau: Way to be, Sayid, for telling Alex that her mom was still alive. (BTW, I'm changing my vote and Alex is the best looking girl on LOST) So did Ben and Rousseau hook up? I highly highly doubt they did. Most likely they just kidnapped Alex and Ben raised her.

Season 3 Episode 12: I'm back.

Okay, so my hiatus on updating has ended.

That was one phenomenal episode. Jack at the end playing football in their

Well, we figured it was the case last year in the Ana Lucia episode that Jack and Claire are related and now it has been confirmed. Hoorah. Why did Christian(Jack's Dad) visit Claire's aunt when he went to Australia? Is she really the mom? I don't think so...I just think that Claire end's up living with her.

Ol'e Patchy got fried in the security system...or did he? I sure think he did, but you never know with those resilient Others.

When Patchy was saying things about Sayid, Kate, and Locke...he was cut off as he was saying "The Locke I knew...". People are reading into this a bit too much. He wasn't going to say something like "The Locke I knew was a fearless warrior that we want to recruit.". Remember, Locke was bound to a wheelchair. He was just going to say, "The Locke I knew was............bound to a wheelchair". Yup. Still, part of me did have the feeling that at one time they had an interest in Locke. Ben said that they did, but Ben was a big liar.

Again, we have confirmation that since the electromagnetic anomaly, the outside world can't locate/contact them on the island. To me, this is the most intriguing part of the episode, but I just don't have anything new to speculate here.

What about that fence? If this fence was a security gate for the Others...why weren't they notified when Patchy fried in it? Perhaps this fence notified a different group of people on the island? Maybe still, the fence is meant to keep the island black smoke monster out? Either way, it doesn't appear to have sounded any alarms at the Other camp like was suspected. Most likely, the Others took over the camp when the Dharma Initiative people lost a conflict that was talked about in previous episodes. We will learn more about this, so no need for too much speculation yet.

So, has Jack given in and is now an Other? Is this a Jack clone(NO!!!)? Was Jack brainwashed? My thought is, "Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer". Jack doesn't feel any deep allegiance to these people. Does he really have feelings for Juliet? That's debateable...but I do think he's playing as close to them as possible so he can get some answers and maybe get off that island. OR, "If you can't beat em, join em"...I don't think this is the case though. Worst case scenario is that Jack was brainwashed in this short amount of time. Claire was brainwashed in the medical hatch and they tried to brainwash Karl.

Who is the actual leader of the Others? I'd really like to know this. I have my speculations, but I won't say here. I will say that I don't think it's Jack. Some are saying that they think he is...but I'm pretty sure he isn't. The leader is supposedly "Jacob". As they keep referring to "The List"...which was called "Jacob's List" in one episode. This doesn't necessarily mean that a man named Jacob is the leader. However, whoever made "Jacob's List" is the leader of the Others.

I think Locke made the right decision in using the Other to test the fence. Up to this point, we definitely haven't been able to trust any Other's. Why would this creepy guy be any different? If at the last scene, Sayid, Kate and Locke were standing at the edge of the Other camp with Sir Patchy...Sir Patchy would have given them away and they'd be caught again. Now that Locke has killed though, this could mean something big. Part of me thinks that Locke didn't mind using Patchy because he didn't want any secrets getting out about him.

Season 3 Episode 11: I'm still boycotting updates due to last weeks lameness.

Season 3 Episode 10:

Many times people say to me, "That was a lousy episode". After I talk to them for a minute they go, "Oh...I didn't notice that, or that, or that...that episode was actually really good then". Well, Lost, you've finally won. Thank you for wasting a week of anticipation. Thank you for going on hiatus for 4 months only to churn out a gem like tonights episode. Thank you for building up the whole entire season around 3 characters, so that the audience starts to not care about any of the other characters...........but thanks for adding new characters to the mix that we really really don't care about. So, instead of a re-cap with things you might have missed, I will rant. Tonights episode was pointless. It was meant to be a comedic episode, but if I wanted comedy I'd switch to According to Jim (never seen that show, but I bet it would have been better). I feel like one of the last Lost fans and I'm on my last legs. The next 3 weeks are supposed to get much better, but tonights episode was a real waste. Hugo thinks he's cursed? Really??? We didn't learn that the first season? Bah! Are my expectations too high or was that really a junk episode? My junk meter is through the roof. Though there are sometimes lines that really make me snicker, I don't watch Lost to laugh. Way off the mark here fellas.

Season 3 Episode 9:

If Ethan was such a master-surgeon...why did Ben send him to the Losties? Ben found out his tumor 2 days prior to the Losties crashing. Perhaps it was just a rash decision, but it still doesn't explain Ethan's super strength or why he was killing off people. Sending Ethan may not have seemed like a big deal, because before the purple flash the Others could reach people from the outside world, so perhasps that is why it wasn't such a big deal. OR, seeing as it is a plane crash, perhaps Ben wanted to send a doctor so he could help those that might be hurt.

I wasn't very happy about the "big reveal" with the kids and Cindy. We didn't really learn anything. We see that the kids and Cindy are acting a tiny bit strange...but nothing other than that. Wouldn't Cindy be wondering why they put Jack in a cage? They seemed to be acting like victims of Stockholm's Syndrome, where they side with their captors, but no real answer was given. They were probably coming to the trial to see what happens when you disobey. Maybe they were also indoctrinated and brainwashed like Karl was. Karl said they took the children to give them better lives. Better lives how?

"You can go home". Well, when Ben told Jack and Juliet that they could go "home", was he just referring to the island they called home? Juliet says at the end of the episode that they're going back to the main island and she says, "Ben calls it home".

If you're wondering about the boat at the end in the sunset and why they were loading everyone onto a little rowboat, then the answer is this. The large boat in the sunset doesn't have a dock and if it tried to pull up on the shore for eveyone to board then it would be stuck. So, they all had to take the row boat out to the large boat.

Are the Others really just trying to push Jack and Juliet together? The Other's are good at manipulating. Was the trial for real? Was this all just a way to push Jack more into Juliet's arms? It seems like Juliet's whole purpose since we met her was to convince Jack to want to help Ben. If they really are "an eye for an eye", then why didn't they kill Sawyer? As for the mark...maybe it isn't a bad thing? The reaction from the Others was shock...but maybe it was shock because the only time you get the mark is when you pass a huge test and become worthy of the mark??? This seems plausible as Juliet's purpose was to get Jack to care about her and thus save Ben. She succeeded in doing this tonight and Ben saved her.

"He walks among them, but is not one of them". Interesting...does that mean that Jack is not one of the Others or is not one of the Losties? Perhaps he will have to make that choice in an upcoming episode. Or is it like a reference to Moses. Moses was an Israellite that walked amongst the Egyptians. He was also a leader. He led the Israelites out of Egypt and to the Promised Land. Will Jack lead his "people" to the "promised land"???

The mark? Well...the jury is still out on this one. Funny, the mark looks exactly like the Scientology Cross. Oh the island all part of Tom Cruise & L. Ron Hubbard's plan to make a master race???

Season 3 Episode 8-

This episode kind of add's a kick to "See you in another life, brother". I want to make this a good post, but my head is spinning so much with theories that I can't narrow it down. This was a great episode to put Lost back on the track of being totally intriguing yet confusing. Anyway, Desmond said that to Locke as he was about to turn the key. Did he go back in time, did he go forward? WHY!? I don't want to ruin this post by throwing out so many theories, so I'll just make it short.

Remember our previous post at the beginning of the year? Yes, the one talking about how it seems that anytime someone time travels, they end up naked on the other side? Well, if you don't remember...then it really looks like this is confirmed...or does it? Some people think that he is not actually time travelling, but travelling between the dimensions where he made different choices. I don't know about that. Others are of the camp that believe all that happened was that after he turned the key, his pre-cognitive powers kicked in and his mind remembered things how it wanted to so that it could make sense of everything.

The thing to kind of make sense of this is that Lost is not supposed to be a Science Fiction type show. Time travel and odd things like that should be discounted. At the same's Lost and it's incredibly hard to make sense of why a guy is having these thoughts that are from both a previous time and also from the future. I wish I had a better explanation, but there are just too many theories.

The lady in the jewelry shop is also the voice over the hatch loud speaker that was saying "System Failure" while the hatch was about to explode.

Season 3 Episode 7: Lot's of interesting items.

"Ever since the sky turned purple...". I'd really like to know what he was going to say after purple. Why didn't they stay on the island? In a previous episode the Others had said that they had "lost communication" since the sky turned purple. "Push the button, save the world". That was another quote. The button was pushed, the sky went purple...did the world go away? Is this why they have no contact with the outside world anymore and why Ben didn't have them take him to an actual hospital? I'd like to nix the theory that the whole world is gone except the island. The scientists in the snow didn't disappear.

Also, did the urgency of Ben's surgery come because of the hatch exploding? The island seemed to cause miracles such as the pregnancy, Locke walking, curing cancer. Now that the hatch is gone and the electromagnetic energy is doing something different, are the healing powers gone and now Locke wont be able to walk again? This will be interesting to see.

Another miracle pregnancy? Sure, but this one tells us SO much more. Juliet was injecting her sister with some medicine. On the island, Ethan injects Claire with some medicine. Juliet's sister miraculously becomes pregnant (although Juliet becomes known for making a male lab-rat pregnant). Is Rachel(Juliet's sister) actually a man? The Mittelos Foundation wanted Juliet. Does the island have some effect on women so that they cannot carry babies to term...and this is why they steal the childeren and need Juliet so badly? The X-ray Mr. Halpert shows Juliet is of a 26 year old woman whom Juliet thought was in her 70's. This X-ray is probably of someone on the island. Does the island hinder pregnancy? UGH, such holes in this theory. Desmond was also taking the shots. Wait, was he? Were they the same shots? Now I'm thinking not so much. Thank you for joining me on that journey.

Still, is Dharma interested in Juliet because she could make a male lab-rat pregnant and Dharma is interested in making an all male society?

Ben will let Juliet go home? So, is Ben the only one that knows how to get off the island? This takes us back to Walt and Michael. If the bearings he gave Michael are the bearings to be found, then he just told everyone. I still doubt Michael and Walt are home free. Otherwise, maybe Ben keeps everyone there out of fear? OR, does Ben now know that there is no outside world left and Juliet actually can't go anywhere.

Why are they brainwashing Karl? That was awful creepy. Why did Sawyer get sucked into it so easily too? Is the slide referencing the character Jacob from the Bible also referencing Jacob from "Jacob's list". Jacob's list was talked about by the others in a previous episode. Expect more from "JACOB". There was also a slide that said "we are the cause of our own suffering". That is especially applicable to all the people on the island. They are all suffering through past decisions that they had made.

Alex is Ben's daughter? Wait a second...we thought that Alex was Danielle's(a.k.a. Rousseau) daughter. So, Ben and Danielle...............nah. Did Ben maybe have Alex kidnapped and then raised her? Perhaps, but his own? Danielle also said she shot her husband. Danielle was most likely pregnant before she crashed on the island too. I'm not buying that Ben is the biological father. Come on now, it's 2007. Biological fathers are so 1990..............which is when Alex was born!

Ethen and The Mittelos foundation was pretty cool too. What were they researching and why did they want Juliet so much? They definitely did there homework and this just shows us another connection between people on the island and back home. How creepy that her husband died getting hit by a bus, just like she had told these guys the day prior.

Mittleos respelled makes "Lost Time". Eh? The producers did make a real website, There is a video on the website that has this HUGE dialogue:

"Juliet, Juliet it's me, I've been trying to contact you for years and warn you......since I knew they were coming to get you....since before you left.....this is the only way....communications out there Juliet. But Hanso has been doing experiments on humans for years. and you're in one....the (inaudible) experiment. You are one. We all are. The hanso foundation, the JWC, Widmore Corporation, Mittelos Biosciences. It's all the same Juliet. Over a century they've been in control they've been killing us. They were trafficking slaves in the 1800's not to sell....They're going to KILL YOU!....And they were the ones who commissioned Valenzetti....still doing experiments on humans......Just don't let them know that I contacted...."

This statement could be picked apart a million times, but it gives us some big clues that were expected. Hanso/Widmore/Mittelos are all the same and are together. This ties quite a few people together and brings into question Jack's father in law a ton. There will be much more, but I really want to see what comes of this.

Very interesting! Also, there is a map of the appears that the island Michael and Walt were sent to is the island at the northernmost point.

Why has Juliet been on the island for 3 years, 2 months, and 28 days when it was just supposed to be 6 months?

Juliet's sister get's pregnat? Juliet's sisters name is Rachel. In the Bible, Jacob is married to Rachel. Rachel has trouble with pregnancy. Coincidence?

Season 3 Episode 6: I will be updating again at about 1:30PM with more content and pics.

"He wasn't even on Jacob's List". Jacob=Him/Eye-patch guy/Ms. Klugh? The list is the good people/bad people? One of the founders of the Hanso Foundation is Jacob Vanderfield. Is this who Jacob is? The Hanso Foundation is still very much involved in this experiment, as can be seen from the food drops. Most likely, we haven't seen Jacob yet and Jacob is probably not on the island. The original list didn't have Jack on it but Ben added him to it so he could perform his surgery.

On Eko's stick Locke got a message. The message was "Look up your eyes and go North"...with the Chapter "John" right next to it. Perhaps Locke took this message more personally since it had "John" next to it. What is North? The island where Jack/Kate/Sawyer are? The monster? The Flame hatch? The way off the island? Ben told Michael to head bearing 325 which is pretty much North. True North would be 360. My money is that if Jack heads north he will see the other island or run into the flame hatch.

Was that Alex on the intercom? And what was with Alex popping out in the field with a slingshot asking about her boyfriend? Ben asks if Alex asked about him right before he goes into surgery too. Huhhhhh? I think that when Alex was taken away from Rousseau, Ben may have helped raise Alex, but he is probably not her biological father. He is also probably not her boyfriend. Alex said, "Are you going to kill him just like you are going to kill my boyfriend". Alex then wanted to talk to Ben. She probably wanted to talk to Ben to get him to save Karl's life. Alex had close ties with Karl and he is probably the boyfriend. Ben probably met with Alex and agreed to save Karl's life if she agreed to help him with Jack.

What's going on with Kate? Again...she isn't making a lot of sense. She was definitely holding something back when Jack asked her, "Did they hurt you". Then, when she was with Sawyer and he was yelling for her to run, she just said she couldn't run without him. Both times she appeared to be hiding something. What happened when she went to breakfast with Ben? What did Ben tell her?

There have been a lot of questions raised about Rousseau/Ben/Alex. I won't go too deep into detail, because I don't think they really warrant that much thought...but still, keep in mind the ties and whether Rousseau could perhaps be working for the Others. It's a possibility that many are questioning, but I think is not true.

The Others are all about children. They picked Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Did they pick them to intentionally have them hook up so Kate would have a baby?

What are the Others building that is so big? A runway? Another hatch...or replacement hatch for Swan Station?

Many people are thinking that Ben has a twin because he sometimes wear's glasses....ehhhh, come on now.

Stay Tuned: I will be giving an update this week that will make up for last weeks...but nothing will make up for the 2 month hiatus the show is going on! Well, except, maybe this.

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I have to apologize. This will be one of my worst updates I am on a slow computer right now and my HUGE update just crashed and I can't get it back. Also, how much does it suck that they killed off Eko? I guess anyone that gets in trouble with the law is off the show.

Ben has a tumor? Still, how could Ben have a tumor but Rose's cancer was cured, Locke can walk, and Sun is fertile? Last season the healer told Rose that there were certain places in the world that can heal people, but it just has to be the right place. Perhaps this isn't the right place for Ben.

Still, if Ben can leave the island, why doesn't he just leave and get help? Can they really get off the island? If he leaves will he most likely die? Rose didn't want to leave the island cause she was afraid her cancer might come back.

PIRATE! Who is the pirate? Is it a survivor from the Black Rock? Is it one of the Dharma Initiative members that is in another hatch? Is it just an Other? Radzinsky? Radzinsky was the guy in the hatch prior to Kelvin. We don't know where he went...but Kelvin said that Radzinsky had spliced apart the Orientation video. We found the splices last season. The splices were in the small Arrow hatch that the Tail Losties used for a little while. In a case was a Bible that had the splices inside it and a GLASS EYE! My money is on Radzinsky.

The Monster is back. It is going to be very hard for the producers to explain how this could happen in normal life. The monster is very mechanical sounding and has black smoke around it. Underneath the smoke could be just some sort of machine, but it still moves quite a bit freely. I'm having a tough time understanding where they're going to go with this cause the monster can also read your thoughts and morph into someone you are imagining.

Is Juliet telling the truth or is she playing Jack? Sawyer believed that Juliet was evil. In the beginning of the season, Juliet is seen crying in the mirror and no one is around. She then has some words about Ben at the book club. Ben and Juliet also have some very tense interactions. Ben always has a plan though. Is Ben really playing Juliet to see what she will do or is Juliet successfully planning a coup?

SEASON 3 Episode 4: More updates later.