Bobby and Geoffrey's 30th Birthday Surprise Party

Want to dress up for the party?
Here are some ideas:


  • Paint on mustaches
  • Double breasted suit jackets with square shoulders and long broad lapels
  • Long, baggy suit pants
  • White dinner jackets
  • Gangster suits
  • Pin-striped suits
  • Side parted and slick downed hair
  • Suspenders
  • Shirt cuffs
  • Caps, felt hats, usually a dark color, or straw hats
  • Colorful or dark ties
  • No facial hair
  • Dropped Waist Dresses
  • Floral print dresses
  • Fishnets stockings with seams up the back
  • Bias cut dresses
  • Two-toned shoes with rounded toes and wide thick heels
  • Slim-fitting dresses, skirts with a slight flare
  • Puffy sleeves
  • Large ruffled collars
  • Lower necklines with squared shoulders
  • Empire waisted gowns with a tie back
  • Bows and fabric flowers as accents
  • Pill box hats, brimmed hats and berets, worn at an angle
  • Short gloves
  • Hairstyles worn close to the head with deep set, finger waves
  • Red lips and matte makeup

Ladies, if you want to go all out on the hairstyle, this site is great:

1930's Slang


I'll be seeing you

All wet    

No good 

Babe, broad, dame, doll, muffin, kitten  


Blow your wig 

Become very excited 


One's house


Fans of swing music


Think hard or undertstand 

Hop, rag, romp, wingding

A party or dance


A good time at a party

Slip me five

Shake my hand

Togged to the bricks

Dressed up