This site contains details collected since the BEST Family Reunion held at Bridgetown, Barbados September 23-30, 2006

A History of the descendants of John Thomas Best and Mary Stanton, married at Christ Church, Barbados- 5 February 1665. Descendants include those of Hon. John Rycroft Best, President of the Barbados Legislature, William Maxwell Best & James Parry Best   

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  • Best Family Tree (work in progress)
  • Collection of old Family Photos (please submit NOW)  


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  • Memorabilia & Tee Shirts 
  • Souvenir Best Family Calendar
  • A Souvenir Coffee Table Book with family history, photographs and special family recipes. Everyone is invited to contribute recipes that have sentimental or special meaning to your family. 

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  • Where did John Thomas Best come from? we know he was in Barbados by 1650. What is the link to Kent?? They always went back there! There is also a connection to Saint Mary-St Marylebone Road, Saint Marylebone, London, many baptisms and graves recorded there.
  • Besides Australia, England, Guyana, Trinidad, St Vincent, Grenada  & Dominica where can we find related Bests?
  • Who has John Rycroft Best's Coat-of-Arms? It has been said that a Best from Canada or the United States has it - but where is it?
  • Where do the Pilgrims, the Wents and the Lawrences fit into the family?
  • How does Charlie Best's clan fit in the picture? 
  • What year did Fillan Best emigrate to Dominica and who are the surviving family members? 
  • Who was Mrs Perkins from Bank Hall? her children were Bests.
  • Where is Cherry Best (from Wellington St. in the 1940's?)  daughter's Lucy?
  • Who is Aunt Helen McBean, she lived in New York? Her last known location was a home in New Jersey? Possibly a  great-aunt and one of the Grenada Bests. She also had two sons one was in New Jersey, where are they now? FOUND THEM, ROY MCBEAN OF FLORIDA you can google him see below his mother was Aunt Helen Best who married George McBean: 
  • Roy McBean
    Born and raised in Harlem, Roy McBean is a product of the New York City Public School System and attended City College of New York. In his early career, Roy worked in the New York City Police Department, retiring after 20 years as Sergeant with the Police Department's highest award, "The Medal of Honor." He then became Assistant Director of Security at Lehman College during the era of student protests. Nine years later, he retired again but within two years was named Bergen County, New Jersey's first Public Safety Director and Assistant County Administrator. After retiring permanently from the paid work force, he moved to Sarasota in 1987. Roy McBean's volunteer activities in the northeast included coaching youth sports and serving as president of the county NAACP. In Sarasota, he has served on several city and county committees and on several boards, including the All Faiths Food Bank, Parks & Recreation, and the Police Officers Pension Fund. He has been President and/or Board Member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sarasota County, Florida Area Council of the Boys and Girls Clubs, United Way of Sarasota County, Ringling School of Art and Design, and Doctors Hospital. The McBean Boys & Girls Club in Sarasota and the Roy McBean Charter School are named in his honor; he also has been awarded several distinguished honors by the National Boys & Girls Clubs of America.