A New Beginning

Alice received her gift of life on April 17, 2006 ( THANK YOU! )

A New Beginning - with pictures

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On  Easter Sunday April 16th, at about 11:30 AM, we received a call from Baylor Medical Center
with the news that Alice's turn at a new life was finally here.
Thanks to the generosity of  an unknown stranger who had the foresight to become an Organ Donor and  made this chance at  A New Beginning a reality.
We will always remember this young man and his family in our daily prayers.
The transplant which was originally scheduled for 11PM on April 16th, 2006, was carried out on Monday April 17th.
The procedure started at 6 AM and we got to see Alice at about 12:30 that afternoon.
More to come shortly. For now, Alice and I are going to get some badly needed REST

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 Our final update of 2006.

A year which was filled with sadness, laughter happiness and cheer.

Alice and I will celebrate this Holiday Season by remembering the family of Alice's organ donor.
Without their unselfish generosity in their most painstaking hour, Alice might not be here to celebrate this glorious season.

We will celebrate this Holiday Season by remembering our family with out who's support, all those anxious hours would have been unbearable.

We will  celebrate this Holiday Season by remembering all the wonderful friends we've made on the INTERNET.
Friends we've never meet and most we probably never will meet. Many of you however, have become as real as our actual family.

We will celebrate this Holiday Season by rejoicing in all the new friends we made while we were in Dallas. Some of the other transplant recipients we had the good fortune to meet  are as close to us as our own brothers and sisters.

We will also remember Marsha May, one of the transplant recipients who unfortunately passed away shortly after we had gone home.

Rest in peace Marsha, you are missed and loved by many. 

It's hard to believe that it's already been eight month since the transplant.
It's truly amazing what a difference it has made.
Alice's friends and family again have a real person to talk to and laugh with. I again have a companion full of life.
Alice is back to league bowling twice a week and has competed in her first bowling tournament.

God has truly worked a miracle in our family this year. ( THANK YOU )

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all of you and a sincere thanks for all the support and good wishes you've sent us this year.

We have certainly had many blessing bestowed upon us this year.



Alice and I are now back home. We have been home since July 8th.
Alice has accomplished quite a few few things in the past few weeks.
We've had our first follow up visit with our own doctor and he was quite surprised when he first saw her. She's not the same person that left here some four month ago.
The doctor was actually elated at the progress she's made in such a short time.
Alice is now back to driving and no longer needs me as her chauffeur.
Alice is also doing the cooking again. I still help with the dishes.....
Tomorrow, she has a luncheon appointment with her bowling teammates and after lunch, she'll attempt bowling again which she's missed for the past 2 years. If all goes well tomorrow, she'll be back on her Mon. and Thur. leagues when they start up again in August.
All I can say is she's a real trooper and I'm extremely grateful for the outcome.
More updates when ever warranted. For now, we're happy to get on with our lives.



Good News / Bad News

Good News:
We will soon be going home.
This Friday, July 7th, will be our last clinic visit and our release date
from Baylor Medical Center.
Once the Doctors finish a review of her latest blood tests,
Alice will be discharged. We should be back HOME on the 8th of July.

Bad News:
Friday will be a day to say goodbye to a lot of new and close friends.
Since all of us have had so many things in common, the friendship
is actually more like a kinship.

Many of us will keep in touch by Internet and/or phone.
Hopefully we'll meet again soon if not, There is always next year's Reunion.

I've added some more pictures from a Recent Gathering of some of our new friends.


On Friday, we got the good news that the results of her major kidney function test was perfectly normal. We where also told that her clinic visits would now only have to be once per week. Our post Transplant classes where also completed on Friday.

It's truly amazing how much has occurred in just two short month. Yesterday, the volunteers here at Twice Blesses House took us on a four hour tour of Dallas. Alice unfortunately didn't go because of a little bit of indigestion. I brought back lots of pictures and they are available at the following website:    Sights of Downtown Dallas




On Wednesday 5/24/06, Alice celebrated her first birthday since receiving her new liver. She is proud to have reached her 63rd Birthday.

The flowers came at about 1 PM from our 4 daughters and wished her a very happy Birthday but apologized for not being able to be there.

At about 5:30 PM she was greatly surprised when 3 or the 4 girls and our youngest Grandson showed up at our door. More details and pictures available on page 5 by Clicking Here 

On Thursday 5/26/06, she received another surprise party during out weekly community supper here at Twice Blessed Home. Thanks to all of you for keeping our little secret.  PostSmile! 

I want to again offer my sincere thanks to the family of Alice's donor for their generosity and foresight in making all of this possible.
Without you, this would most likely have been Alice's last birthday. 
Because of you, a new beginning of many future birthdays are possible.
                                Thank You



On Saturday Alice and I went out to dinner with Keith. Keith received his gift of life about a month before Alice. Since Keith remembered to bring his camera, I've been able to add a few pictures to page 4. You can simply  Click Here  to take you to that website. 

Next Update after her surprise birthday party.



 Time sure does fly.  It's now been a whole month since Alice had her transplant. It's amazing when you look at a picture taken shortly before transplant and those taken after surgery.

You'll find a copy of this website along with pictures from the Transplant  Reunion and also some recent pictures I just took of Alice by Clicking Here

I'll also be adding new pictures to that website whenever I remember to take the camera with me and when I run into something interesting worth capturing.

Alice is really doing well.  Since there haven't been any complications, going to the clinic twice a week has become pretty much routine.  This is definitely not a complaint. Both the Doctors and Alice and I just smile each time we get the newest blood results. Not to long ago, we had to worry anytime they did a procedure on Alice since she had a clotting problem.  They have just recently added a baby  aspirin  to her medicines since her platelet count is back to normal. Simply amazing.

Alice doesn't know it yet but she's having a surprise birthday party on the 24th. Three of our girls and one of the grandkids will be arriving on that day. Surprise, Surprise.  If any of you have nothing to do on that day, please come and join the party.

Next update as soon as it's warranted.



Last weekend we had the 19th annual Transplant Reunion.

We had a great time and where fortunate enough to meet a lot of folks who also received the gift of life thru the generosity of some one else.

Alice is getting a little stronger every day. She's also getting a little prettier every day. ( I might be just a little biased. ) 

Since tomorrow is Tuesday, we'll again be in clinic most of the day starting with blood work at 7:30 AM.

The nice thing is that we at least have a somewhat stable address for the next 3 month.  Our mailing address her is:

Alice and Bob C/O
Twice Blessed House
2732 Gaston Ave #1210
Dallas, TX 75226

For those of you who don't know, Alices birthday is on 5/24.
I'll post another update next week or sooner if warranted.



Last week, we got the great news about the liver transplant. Today, we received the great news that our newest Great Grandson was just born. Welcome La'Vont. Great Grandma will be home soon.


We've had a little excitement this morning.
At about 2:45 AM, I woke up and noticed that Alice wasn't in her bed.
I jumped out of my chair and found her laying face down sprawled on the floor.
Within seconds, after yelling for some help, her hospital room was filled with nurses and unit techs.
Apparently, "Miss Alice" which is what they've all started to call her had
somehow managed to climb out of bed to use her porter potty and when she was ready to get back to bed, realized she needed help.
She tried reaching the call button which caused her to loose her balance and she fell face forward onto the floor.
Outside of a nice bump on her forehead and some scrapes, she's fine.
They sent her down for a CT scan but since we haven't heard anything,
I'm sure her damage is just superficial.
None of us has yet figured out where she found the strength to climb out of bed by her self.
I guess this proves that "when you've got to go, you've got to go".
Right now she's got a bandaged head and she's sound asleep.


Since the original entry, many great things have happened.
Alice has taken her first steps, eaten her first meal and done all the other things usually associated with it.
Her complection has changed and her eyes again have a sparkle I haven't seen in many years.
The only tube still in use is a feeding tube which will be removed as soon as she is able to get all of her nourishment by mouth. Her doctor told her today that he wants her out of the hospital ASAP . He said, "The longer you stay in the hospital, the more apt you are to catch someone else's disease."
He promised to be tough on her so that she can meet the requirements they have outline for her speedy discharge.