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Tires Plus Madison Wisconsin

tires plus madison wisconsin
    madison wisconsin
  • Madison is the capital of the U.S. state of Wisconsin and the county seat of Dane County. It is also home to the University of Wisconsin–Madison.
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No Horse Open Sleigh
No Horse Open Sleigh
The look on the TSA worker's face was near priceless as the five of us approached the security check point. Little Margot at 3, focused Henry at 5 and boistrous Griffin at 6 and a half, plus Mom, Dad and all our luggage and a stroller... It would have overwhelmed anybody. But Griffin, Henry and Margot know how to travel. As we approached the security check point at the airport, they already knew to take off their shoes for scanning and how to walk through the metal detector without touching the sides. They politely thanked the airport staff for the compliments they received and then headed for the elevators, finally breaking the security discipline to run, each yelling, "my turn to push the button, no MY turn." As we made day trips to visit beloved friends and relatives, there was the constant refrain of "how much longer" yet Dad's non-answer of "stop asking that question" never caused upset or tears. They cavorted in the snow with absolute abandon and sledding was a great adventure, espcially when the hill was a block long sledding park near Madison. 2 and a half hours of scrambling up the slope for another run finally wore even exuberant Griffin down to the point where he pleaded, "carry me, I'm too tired to walk up." I pulled his sled and he walked up on his own and he had his last run. Henry was a champion sledder and loved the boat sled. The look on his face when he contemplated his new obsession (snow ramps for jumps) was something to behold. Margot's "YeeeHawwww" filled the air and hearts of the surrounding sledders as she careened down the hill with the best of them. These guys had a great time. It will surely become a treasured memory for them, I'm certain it has for Grandma and Grandpa and for Rachael and myself. ~Jess
madison convention center
madison convention center
a couple more images from my weekend in Madison, Wisconsin -- this is the Madison convention center, where the meeting I was attending was held -- designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, & absolutely beautiful the best part was this rooftop garden/patio, overlooking Lake Monona -- my friend Leigh (the person walking here, he was going to get us chairs) and I sat up here alongside the railing talking sunday afternoon, watching the lowering sun change the light on the water...

tires plus madison wisconsin
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