Itp rims and tires. Waste tyre recycling machine. Plugging a flat tire.

Itp Rims And Tires

itp rims and tires
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Yamaha YFZ (Rear Aspect)
Yamaha YFZ (Rear Aspect)
Yeah, when I bought this '07 YFZ, the dude who traded it in to this one quad shop totally thrashed it. So here it HAS a tail light and a DG muffler. Before I put that, the two ITP rims in the front, the grab bar, ITP Holeshot tires on the rear, and some heat wrap, it had none of that. The stock muffler was cut sliced and rusted, the front rims were bent, the rear tires were shot, there wasn't a tail light, and no grab bar. And I still have some more kinks to work out. But hey, it's a steal for $3000 (not including that stuff) for a YFZ.
2007 Sportsman 500
2007 Sportsman 500
14 inch ITP rims and 27x14 ITP 589M/S tires

itp rims and tires
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