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find cheap tires
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The flat tire trio
The flat tire trio
Potential band name. We waited nearly an hour for the roadside assistance. I don't wanna hear nothin' about a NASA engineer not being able to change a flat. Truth is, GM sells a substandard product. The lugs on my Mom's Tracker have cheap aluminum covers designed to make them look like chrome. They must have been torqued by an impact wrench, because when I went to loosen them with the provided crowbar, the alumimum covers sheared right off the bolt. There was no hope of turning the now-smaller diameter nuts with the bar we had. So we waited. When the guy finally came, it took him 15 minutes, and I had to help. We eventually got the lugs off with a toothed socket that eats into the bolts. This nightmare was the result of corporate cost-cutting. I'm glad we gave ourselves three hours to get to the airport at Nas's suggestion. Thankfully now, six months later, my Mom has finally found the time to replace the cheap lugs with real chrome of a standard size.
Toyota Yaris Die Cast Toy By Welly
Toyota Yaris Die Cast Toy By Welly
I went to Big W Departmental Store at Robina Town Centre and they offered an extra item in the toy section which their competitors, Target and K Mart, do not. On a huge rack, I noticed tons on boxes of die cast car toys. I do realize that only all Big W outlets sells these. Its 1/43 and made by Welly. The car models available in these series is: Toyota Yaris, Toyota Corolla, Audi A4, Peugeot, Alfa Romeo, BMW 330i, BMW X6, Opel, Hyundai i30, Lamborghini Gallardo and the old Volkswagen Beetle (this ones' a hard one to find I reckon). Its tucked in the middle where everyone can see it, with a CHEAP price of AU$2! I bought four models immediately! I overheard one lady saying when she was choosing a toy for her children, "A Yaris? I don't want that!" Some people look down on cars like these when actually it is not easy to find this model in die cast! Fact! I must say it is very detailed, though it would be better if its doors could open and close.

find cheap tires
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