How To Repair Wood Windows - Effective Credit Repair.

How To Repair Wood Windows

how to repair wood windows
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Wood Shop
Wood Shop
Woodworking shop at Fort Vancouver, Washington.

The fort is what they call a "living history museum". All of the major activities are actually still in production. The woodshop is a working woodshop where they make anything that's needed to repair the fort itself or make period style furniture for the display rooms. This was shot just after the craftsmen finished demonstrating how the historical tools worked. Beautiful woodworking pieces.

Minor post production just to clean up the exposure, there are no lights at Fort Vancouver, and few windows. heh
trussed for repair
trussed for repair
okay, so here i've squared up the window as much as possible and tied the thing together with my turkey-trussing skills to hold the window in place...being a home-chef has many uses

how to repair wood windows
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