Schedule - Boat Crew Training

The below schedule was developed for a division run boat crew program.  It is no longer in effect.

 2016 Schedule:

Location: USCG Station Eatons Neck


In-Port Training: 1900 (sharp) - 2100 hours

                                    BC Seamanship

Date                            Chapters                     Topic                                                   Instructor      

15 MAR                    1, 2, 3                         Registration, Course Overview,          Rothamel/Canning
                                                                        Section A.  Crew Efficiency,                                                                                               
                                                                        Team Coordination 
                                                                        Knot: Square Knot & Sheet Bend


22 MAR                       5                                  Section B. First Aid                                  DaSilva
                                                                         Knot: Clove Hitch

29 MAR                     7                                  Section C. Marlinespike                            Light

                                                                           Knot: Round Turn + 2 Half Hitches
                                                                                    Cleat Hitch

05 APR                      5                                  Section B. First Aid (cont’d)                     DaSilva
                                                                          Knot: Bowline

12 APR                                                            (NO Session - Spring Break) 

19 APR                        17                                Towing Procedures                                  Canning
                                                                           Knots: All        


26 APR                        16                               MOB\PIW                                                     Canning                        
                                                                        Intro to Search and Rescue (SAR)           USCG                                                                    


03 MAY                       13                               Charts & ATONs\Nav.Rules                       Light/Rothamel


10 MAY                       14                               Charts (cont'd)/Navigation                         Light/Rothamel
17 MAY                      14                                Navigation                                                      Light/Rothamel


24 MAY                      11                                Communications                                             Canning
                                                                          Intro to Elect. Navigation                             Canning


31 MAY @ 1830        6, 18                            Section B. Survival                                          USCG

                                                                           Mentor Sign-offs                                             All


TBD                                                                  Qualification Swim



Underway Training: 1745 (or earlier) - 2100 (or later) hours

07 JUNE until qualified


All trainees must have the sign-off manual COMDTINST M16794.52A (JANUARY 2007).

We will be learning knots the first 15 minutes of each class, be prepared to bring your own 3/8” X 10’ three strand new or pliable nylon line.


*Note course schedule is subject to change to meet the needs of the class.