The following pre-qualifications apply to all trainees:

Basically Qualified (BQ) Status: Prior to the start of the program in March, all trainees must have completed a boating safety course offered by the Auxiliary or U.S. Power Squadrons, and have BQ status within the AuxiliaryYour Boat Crew  training builds on this foundation.  Members in AP status having completed a qualifying course may train, however they may not be able to complete their certification as crew until they are BQ status.

Mandated Training /FEMA ICS Training:  As Boat Crew, you will be an integral part of the USCG's operations program.  A basic understanding of the Incident Command System, used throughout the nation, is essential.  This training is on/line self study.   You should complete your mandated training 
(LINK) and FEMA ICS 100 and 700 (LINK) requirement by mid-May. 

Team Coordination Training (TCT):  TCT is a course developed by the USCG to promote safety by working as a team.  These principles are used extensively in your underway training,  Trainees should complete their 4 hour course requirements by June.