Trainees are required to complete the online tests for FEMA - Incident Command System modules IS-100.b, and IS-700.a.  Click for LINKS.

.Incident Command System (ICS) is a standardized, on-scene, all-hazard incident management concept in the United States. It is a management protocol originally designed for emergency management agencies and later federalized. ICS is based upon a flexible, scalable response organization providing a common framework within which people can work together effectively. These people may be drawn from multiple agencies that do not routinely work together, and ICS is designed to give standard response and operation procedures to reduce the problems and potential for miscommunication on such incidents. ICS has been summarized as a "first-on-scene" structure, where the first responder of a scene has charge of the scene until the incident has been declared resolved, a superior-ranking responder arrives on scene and seizes command, or the Incident Commander appoints another individual Incident Commander.

TCT Training

Team Coordination Training (TCT) is a program that focuses on reducing the probability for human error by increasing individual and team effectiveness.

Trainees are required to complete the 4 hour Team Coordination Training Course

 TCT Schedule.