Core Training/Mandated Training - AUX/LMS

For direct access into Auxiliary Learning Management System (AuxLMS) -click here.
Please Note:  For AuxLMS your “Username” is your primary email address in AUXDATA. This email address must be unique as it cannot be the same address in use by or registered to any other Auxiliarist.  Your password is the same password that you use to log into other Auxiliary sites.

For Mandated Course requirements and information use the following links:

Core Training/Mandated Training (AUXMT) Overview

AUXMT FAQ - Same as ALAUX 019/15

AUXMT Compliance - Weekly update by member

Methods of Completion: Because of the wide ranging capabilities of Auxiliarists, a variety of methods for taking the mandated training and establishing AUXDATA credit have been established as listed here:

Online using AUXLMS: This is the fastest and most efficient way to complete the courses. Some Auxiliarists have completed all 8 courses in a single day while others have taken one course at a time when convenient to their schedule. Once completed, AUXDATA registration is automatic and no other members need be involved. Here is the link to AUXLMS: . A special username and password is required. A detailed description of AUXLMS can be found here:

Classroom Training: Many auxiliarists prefer the classroom environment with a certified Instructor leading the discussion. AUXDATA registration is done through the use of a 7039 form. The full course description should be stated in the "remarks" section of the form and no boxes should be checked. Member name and ID number is put on the form and the form is sent to an IS staff officer for registration. There are two ways an instructor can present the class: 

  • Internet Connection Available: The instructor can log into AUXLMS with their own account and project the online course on a screen.
  • Power Point Slide Presentation: The instructor downloads power point presentations for each course and then projects the slides to the class as with any other course.

 Self-Certification: There are two ways a member may self-certify by completing training and filling out a self-attestation form, which you can access by CLICKING HERE . The self-training can be done the following ways: 

  • Video:The member can view the voice-over PowerPoint training videos (see above table) when these become available. After viewing the video(s), the member must complete the self-attestation form and mail it to their IS officer.
  •  Hard Copy:The member can obtain and study a hard copy of the PDF version of annotated PowerPoint slides (listed above as “pdf”) from their leadership. This form of training is meant for the exceptional case where online access is not available to the member and classroom training is not readily available. Upon completion, the member must complete the self-attestation form and mail it to their IS officer.

 To reiterate, at the completion of each course, the member must complete the self-attestation form affirming that they have read and understood the contents of the training course(s) and then send the form(s) to their designated flotilla IS officer for data entry. The IS officer should treat this form just like a 7039 form for an individual.