Equity Reading Group (Equity Sub-Committee)

Last Updated: Dec 17 2015

The Equity Reading Group ("ERG") consists of the following members:


- Kristiana Clemens (CFRC)

- Robin Eriksson (CKUW)

- Victoria King (CKUW)

- Michael Welch (CKUW)

- Roshini Nair (Independent)

- Gretchen King (CKUT)

- Stephane Bertrand (BOD)

- Sarah Newton (BOD)

Interested in joining the committee? Participation in the Group is open to staff and volunteers of the NCRA and its members. Participation in at least one Group Session is a prerequisite for hosting a Session. For more information, please see our "committees" page on the NCRA website.

Its TOR and minutes are below.

NCRA Equity Reading Group Minutes