Melissa and Fraser's 
boardgames collection

We will be exhibiting some of our 300 or so boardgames as part of 
the Melbourne Museum's Community Collections program 
for the month of  September 2006 

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Modern european-style boardgames typically offer plenty of interaction between players, relatively short (up to ninety minute) playing times and opportunities for involvement even during other players' turns. The emphasis is on skill and strategy over luck, with many games offering players a choice of actions and opportunities to trade or negotiate.

Melissa and Fraser have a playing collection of around three hundred games, bought locally as well as on mail order from overseas. They have regular game nights with friends and also play with their daughters, aged three and eight, who are also keen game-players.

They enjoy the social aspects of getting together with friends for a fun game or three, as well as the challenge of trying to out-negotiate an opponent (or each other). They see games as a great way to bring families together and as an interest that crosses over age and geographic differences.


 The exhibit will be on show for the entire month. Thanks to Scott Nicholson of Boardgames with Scott who has kindly allowed us to show his video reviews of popular boardgames.

Every Saturday and Sunday during September, between 11 am and 3 pm, we will run demonstration games in the Australia Gallery. You will be able to try out a game, or watch others play it, to get a better feel for how it works.

We will also be running demonstration games between 11 and 3 on Tuesdays and Thursdays during Victorian state school holidays (the last two weeks of September).

Where to find us at the museum

 With apologies to the museum brochure (which is very nice and professional), here is a map of where we will be. The Australia Gallery is up the escalators to the right after you have been through the main museum entrance.


The games in the exhibit

Information Sheets

  •  Great games for 2 (PDF, 50kb)
  • Great games for families
  • Games in education
  • Games for preschoolers 
  • Running a family game night
  • Australian games
  • Aviation, naval and maritime games
  • Civilisation-building games
  • Games about history
  • Great games for lovers of natural history
  • Great games about travelling


 There was an article about our collection in the Moreland Leader on September 4, 2006. Read transcript



  • Australian Games Expo - Albury, June. Targeted at the general public as well as game enthusiasts. Compete in the tournaments to win a trip to the game fair in Essen, Germany.
  • Melbourne Gamers - online forums for gamers in Melbourne - discuss and arrange gaming events, and find out what's on.
  • Eurogamesfest - monthly game days (new players welcome!) in Melbourne, Canberra and Albury - Melbourne's are run in Kew on the first Saturday of the month.
  • Game clubs - there are a number of game clubs in Melbourne, meeting anywhere from once a week to once a month. You're welcome to email us (boardgamescollection -at- for your nearest club.


Where to buy european boardgames locally

(tell them you saw our display!) 

Shops in Melbourne: 

Online Shops:

  • Caterpillar games - fantastic range of hard-to-find kids' and family games, with fast and friendly service.
  •  Games Paradise - large Sydney store with online ordering.
  • Mind Games Albury - excellent range, flat rate postage, discounts off retail prices for online orders.  
  • Unhalfbricking games - Internet-only store, based in Melbourne - discount prices and local delivery /pickup options.